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Mr. Chamaka Karunanayake


Faculty of Engineering | Civil Engineering

Career Summary

Lecturer (Tenure Track)  - Department of Civil Engineering, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. (January 2024 - Present)

Assistant Lecturer - Department of Civil Engineering, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. (January 2021- August 2021)

Academic Instructor - Department of Civil Engineering, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. (January 2019- December 2020)



Master of Engineering in Water Engineering and Management at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand (2023)

International Exchange Student at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), Japan (2022-2023).

B.Sc. Engineering (Hons),  - Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (2019)


Gold Medal award for the Most Outstanding SLIIT Graduate (2018)

Certificate of Special Recognition for Research Performance of the Year 2020– for publishing highly rated scientific research work in a journal in the top 10%of Scopus CiteScore index during the year 2020.

Research Interests and Memberships

Research Interests

Climate Change and Hydrology

Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding

Hydrological modelling



Associate Member: Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (AMIESL)

Graduate Member: Institution of Civil Engineers, UK (GMICE)

Member: Institution of Engineering andTechnology, UK (MIET)

Ongoing Research

My Publications

Journal Publications

  • Gunathilake, M. B., Amaratunga, Y. V, Perera, A., Karunanayake, C.,Gunathilake, A. S., & Rathnayake,  " Statistical evaluation and hydrologic simulation capacity of different satellite-based precipitation products (SbPPs) in the Upper Nan River Basin, Northern Thailand. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies "  Journal of Hydrology : Regional Studies,  vol.32,    2020,        10.1016/j.ejrh.2020.100743,
  • Khaniya B., Karunanayake C., Gunathilake M.B., Rathnayake U.,  " Projection of Future Hydropower Generation in Samanalawewa Power Plant, Sri Lanka "  Mathematical Problems in Engineering,      2020,        10.1155/2020/8862067,
  • Chamaka Karunanayake, Miyuru B. Gunathilake, Upaka Rathnayake  " Inflow Forecast of Iranamadu Reservoir, Sri Lanka, under Projected Climate Scenarios Using Artificial Neural Networks "  Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing,      2020,        10.1155/2020/8821627,
  • Miyuru B. Gunathilake, Chamaka Karunanayake, Anura S. Gunathilake,Niranga Marasingha, Jayanga T. Samarasinghe, Isuru M. Bandara, Upaka Rathnayake  " Hydrological Models and Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) toSimulate Streamflow in a Tropical Catchment of Sri Lanka "  Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing,      2021,        10.1155/4795,

Journal Publications Under Review

  • Maharaj K T, Karunanayake C, K Kunwar, Chadee A A, Azmathulla Hazi Md,Rathnayake U.  " Evaluation of permeable pavement systems (PPS) as bestmanagement practices for stormwater runoff control: A review "  WaterConservation Science and Engineering, Springer,        Under Review
  • Janani, H. K, Chamaka Karunanayake, Miyuru B. Gunathilake, ChalakiPrasad, Hazi Md. Azamathulla, Upaka Rathnayake  " Integrating Indicators in Agricultural Vulnerability Assessment to Climate Change in Anuradhapura district, Sri Lanka "  Agricultural Research, Springer,        Under Review

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