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Live Online Workshop on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Bring your creative ideas to life with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

This workshop will provide the participants step-by-step instructions, leading them through the most important tools and concepts in using Illustrator and Photoshop.

Whether you have a startup, employed in a business or even a student interested in design, this workshop will assist you to communicate effectively to different audiences by developing your imaginative and creative skills within a critical design context.

Adobe Photoshop

  • Getting to Know the Photoshop Workspace
    • Opening an existing file in Mini Bridge
    • Discovering the Tools panel
    • Accessing tools and their options
    • Using panels
    • Hidden tools
    • Navigating the image area
    • Using the Zoom tool
    • Using the Hand tool
    • Working with tabbed windows
    • Maximizing productivity with screen modes
  • Managing Photoshop files
    • Introducing Adobe Bridge
    • Navigating through the Bridge
    • Using folders in Adobe Bridge
    • Making a Favorite
    • Creating and locating metadata
    • Using the Filter panel
    • Saving a Collection
    • Automation tools in Adobe Bridge
    • Additional Photoshop tools
  • Photoshop Basics
    • Opening existing documents
    • Understanding document settings
    • Viewing an image’s size and resolution
    • Combining images
    • Transforming and editing combined images
    • Removing a background
    • Understanding the stacking order of layers
    • Refining edges of copied images
    • Choosing a file format
  • Making the Best Selections in Photoshop for isolating editing
    • Understanding the importance of selections
    • Using the Marquee tools
    • Working with the Magic Wand tool
    • Selecting with the Lasso tool
    • Adding to and subtracting from selections
    • Saving selections
    • Using the Quick Selection tool
    • Fine-tuning selections with Refine Edge
    • Using Quick Mask
    • Selecting with the Pen tool
  • Painting and Retouching with Photoshop
    • Setting up your color settings
    • Comparing RGB and CMYK modes
    • Using the Color panel
    • Changing Brush settings
    • Applying color to an image
    • Changing blending modes
    • Retouching images
    • Moving through the History panel
    • Using the Clone Stamp and Healing tools
    • Working with Camera Raw
  • Creating a Good Image with Photoshop
    • Choosing your color settings
    • Working in RGB
    • Reading a histogram
    • Making a Curve adjustment
    • Defining the highlight and shadow
    • Adjusting the midtones.
    • Setting the neutral
    • Sharpening your image
    • Taking care of red eye
  • An Introduction to Photoshop Layers
    • Discovering layers
    • Getting a handle on layers
    • Creating a new blank file
    • Naming your layer
    • Selecting layers
    • Moving layers
    • Changing the visibility of a layer
    • Locking a layer
    • Using masks in a layer
    • Preserving transparency

Adobe Illustrator

  • Understanding the Illustrator workspace
    • Exploring the interface
    • Using artboards
    • Zooming and scrolling
    • Using tools and panels
    • Working with panels and the dock
  • Essential skills for working with Illustrator
    • Using the shape tools
    • Repositioning and resizing shapes
    • Selecting artwork
    • Using the shape and transform tools
    • Introducing layers
    • Repeating transformations
  • Adding color to your designs
    • Exploring the Appearance panel
    • Changing colors
    • Adding effects
    • Using Live Paint
    • Adding a symbol
    • Saving swatches
    • Using the Color panel
    • Adding Pantone colors
  • Using the drawing tools to create great artwork
    • Understanding the Pen tool
    • Straight, curved, and hinged lines
    • Tracing images
    • Creating a tracing template
    • Working with Image Trace
    • Editing existing paths
    • Using the Shape Builder
  • Additional color options to enhance your artwork
    • Adding tonal values with gradients
    • Applying a pattern
    • Editing a pattern
    • Using the Color Guide
  • Designing with text
    • Formatting text
    • Paragraph formatting
    • Using paragraph and character styles
    • Editing styles
    • Putting text on a path
    • Warping text
    • Putting text in a shape
    • Checking spelling
    • Using Find and Replace
  • Using layers to work more creatively and effectively
    • Getting to know the Layers panel
    • Using layers to organize an illustration
    • Selecting using the Layers panel
    • Creating new layers
    • Showing, and hiding layers
    • Locking, and unlocking layers
    • Rearranging layers
    • Moving items between layers
    • Remembering layers when pasting
    • Creating a template layer

The One Day Workshop on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop will be conducted in the SLIIT Metropolitan Campus (16th Floor, BoC Merchant Tower, Kollupitiya, Colombo 03).

Commencement Date: -  May 2020

8 Hours (Saturday – 9 a.m to 5 p.m)

Fee Per Participant: Rs. Rs.7,500/-

Program fee can be paid at any branch of Bank of Ceylon in favor of the SLIIT current A/C 0072821605 and the receipt should be handed over to SLIIT Metro campus before the commencement of the Program.

[Program Fee can also be paid by a Credit Cards/Debit card VISA/MASTER at the SLIIT Metro Campus]

For Further Details, Please Contact

Hotline :- 0773300066
General- +94 0117544802+94 11 7543184, +94 11 7543173


To confirm your seat please hand over your bank slip before the class commencement to avoid any disappointments.

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