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QuickBooks 2016 Essential Training Workshop

With the advancement of information communication technology, every business organization has goes beyond the traditional information system and works with accounting systems which are computerized. Any accounting professional or person following any accounting discipline has to face this challenge in the present and in the future when working with a computerized accounting system.

This QuickBooks 2016 Essential Training Workshop is designed for beginners with no previous accounting software experience thus assisting the participants to enhance their knowledge and overcome their fear of utilizing computerized accounting systems.

  1. Introduction
  2. Navigating QuickBooks
    1. A tour of the interface
    2. Navigating inside each center
  1. Working with Company File
    1. Opening and closing an existing company file
    2. Setting up a new company file
    3. Backing up and restoring a company file
  1. Setting up shop
    1. Working with the chart of accounts
    2. Adding bank accounts and credit cards
    3. Using account numbers
    4. Adding service or inventory items
    5. Setting up sales tax
    6. Adding vehicles
    7. Using the Fixed Assets Manager
    8. Editing company information
  1. Adding Customers
    1. Setting up the customer profile
    2. Creating and editing customers
    3. Importing customers from another program
    4. Working with leads
  1. Working with Vendors
    1. Setting up the vendor profile
    2. Creating and editing vendors
  1. Adding Employees
    1. Creating and editing employees
    2. Creating and editing sales reps
  1. Day-to-Day Operations
    1. Creating estimates
    2. Creating purchase orders for vendors
    3. Entering vendor bills
    4. Invoicing customers
    5. Progress invoicing customers
    6. Entering time and mileage against jobs
    7. Receiving payments
    8. Creating sales receipts for cash sales
    9. Viewing reminders for overdue invoices
    10. Sending statements to customers
    11. Entering credit card charges
    12. Recording deposits
    13. Paying vendor bills
    14. Printing checks
    15. Working with jobs
  1. Handling Special Cases
    1. Taking care of refunds
    2. Handling customer credits
    3. Voiding invoices and other line items
    4. Fixing mismatched data
    5. Working with check registers manually
    6. Discounts
    7. Grouping customers to batch invoices
    8. Deleting and marking items inactive
    9. Entering statement charges
    10. Assessing finance charges
    11. Memorizing transactions
    12. Reconciling bank accounts
  1. Sharing QuickBooks with Others
    1. Enabling multiuser mode
    2. Adding and editing user accounts
    3. Keeping QuickBooks up to date
    4. Enabling credit card protection
  1. Finding Information Quickly
    1. Using the Snapshot, Insights, and Bill Tracker tools
    2. Filtering lists
    3. Classes
  1. Reports
    1. Introduction to reports
    2. Navigating and customizing report data
    3. Filtering a report
    4. Memorizing, exporting, and printing a report
  1. Customizing QuickBooks
    1. Customizing invoices and forms
    2. Setting QuickBooks preferences

The QuickBooks 2016 Essential Training Workshop will be conducted in the SLIIT Metropolitan Campus at the BoC Merchant Tower, Kollupitiya, Colombo 03. The BoC Merchant Tower is an impressive and an imposing building with a panoramic view of blue expanse of the Indian Ocean to the West and a misty mountain range to the East. With its modern infrastructure, BoC Merchant Tower provides a fine conducive environment for study and research.

A participation Certificate will be awarded to the participants by Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology.

Commencement Date : Commencing soon

1 Day Workshop (8 Hours)

Thursday – 9.00 a.m to 5 p.m

Fee Per Participant: Rs. 4,950/-

Program fee can be paid at any branch of Bank of Ceylon in favor of the SLIIT current A/C 0072821605 and the receipt should be handed over to SLIIT Metro campus before the commencement of the Program.

[Program Fee can also be paid by a Credit Cards/Debit card VISA/MASTER at the SLIIT Metro Campus]

Lunch and Refreshments will be provided to the Participants


To confirm your seat please hand over your bank slip before the class commencement to avoid any disappointments.

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