SLIIT Career Guidance Unit

 The SLIIT Career Guidance Unit (CGU) provides students with an enhanced understanding of career options and industry-required technical and non-technical skills, as well as available employment opportunities.We seek to empower our students with the knowledge and know-how needed to achieve their career aspirations, through a range of course-specific events, workshops and services.

The CGU provides a complete package of career information services necessary for planning and achieving employment. This includes information on occupations, expected technical and soft-skills, career pathways, and industry trends, via a series of organised workshops, forums and events designed to facilitate these goals.These activities may take place on an individual or group basis, where sessions and workshops are provided either individually and/or in groups for course-specific, technical workshops, as well as CV writing, preparation of cover letters and facing interviews. These workshops provide an opportunity for our students to learn beyond the taught content, enhancing their professional personality, and provide them with a greater understanding about the practical application of their knowledge.

The CGU links with leading corporate and institutions to facilitate the best opportunities for our students, via our annual highlight events such as the SLIIT Careers Day and the HR Forum. These serve as a platform for our students to meet and contact prospective employers from the IT, Engineering and Business sector, as well as a source of vital feedback on the placing of our graduates within the industry. The CGU also handles vacancy postings, spot-interview sessions, and industry visits which are invaluable to our students.