SLIIT Clubs & Societies

Participation in sports, clubs and societies is an important part of student life. SLIIT provides over 16 sports and 50 clubs and societies covering a wide variety of interests are available for students to join or attend. They provide a social and cultural environment for students to interact with others having varied interests thereby opening up opportunities, exposure to new experiences and personality development.

Student Interactive Society

The Student Interactive Society (SIS) at SLIIT has many objectives. They range from creating an interest in sports

to promoting healthy, interpersonal relationships among the student community and the staff of SLIIT. The patrons of the society are: The Chairman and the President, of SLIIT. The Committee is responsible for the conduct of all activities, maintaining decorum and adhering to rules and safeguarding the good name of the Institute.

Sports Council

The objective of the Sports Council is to promote sports and recreational activities which are an important part of student

life. At SLIIT, students engage in a wide range of sports including Cricket, Rugby, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball,

Tennis, Table Tennis, badminton, Chess and Carrom. The Malabe Campus has excellent indoor and outdoor sports

facilities. These include a large playground, a Tennis court complex, a Basketball court, indoor Table Tennis and Carrom

and a well equipped gymnasium.


Foss Community


FOSS or Free and Open Source Software, helps expand scope of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The FOSS Community at SLIIT helps raise awareness among students to learn the concepts of Open Source Software

movement, facilitating a base to link with the global community.

HEDRA SLIIT Programming Community

HEDRA is a programming community that encourages students to actively engage in programming. Members of this group

conduct tech talks on Interesting Topics related to Game Development, Open Source Software Development, .NET and

Java Technologies. The community who are passionate about programming strives to spread the message that programming

is a rewarding and exciting activity.


Information Technology Student Community


The main objective of the IT Student Community is to enhance the knowledge of IT students and better gear them to the ever

changing IT industry. Activities such as workshops and guest lectures by leading IT professionals in industry enable students

to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead while fostering better student interaction and sharing of knowledge.

CSN Student Community


CSN Student Community (CSNSC) is an exclusive society for all CSN students. CSNSC focuses on expanding the knowledge of

students in the CSN department on information security, reverse engineering and fields related to computer networking, through

various seminars, workshops and conferences.

Faculty of Business Students Community


The FBSC comprise students from the Information Systems (IS) and Business Management (BM) specializations. One

of the main objectives of the unit is to build a platform to equip IS and BM undergraduates to face industry,

enhancing overall skills and performance through guest lectures and interaction with leading personalities in industry.

SLIIT Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is formed primarily to support SLIIT, its students and Alumni by acting as a catalyst to

foster lifelong connections within the global SLIIT Community. The association provides leadership, voluntary services, and necessary support to current students.

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