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BSc (Hons) Degree

in Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveyors are highly sought after both in Sri Lanka and overseas, making study in the field of Quality Surveying a lucrative.
choice. Additionally, graduates can look forward to a multitude of career opportunities in the construction industry locally and globally.
SLIIT offers two options for those pursuing Quantity Surveying.

3 year degree with a BSc (Hons) degree in Quantity Surveying awarded at graduation
A shortcut for those already practicing in the field without a degree, with the option of completing their education within 1 year

This degree is awarded by the University of Liverpool John Moores UK and covers a wide range of subject material such as measurement, estimating and costing, contract law, contract administration, project management and quantity surveying practice. Students also have the opportunity to liaise with professionals in the field, strengthening their skills and broadening their knowledge in the process. Upon completion of the Bachelor’s degree, students have the option of expanding their learning in areas such as Contracts and Negotiation,Procurement Advising and Consultation, Arbitration, Cost Controlling, Cost Planning and Project Management.

Approved by the University Grants Commission under the Universities Act

University Grants Commission under the Universities Act

Member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities

Association of Commonwealth Universities

Member International Association of Universities (IAU)

International Association of Universities (IAU)

Member of Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

Career Opportunities

  • Enterprise Content Management Consultants
  • BA Strategy Consultants
  • Business Intelligence and Performance Management Consultants
  • Optimization Consultants
  • Enterprise Information & Management Consultants
  • Duration : 3 Years
  • Entry : February / June / September
  • Location : Malabe / Colombo / Kandy / Kurunegala
  • Offshore : Weekdays / Weekend
  • Examinations : Weekdays / Weekend

Entry requirements

Passes in three subjects (in any subject stream) at the G.C.E. (Advanced Level) Examination (Sri Lanka / London) in one and the same sitting and a pass at the Aptitude test conducted by SLIIT

Code Module Credit
Semester 1
MA1101 Mathematics for quantity surveyors 02
QS1511 Construction Technology 1 04
QS1521 Science And Materials 04
QS1910 Communication Skills I 02
QS1451 Construction Drawing 03
Semester 2
QS1811 Introduction To Law 04
QS1121 Measurement and Costing 04
QS1490 IT Applications for Quantity Surveying II 04
QS1711 Management Theory And Practice 04
QS1920 Communication Skills II 02
Code Module Credit
Semester 1
QS2111 Advanced Measurement And Contract Administration 04
QS2531 Construction Technology 2 04
QS2550 Land Surveying 02
QS2640 Construction And Property Economics 04
QS2721 Construction Project Management 04
Semester 2
QS2211 Construction Procurement 04
QS2311 Collaborative Interdisciplinary Project 2 02
QS2411 Research Methods 02
QS2441 Specification Writing 02
QS2821 Construction Contract Law 04
Code Module Credit
Semester 1
6536BESL Advanced Quantity Surveying Project UK credit 10
6537BESL Contract And Procurement Strategies UK credit 20
6539BESL Project Economics And Management UK credit 20
Semester 2
6535BESL Research Project UK credit 30
6538BESL Engineering Measurement UK credit 20
6540BESL Business Management And Entrepreneurship UK credit 20
QS0472 IT for Quantity Surveying 04
QS0650 Construction and Property Economics 04
QS0320 Collaborative Interdisciplinary Project 2 02
QS0830 Construction Contract Law 04
QS0740 Construction Project Management 04
QS0930 Research Methods 02

* Electives to be chosen with the prior approval of the Academic Department


A semester fee of Rs.175,000/= ( + Taxes ) will have to be paid to the SLIIT for each semester for the period of four years, to complete the degree in Sri Lanka. Fees for any subsequent semester should be paid prior to the commencement of each semester.

Account No 1630552

of the Bank of Ceylon

Account No 00 399 0000033

of the Sampath Bank

Account No 100380005000

of the Nation Trust Bank

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