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Attributes Of Graduates Of SLIIT


In-depth discipline knowledge

  • Possess in-depth knowledge and skills in their discipline
  • Demonstrate breadth of knowledge and skills beyond their discipline
  • Apply knowledge to produce innovative solutions to real world problems
  • Participate in the creation of new knowledge in the discipline through research and inquiry

Communicate effectively

  • Communicate clearly, concisely, perceptively and confidently in different formats
  • Communicate effectively for different purposes and in different contexts
  • Demonstrate attentive listening skills and provide informed arguments

Retrieve, analyze and assimilate information

  • Demonstrate the ability to locate and retrieve information in need from different sources using appropriate techniques
  • Evaluate, integrate and interpret data as required to make valid judgments.

Think critically, creatively and reflectively

  • Identify, evaluate and define complex issues in the discipline in a systematic manner
  • Use appropriate information and strategies to formulate creative solutions to a problem
  • Critically evaluate feedback and use feedback for continuing development

Be ethically and socially aware, and conduct himself with professionalism

  • Demonstrate awareness of ethical and social issues
  • Respect social and cultural diversity
  • Demonstrate positive attitude, honesty, integrity and social responsibility
  • Exercise initiatives, personal responsibility, and accountability in tasks performed

Use technologies appropriately

  • Identify and use technologies appropriate for performing specific tasks
  • Use technologies respectfully and responsibly
  • Use technology for sustainable development

Work both autonomously and collaboratively

  • Identify one’s strengths and weaknesses, and regulate oneself to overcome barriers in accomplishing intended goals
  • Share logical arguments, evaluate arguments of peers and negotiate with peers to develop a shared understanding required to accomplish a goal
  • Resolve conflicts, build and sustain positive relationships, and exercise leadership to achieve a shared goal
  • Accept responsibilities and demonstrate commitment to accomplish a shared goal

Global citizenship

  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate an issue from a global perspective
  • Demonstrate awareness of and an ability to apply global standards and practices in one’s discipline
  • Demonstrate an awareness of other cultures and their perspectives and present oneself as an ambassador of one’s own culture and its perspectives
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