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Certificate in 3D Modelling and Animation

This course offers students a professional opportunity to explore digital creativity. They would be provided the opportunity to learn industry-standard software for creating stunning 3D models and animations. With an extended curriculum to master character design, rigging, and animation techniques with expert guidance, this could aim to engage the students in real-world projects and build a compelling portfolio beneficial for various content creation career pathways. 

Introduction to Autodesk Maya

  • Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation industry
  • Overview of Autodesk Maya interface and workspace
  • Navigation and view manipulation in the 3D viewport
  • Creating and manipulating basic geometric shapes (cubes, spheres, cylinders, etc.)
  • Introduction to basic modeling concepts with NURBS modeling mini project

Polygonal Modeling and NURBS modeling Techniques

  • Understanding the Object Mode and Component Mode
  • NURBS modeling Tools and Techniques
  • Polygonal Modeling Techniques
  • Selecting, moving, scaling, and rotating vertices, edges, and faces
  • Polygonal Modeling techniques with two mini projects

Material Assigning, UV Mapping and Texturing

  • Maya and Arnold material creation and assigning
  • Unwrapping UVs and understanding UV mapping
  • Creating and editing texture maps in external image editing software (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Texture painting and basic material editing
  • Material assigning and texturing mini project

3D Animation Techniques Using Autodesk Maya

  • Computer animation techniques
  • 3D Animation techniques
  • Use of Graph editor and Trax editor
  • 3D Animation mini project

Lighting and Rendering

  • Adding light sources to a scene
  • Adjusting lighting properties
  • Introduction to rendering options and settings
  • Basic compositing and post-processing effects

Basic 3D Character Modeling and Animation

  • Basic 3D character modeling and texturing
  • Basic 3D character rigging
  • Basic 3D character animation, lighting and rendering
  • Digital Content Creators 
  • Undergraduates  
  • School Leavers 


09th December 2023 (Saturday)

60 Hours
Thursday 6 pm - 9 pm | Online
Saturday  2 pm - 6 pm | Phisical - SLIIT Malabe

Per Participant Fee: Rs. 41,000/- (Rs. 21,000/- * 2 Installments)

Program fee can be paid to/transferred to Bank of Ceylon in favor of the SLIIT current A/C 0072821605 and the receipt should be emailed to before the commencement of the Program.

Following are the required Payment Details:

  • Name of the Bank – Bank of Ceylon
  • Name of the Account – Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
  • Account Number - 0072821605
  • Branch – Kollupitiya
  • Branch Code - 034

Please include your Full Name, Home Address, NIC Number, Mobile Number, Email Address and Minimum Qualification when emailing the payment receipt.


To confirm your seat please hand over your bank slip before the class commencement to avoid any disappointments.

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For Further Details, Please Contact

Hotline :- 077 33 000 66
General :- +94 011 754 48 02  |  +94 11 754 31 84  |  +94 11 754 31 73
Certificates/ Transcripts/ Letters can be collected during the following days/times only.

Day Time
Monday – Friday 8.30 am – 3.00 pm
Saturday 8.30 am – 5.00 pm

Refund Policy 

  • The students who request for Refunds are strictly advised to Email the requirement to  
  • Only those who have made the full class fees are entitled to apply for a refund. The class fee paid aan installment will not be refunded  
  • Applicants who have not followed the course for more than one week will be entitled to a refund of 90% of the payment provided  
  • Applicants who have  followed the course for less than one month will be entitled to a refund of 50% of the payment provided  
  • No refund will be provided after a period of one month 
  • The course fee is not transferable under any circumstance 
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