Students Interactive Society

The student interactive society (SIS) at SLIIT has many objectives. They range from creating an interest in sports to promoting healthy, interpersonal relationships among the student community and the staff of SLIIT.

The committee is responsible for the conduct of all activities, maintaining decorum and adhering to rules and safeguarding the good name of the institute.

Student Interactive Society 2016 – Office Bearers




Ashan Dulanja Udeshitha

Ashan Dulanja Udeshitha - President

 Vice President

Sachith Diwakara Mohotti

Sachith Diwakara Mohotti - Vice President


Dilushi Thilakaratne

Dilushi Thilakaratne - Secretary


Chathura Madushan

Chathura Madushan - Treasurer

 Assistant Secretary

Waruna Uditha Maddumage

Waruna Uditha Maddumage - Assistant Secretary

 Assistant Treasurer

Deevani Dias

Deevani Dias - Assistant Treasurer


Kasun Udara Samarakoon

Kasun Udara Samarakoon - Editor


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The society organizes annual events which includesthe annual Freshers Night Dance, the Sports dayand the Colours Night.

          “SLIIT Walk for Water ’13″ was an event which achieved great           success as the intentions touched many hearts.

 get1-300x154  SLIIT Walk 2016-Carwler
SIS committee members have been friendly seniors making SLIIT a homely place for our new students.  SLIIT Rallies for a Worthy Cause

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