Student Life

We are committed to providing a range of support services to guide students from the point of admission, throughout their enrollment, and after graduation. Our student support services seek to contribute to the overall student experience as an essential part of the learning process.
Life at SLIIT promises a vibrant future for our students. Student interactive communities, clubs & societies, sports and competitions have provided our students with a dynamic and integrated student life.

SLIIT Student Services

The SLIIT Student Services comprises a dedicated team to provide a range of support services and information, via a comprehensive network of specialist services. We are committed to serving our student community by ensuring our students maximise their opportunities and experiences throughout their studies at SLIIT. Amongst the numerous services provided by the Student Services, the most notable are the Student Help Desk, Student Forum, and our Careers Guidance Unit (CGU), Identification, Accommodation, Transport, Clubs and Societies, Sport Centre, English Help Desk and Medical Facilities.


 Help-Desk forum

Student Help Desk

 Student Forum

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  SLIIT Career Guidance Unit


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Clubs & Societies

Sports Centre

help_desk medical_facility

SLIIT English Help Desk

   SLIIT Medical Facility

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