Higher Education Opportunities at SLIIT

Posted on the June 16th, 2016 under General by mahendra

With a vision to be a center of excellence to disseminate knowledge, promote innovation and produce world-class intellectuals to best serve the nation, SLIIT was established in 1999. With more than 7,000 registered students, SLIIT stands tall among private higher education institutes in the country.

Why select SLIIT?

The highly qualified, dedicated in-house academic staff at SLIIT continues to be one of the greatest strengths. Many staff members are involved in research projects and significantly contributes to several mega projects ranging from the Lotus Tower to the Colombo-Katunayake Expressway. SLIIT’s academic programmes cater to Bachelors and Post Graduate Degrees in the fields of Computer, Business, Engineering, Architecture and Hospitality. Students could opt to graduate with a highly recognized SLIIT degree or transfer to one of SLIIT’s renowned foreign partner universities in Australia, UK, U.S.A or Canada.

In addition to its academic collaborations, SLIIT a highly networked institute, has strong links with leading companies such as 99X, Virtusa, Brandix, Microsoft and IBM. With the aim of preparing students to join the industry, SLIIT has partnered with 10 leading companies to facilitate in-house internship programmes.

Life at SLIIT

Students can participate in over 20 different types of sporting activities, a wide range of societies & clubs such as; Student Interactive Society, Rotaract Club, SLIIT Gaming Community, faculty events, CSR events and student led events; such as musical shows and talent shows. The multicultural and multinational community that makes up SLIIT, further enriches the lives of students at SLIIT.

The SLIIT student services comprises of a dedicated team to provide services such as; a student help desk, student forum, a career guidance unit, medical facility, inter – campus student transport service, an English help desk, student housing and a modern recreation center.

SLIIT Alumni

SLIIT has thus far produced over 9,000 graduates and has formed an alumni association to maintain a global SLIIT community, network with one another and provide necessary support; such as mentoring to current students.

One such SLIIT alumni is Dilshan Silva; a PhD holder from Imperial College London. Dilshan attributes his success to SLIIT, for giving him a solid foundation in terms of training and skills needed to achieve his academic goals. “Due to its excellent teaching and campus facilities, SLIIT is an institute with very high standards. Being selected to a leading International Software Company for employment further proves the high quality and recognition given to SLIIT. I will always be indebted to the highly dedicated panel of lecturers for their guidance towards my success” noted Dilshan.

Being recognized as the first degree awarding institute in the country to have its BSc (Hons) programme in IT accredited by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) cements SLIIT’s status as not just the premier degree awarding institute but also as a great place to learn and build a career.

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