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Dr. Ayantha Gomes

Senior Lecturer (Higher Grade)

Faculty of Engineering | Civil Engineering

Career Summary

Academic and researcher in Civil and Environmental engineering. 


  • PhD (Saitama University, Japan)
  • MSc (Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)
  • BSc (Eng) Hons (Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)


  • Presidential awards for scientific publications (2014)
  • Researcher of the year award, SLIIT (2018)

Research Interests and Memberships

Research Interests

  • Stream, river and urban waterways rehabilitation
  • Temporary (ephmeral) streams
  • Real estate
  • Eco-hydraulics 


  • Member, The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka
  • Technical committee member, Green Building Council, Sri Lanka 

Ongoing Research

  • Dutch canal (Colombo canals) rehabilitation (funds from National Research Council, Sri Lanka; NRC 17-066)
  • Ecological rehabilitation of Yuen Long Nullah, Hong Kong
  • Stream flow generation of headwater streams

My Publications

Journal Publications

  • Gomes, P. I. A, Wai, O. W. H, Dehini, G. K.,  " Vegetation dynamics of ephemeral and perennial streams in mountainous headwater catchments. "  Journal of Mountain Science (Accepted),  vol.Accepted,    2018,        
  • Gomes, P. I. A, Wai, O. W., & Yan, X. F.  " Eco?hydraulic evaluation of herbaceous ecosystems below headwater dams without a base flow: Observing below dam reaches as new stream sources "  Ecohydrology,  vol.10(1),    2018,        doi: 10.1002/eco.1774,
  • Gomes, P. I. A, & Wai, O. W. H.  " In-stream physical heterogeneity, rainfall aided flushing, and discharge on stream water quality "  Water Environment Research,  vol.87(8), ,    2018,  pp.758-768.,      
  • P. I. A. Gomes, O. W. H. Wai  " Sampling at mesoscale physical habitats to explain headwater stream water quality variations: comparison with sampling at equal distances and implications of season and rainfall aided flushing "  Journal of hydrology,      2014,        doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2014.11.009 ,
  • P. I. A. Gomes, O. W. H. Wai, R. K. A. Kularatne, T.D.P. Priyankara, K.G.M.S. Anojika, G. .M. N. R. Kumari  " Relationships between disturbance representative riparian and non-riparian herbaceous indicators (biomass and diversity) and lotic water quality: applicability of herb intensive strategies on rehabilitation of lotic waters "  Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, ,  vol.225 (9), ,    2018,  pp.1-18; ,      doi: 10.1007/s11270-014-2060-4,
  • P. I. A. Gomes, T. Asaeda,  " Phytoremediation of heavy metals by calcifying macro-algae (Nitella pseudoflabellata): Implications of redox insensitive end products "  Chemosphere,  vol.92: ,    2013,  pp.13281334 ,      
  • Li, A., Deng, W., Zhao, W., Liu, B., Zhang, J., Kong, B., Xi Nana, Biana, J., Koirala, H.L., Gilani H., Satie, V. P., Gomes, P. I. A., and Khanal N. R.,  " A geo-spatial database about the eco-environment and its key issues in South Asia "  Big Earth Data,  vol.2(3), ,    2018,  pp.298-319,      
  • P. I. A. Gomes, T. Asaeda  " Impact of calcium and magnesium on growth and morphological acclimations of Nitella: implications on calcification and nutrient dynamics "  Chemistry and Ecology,  vol.26,    2011,  pp.479-491 ,      
  • T. Asaeda, P. I. A. Gomes, K. Sakamoto, Md. H. Rashid  " Tree colonization trends on a sediment bar after a major flood "  River Research and Applications,  vol.27,    2018,  pp.976-984 ,      
  • T. Asaeda, P. I. A. Gomes, E. Takeda  " The spatial and temporal development of tree colonization in a midstream sediment bar and the governing mechanisms of tree mortality during flood "  River Research and Applications,  vol.26,    2010,  pp.960-976 ,      
  • P. I. A. Gomes, T. Asaeda,  " Phycoremediation of Chromium (VI) by Nitella and impact of calcium encrustation "  Journal of hazardous materials,  vol.166,    2009,  pp.1332-1338 ,      
  • P. I. A. Gomes, T. Asaeda,  " Spatial and temporal heterogeneity of Eragrostis curvula in the downstream flood meadow of a regulated river, and the implications for flood plain management "  Annales de Limnologie- International Journal of Limnology, ,  vol.45,    2009,  pp.1-45,      
  • M. W. Jayaweera, P. I. A. Gomes, S.L.J.  " Iron and manganese removal from textile effluents in anaerobic attached-growth bioreactor filled with coirfibres "  Water Science and Technology ,  vol.55,  Issue 8-9,  2007,        
  • Randima, W. A. H., Wijethilaka, M. A. D. K., Kumara, G. H. V. S., & P. I. A. Gomes  " Deflectors to introduce heterogeneity to canals. "  IEEE Explorer ,      2017,        

Book Chapters

  • T. Asaeda, P. I. A. Gomes, M. H. Rashid, M. M. Bahar  " Morphology and biomass allocation of perennial emergent plants in different environmental conditions- A review "  Felice DeCarlo and Alessio Bassano (Eds),,  Freshwater Ecosystems and Aquaculture Research,    Hauppauge, New York,  2009,  Nova Science Publishers,    

Conference Proceedings

  • L. A. Sumendra, P. I. A. Gomes, and B. A. V. W. Fernando   Hydraulic performance of urban canals in Colombo: implications on transport of suspended constituents  in 112th Annual sessions of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka,  year 2018,            
  • P. I. A. Gomes, B. A. V. W. Fernando   Transport and mixing signature of urban canals in Sri Lanka: implications on attenuation and assimilation  in 12th International symposium on Ecohydraulics,  year 2018,            
  • P. I. A. Gomes, O. W. H.   Spatiotemporal variation of water quality and benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in a concrete lined stream network  in 12th International symposium on Ecohydraulics,  year 2018,            
  • G. L.S. Dabare, P. I. A. Gomes   Impact of southern expressway on land prices  in ACEPS,  year 2018,            
  • P. I. A. Gomes, and R.K. Hashan   The structure and implications of land prices in Colombo suburbs  in 111th Annual sessions of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka,  year 2017,            
  • P.I.A. Gomes and W. Weerasekera   Harmonising flood safety and ecological rehabilitation in urban lotic waters of Sri Lanka: current status, constraints and solutions  in 8th International Perspective on Water Resources and the Environment,  year 2018,            
  • P. I. A. Gomes, Onyx W. H. Wai, G. Tharmarajah   Development of a data base of non-perennial (ephemeral and intermittent) stream flows: hindscast of historical flow rates  in 6th Digital Earth Summit, ,  year 2016,            
  • P. I. A. Gomes, G. Weerasinghe and R.C.M.Paulnath   Deriving eco-hydraulic reference conditions for physical heterogeneity for canals in Colombo  in 110th Annual sessions of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka,  year 2016,            
  • P. I.A. Gomes, G.K. Dehini, W.D.G.B. Weerasinghe   A comparative eco-hydrologic study of perennial and non-perennial streams of a headwater catchment  in 72nd Annual sessions of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science,  year 2018,            
  • W.H.O. Wai, P. I. A. Gomes, D. Lam, S. W. M. Chan,   A holistic approach for sustainable eco-flood channel design for Yuen Long Nullah  in Second International Conference on Sustainable Urbanization (ICSU2015),  year 2015,            
  • Gomes, P. I. A, & Wai, O. W. H.   Ecological quality of concreted and unlined sections of a disturbed stream network in Yuen Long, Hong Kong  in The 2nd symposium of Benthological Society of Asia, Busan,  year 2014,            
  • P. I. A. Gomes, O. W. H. Wai   Physical heterogeneity and rain induced flushing on water quality variation and pollution control of stream.  in International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Remediation,  year 2013,            
  • P. I. A. Gomes, O. W. H. Wai   Comparison of cell-in-series and mesoscale physical habitat sampling for the interpretation of spatiotemporal variation of stream water quality  in IAHR Congress,  year 2013,            
  • P. I. A. Gomes, T. U. L. Liyanage, & N. M. S. Wasanthi   Stoneworts (chara, nitella) as a tool for sustainable Treatment of low strength wastewaters  in International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment (ICSBE),  year 2010,          P. I. A. Gomes, T. U. L. Liyanage, & N. M. S. Wasanthi,  
  • T. Asaeda, P. I. A. Gomes, M. M. Bahar   Charophytes as a tool for phytoremediation of heavy metals,  in Ecological Engineering from concepts to applications, International Congress, ,  year 2009,            
  • P. I. A. Gomes, T. Asaeda   Charophytes as a hyperaccumulator of heavy metals and role of calcite encrustation  in 112th Annual sessions of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka,  year 2009,            
  • P. I. A. Gomes, T. Asaeda, L.X. Jie   Accumulation of heavy metals by charophytes: A reality?  in 7th Joint seminar between Korea and Japan on Ecology and Civil Engineering,  year 2018,            
  • T. Asaeda, P. I. A. Gomes, K. Sakamoto   Spatio-temporal trends of tree colonization in a mid- stream sediment bar of a regulated river and major mechanisms on tree removal during a major flood  in First Triennial Symposium for the International Society of River Science (ISRS),  year 2018,            
  • P. I. A. Gomes, T. Asaeda,   Relationship between Chromium accumulation and calcification in Nitella spp  in 73rd Limnology conference of Japanese Society of Limnology,  year 2018,            
  • P. I. A. Gomes, T. Asaeda,   Spatial distribution and growth characteristics of Eragrostis Curvula in a flood meadow: Effect of soil morphology, water content and water stress  in The 55th annual meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan,  year 2008,            

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