Student Accommodation

SLIIT offers limited on campus residential facilities to female students; this includes five apartments with excellent facilities. Each apartment can accommodate five students; an apartment comprises with two twin bedrooms and one single room, two toilets, a living room and a kitchen. Basic amenities (Water and electricity) will be free of charge and apartment will be equipped with basic furniture, a refrigerator and a gas cooker.

As the demand for on-campus accommodation is high, it is important to apply for accommodation as early as possible. Female students may apply to the Director of Administration once they receive the SLIIT letter of acceptance, in mid November. Living on campus gives you convenience, economy and security, and a built-in social and support network.  Many students develop lifelong friendships and networks while they’re living on campus. We also provide information and advice to help students find off-campus accommodation.

Private housing facilities are available to both male and female students within easy reach of SLIIT Malabe Campus. These include places either for board and lodging or for lodging only.


  • Private Accommodation

There are several private residences  providing lodging facilities  to students located  within a two kilometers radius  of the Malabe Campus. A cross section of contact addresses are given below.

Female student accommodation / hostels


Serene Hostel Queens Hostels
Mrs.Ramani Fernando
Malabe.Tel: 011 2538333, 011 2822929, 07777 18088
Web: www.serenehostels.com46 rooms sharing facilities upto 92 students with meals.
Approx. 1.4 km to Campus.
Mrs. K.N. Alwis
38/2, Gamunupura,
2nd lane Kotalawala
Malabe.Tel: 077 36 57131
Web: www.queenshostel.com32 rooms sharing facilities up to 64 students with meals.
Approx 200m to Campus.
 HDS Hostel
Mrs. Gunaseeli Perara,
HDS Hostel
124/7/1 Kiribathgala Watta Road,
Pittugala, Malabe.Tel 0113072239, 07772883417 rooms- sharing accommodation for 14 students with meals.
400 meters to Campus.
Ms. P.A Jacintha Dias,
Residence at 905/37 Shanthipura
MalabeTel 0112561960, 07725682963 rooms- sharing accommodation for 6 students.
200 meters to Malabe town + 1.5 km to Campus.
JSS Hostel
Mrs. Swarna Rubasinghe
JSS Hostel Girls
161/6/8, Methsiri Mawatha,
Pittugala, Malabe&157/32, Sawsiri Uyana,
Pittugala, MalabeContact nos: 077 3230183, 077 3386546Email - rooms, Sharing facility for 138 students,instructors with or without meals
-Approx 100m to campus
-Internet, Parking, CCTV available
Mrs. Shevon Senevirathne
253 F, 3rd Lane
Udaya Mawatha
Pittugala, Malabe
Mobile : 077 7004699
-Single or sharing rooms with mealsApprox 1.2 km to campus
Mrs. N. Balasooriya,Gemunupura,Kothalawala,KaduwelaContact :0718-454117Two Comfortable bedrooms, an attached bathroom, a living room,A pantry, a garage, along with future. Female students are encouraged.

Contact person  : K G R S Dharmadasa
Contact Numbers : 011 2413385 / 071 4870838
Address         : “ONIJA”, Kiribathgala Watta Road, Pittugala, Malabe
No. of Students that can accommodate : 14
Vindya Residencies
Mr. M.W.K.Arachchi
164/44, Samanala Uyana Road,
Kaduwela Rd,
MalabeTel: 0112561408, 0718576412, 0718457900Approx: 50m to Campus, walking distanceAttached bathrooms, Large Study areas, laundry facilities, meals with up to 54 girls.
Mrs. D.A. Wijesuriya,
Sudharshana Mawatha,
Pittugala.Tel : 071-4421563, 071-8085273
Approx: 100m to main road
Ranatunga Girls Hostel
Raja RanatungaEmail-
Phone- 0772530784

*45 Rooms
*Attached wash rooms
*Necessary furniture
*Full security
*Tile floor
*Reasonable  room charges



Male Student Accommodation/ hostel


An Accommodation Information Register maintained at the Campus Reception counter gives the contact numbers and all details of Lodging facilities provided by the owners of the private residences .They welcome inquiries from Parents of students.

Mrs.Durga Hettiarachchi
Hostel at 164/23 SamanalaUyana
New  Kandy road,
Malabe.Tel 0714442897, 011 2762642.22 rooms – Sharing room facilities for 45 students.
Approx.100 meters to Malabe Campus.
Mr. RMK Ratnayake
Hostel at 168  3/A WimukthiMawatha
Malabe.Tel 071446787510 + rooms-double or triple sharing rooms for 31 students.
Approx  500 meters to Malabe Campus.
Ms.WK arunawathi
Hostel at 210 SudharshanaMawatha,
Malabe.Tel 011 24129688 rooms-Sharing room facilities for 16 students
Approx800 meters to MalabeCampus.
Mr. JanakaKatugampola
Hostel at 488  BWalivita road
KaduwelaTel 0718347296
9 rooms –double sharing accommodation for 18 students.
Approx 800meters to Malabe Campus.
Mr.H A M Mangala
Hostel at 186/A KudaligasPlace,Walivita road,
MalabeTel 0777766555
6 rooms – double sharing accommodation for 12 students.
Approx 400meters to Malabe Campus.
Mr.W L Leelananda
Hostel at 50/10A Gamunupura Junction
Kotalawela ,
New Kandy road,
KaduwelaTel 0112913695 ,0716285255
5 rooms-  sharing accommodation for nine students.
Approx 100 meters to Malabe Campus.
Mr. Ruwan Dayaratne
Hostel at 60/D/I Seevali Mawatha,
MalabeTel: 077 4290686, 0714736818
5 rooms sharing accommodation for 20 students.
800 meters to Malabe Campus
Mr. K.D. Jayasooriya
Hostel at 463/7 ‘Natures Breeze’
Welivita Rd, MalabeTel 077-4988968, 2824663
5 rooms sharing accommodation for 10 students.
800 meters to Malabe Campus
Mrs.  Gayani Weerasinghe
200/4, 1st Lane
Sudarshana Mawatha
Tel: 011 2413457
5 rooms  – sharing room facilities for 15 students.
Approx.  500 meters to Malabe Campus.
Mr. G.A. Chandradasa
14E Gamunupura
1st Lane
Tel: 011 2537202 , 072 8388772
6  rooms – sharing room facilities for  12 students.
Approx.  500 meters to Malabe Campus.
Mr. Priyankara Kaggoda Arachchi
“Nature Corridor”
253F, 3rd Lane,
Udaya Mawatha
Pittugala, Malabe
Mobile : 077 3858592
-Single or sharing rooms with meals
-Approx 1.2 km to campus
Susilarama Road,
Malabe (200m away from Malabe)
Mobile : 0773-843414
-House with 3 Dormitories
-1 Sitting Room,
-1 Pantry and 1 Bath Room
-Parking space for 2 Vehicles situated
-6 Beds, 3 Studying Tables with Chairs
Mr. I.S.Kulatunga
192/11, Passion Garden
Pattiyawatte Road, Kothalawela, Kaduwela
Tel 071 4401458, 011 2538937
Facilities - Table, Chair, Bed, Fan & Internet
No.of Rooms 3 (each room can accommodate 2 ) 
“SWEET HOME” Student Residencies in Malabe3rd Lane,
Udaya Mawatha,
MalabeTel : 0775-77 33 37


An Accommodation Information Register maintained at the Campus Reception counter gives the contact numbers and all details of Lodging facilities provided by the owners of the private residences .They welcome inquiries from Parents of students.

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