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Dr. Lakmal Rupasinghe

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Computing | Computer Systems Engineering

Career Summary

Lakmal Rupasinghe is a generalist, having exposed to ICT, Quality Management Systems, and General Management. He is a Charted IT Security professional, Holder of several prestigious certifications from the same area.

He is a University Academic/Consultant by profession, having over 13 years of experience in lecturing/training in universities and corporate organizations. Lakmal is a senior lecturer/consultant at Sri Lankan Institute of information technology. He had already trained more than 8000+ professionals in Information Technology, Security and IT management. He is researcher in the area of Information Technology and Management and presented, published numerous research papers at national and international level.

Lakmal is involved with consulting and training in the areas of Consumer Technology (Mobile Application, Web and User Experience), Information Security Management, Startup/ Entrepreneurship of IT Ventures, and Information Security. As a highly experience trainer and consultant he had acted the role of a change agent for several organizations. He has contributed to Business Process Management, Information Security (ISO 27001 ISMS Implementation), Process Improvements, Information and Communication Technology Management & Development, in many organizations that he consulted. He is heavily involve with consulting in areas of Information Security Management, understanding the risks to organizations, aligning business and IT strategies, and creating Information Security solutions that fully align with organizational strategy while maximizing operational results and risk mitigation.

He is an experience researcher in the Area of Information Technology and Management. Over the last decade he had published   and   presented multiple research   papers   at   national   and international level. He had served as a judge for the National Best Quality Software Award, which is an annual event, and the mechanism for the selection of candidates for competitions held by APICTA (Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology Association), and awarded by the Sri Lankan chapter of British Computer Society. Further he had taken part of the Board of Directors of ISACA Sri Lankan chapter, who leads the information auditing landscape in Sri Lanka.


  • Reading for the PhD from Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia
  • MBA, Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM) (Sri Jayawardhanepura University, Sri Lanka)
  • B.Sc. (Hons) In Information Technology: -Sri Lanka Institute Of Information Technology- 2003
  • ISO 27K Lead Auditor under IRCA.
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). (Member ID – 95683)
  • Certified Information System Auditor (CISA)
  • Chartered Member of British Computer Society
  • Cisco Certified Academic Instructor (CCAI)
  • Advanced Diploma in Bachelor of Information Technology External Degree: - University Of Colombo-School Of Computing
  • Passed Cisco Network Academy Instructor Course. (Academy Connection ID -  4155145)


  • ISC2 APAC Leadership Award Recipient
  • Curtin CORPS Phd Scholership

Research Interests and Memberships

Research Interests

  • Information Security
  • Machine Learning
  • Business Process Management


  • MBCS
  • MIET

Ongoing Research

My Publications

Conference Proceedings

  • Nipuna Upeka Pannala, Chamira Priyamanthi Nawarathna, JTK Jayakody, Lakmal Rupasinghe, Kesavan Krishnadeva   Supervised Learning Based Approach to Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis    year 2016,      IEEE,      
  • Hansi Mayadunne, Rupasinghe P.L   Evaluation of Trustworthiness for Online Social Networks Using Advanced Machine Learning  in conference on International Conference on Advanced in Computing Technology,  year 2018,            
  • Gihani Jinarajadasa, Wayomi Jayantha, Rupasinghe P.L, Iain Murray   A reinforcement learning approach to enhance the trust level of MANETs  in conference on Smart Computing and Systems Engineering,  year 2018,            
  • Shanen Leen De Silva, Hansi Mayadunna, Iesha Wedage, Sasanka Pabasara, Rupasinghe P.L, Chethana Liyanapathirana, Krishnadeva Kesavan, Chamira Nawarathna, Kalpa Kalhara Sampath   Improving Trusted Routing by Identifying Malicious Nodes in a MANET Using Reinforcement Learning  in International Conference on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions,  year 2017,            
  • Rupasinghe P.L, Chamira Nawarathna, Kalpa Kalhara Sampath   Enhancing the Security of OLSR Protocol Using Reinforcement Learning    year 2017,            
  • Rupasinghe P.L, Chamira Nawarathna, Kalpa Kalhara Sampath   A Model to Represent Recommendation Based Trust for MANET Using Reinforcement Learning  in National Information Technology Conference,  year 2017,            
  • Krishnadeva Kesavan , Chethana Liyanapathirana , Gayani Sadamali , S.A.W.S Sampath, Y.M. Sureni Koshila , Chamod Premarathne , Rupasinghe P.L, Chamira Nawarathna   6. Androsafe: Online malware analysis with statistic and dynamic methods  in IET Conference,  year 2016,            
  • J.A.D.C.Anuradha Jayakody, Rupasinghe P.L, N.T Mapa, T.S Disanayaka, D.S.A.Kandawala, K.D.Dinusha Chathurangi, Krishnadeva Kesavan   7. A Light Weight Provenance Aware Trust Negotiation Algorithm for Smart Objects in IoT  in IET Conference,  year 2016,            
  • Rupasinghe P.L, Heshani Herath, Ishani Pathinayake, Ashani Diaz, Indujayani Karthigesu, Krishnadeva Kesavan , Chethana Liyanapathirana, Sripa Vimuthi   8. Predictive Analytics with online data for WSO2 Machine Learner with the support of Ensemble method  in IET Conference,  year 2016,            
  • H.A.C.J Hettiarachchi, L.I Hettiarachchi, M.M.N.M.Mullegama, R.K.T.DRanaweera, Rupasinghe P.L, D. Kasthurirathne   9. NExT-Plugin for MetaTrader 5 based on Recurrent Neural Networks  in IET Conference,  year 2016,            
  • Krishnadeva Kesavan, Sripa Vimukthi Bannakkotuwa, V.V.YY. Wickramanayake, M.P.D.H De Silva, J.M.D. Fernando, K.K.K.K. Sampath, Rupasinghe P.L   10. ClusterMal: Automated Malware Analysis with clustering, anomaly detection, and classification of existing and new behavioral analysis  in IET Conference,  year 2016,            
  • Rupasinghe P.L, Murray I   SDN Based Security Solution for Legislative Email Communications  in ICCCA,  year 2016,            
  • Rupasinghe P.L, Murray I   Trustworthy Provenance Framework for Document Workflow Provenance    year 2016,            
  • Karunarathne K.H.M.C.D, Karunaratne K.H.M.C.T, Peiris M.H.D, Peiris P.A.S, Rupasinghe P.L, Senarathne A   Global Trust Identification in Infrastructure and Ad Hoc Network    year 2015,            
  • Madushanka, P.L.M, Wijethilake, K.K.G.N.T, Rupasinghe P. L   Developing a QoS Based Routing Algorithm for VANET  in NCTM ,  year 2014,            
  • Lokuliyana S, Rupasinghe P.L   15. A Trust Model for On-Demand Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks  in NITC,  year 2014,            
  • Rupasinghe P.L, Murray I   Trust-Based Framework for Handling Communication Using Social Networks as Applied to Mobile Sensor Based Indoor Navigation System  in IPIN,  year 2014,            


  • Shanthi V, Rupasinghe P.L  " 19. Reliable Power saved Communication Environment for MANET."  NCTM,  2013,      
  • Rupasinghe P.L, Tennekoon R, Anushka B, Visagan S, Hettiarachchi B, Basnayake P  " 20. Authentication Algorithm to MANETs through Challenge-Response Based architecture."  National Conference on Technology and Management,  2013,      

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