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Certificate Program in Laws of Marketing & Advertising

Commencing on 21st October 2017

A very unique course designed specially to provide and understanding on the laws focused on marketing.

The course is arranged in a manner that would provide a comprehensive understanding about the legal system of Sri Lanka including the process and mechanisms involved in administration of justice which will provide a working understanding that would be relevant and important to professionals.

The uniqueness of the course is that it is tailor made for those who are pursuing or intend to pursue a career in marketing.


  •  To provide a comprehensive knowledge related to the relevant provisions of Law, related to the field of Marketing.
  •  Enable the professionals in the field of Marketing to learn and apply the legal concepts in carrying out their duties and functions.
  •  Empower the professionals in the field of marketing through gaining a knowledge of their rights, duties and potential liabilities.

Introduction to Legal System of Sri Lanka

  • Introduction to the Legal Systems of Sri Lanka
  • Commercial Law in Sri Lanka – main sources of law and importance concepts
  • A basic understanding of the civil and criminal wrongs including the substantive and procedural matters, consequences
  • Court System of Sri Lanka including the Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  • Fundamental Rights in Sri Lanka including a brief introduction on corporate liability

General legal framework related to commercial activities and marketing

  • Contract Law
  • Law of Agency
  • Commercial Business Structures including Corporate Law and Partnerships
  • Business Names Registration Act and the regulations governing the registration of business names
  • Employment Law
  • Law of Delict including negligent, fraudulent and innocent misrepresentation, deceptive conduct and product liability
  • Consumer Protection Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Cyber Law and Information Technology Law
  • Law of Insurance
  • Law related to Cheques and Negotiable Instruments

Emerging areas of Law related to Marketing

  • Corporate social responsibility and corporate environmental responsibility
  • Law of Privacy


To confirm your seat please hand over your bank slip before the class commencement to avoid any disappointments.

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