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Java Programming

Java SE 8 significantly changes the way Java Programmers write codes. Earning a Java SE 8 Certification provides the participants the tools to make the most of the new features within Java SE 8.

  • Use Java programming language constructs to create a Java technology application.
  • Use decision and looping constructs and methods to dictate program flow.
  • Understand basic object oriented concepts such as inheritance, encapsulation, and abstraction.
  • Use and manipulate object references, and to write simple error handling code.
  • Use the new SE 8 java.time and java.time.format packages to format and print the local date and time.
  • Specify a data modification by passing a predicate lambda expression to the Collections class
  • Java Basics
  • Java Data Types & Operators
  • Decision Constructs & Loop Constructs
  • Creating and Using Arrays
  • Object-Oriented Design Principles
  • Working with Selected classes from the Java API
  • Java Class Design
  • String Processing
  • Exceptions and Assertions
  • Generics and Collections
  • Java I/O, Java File I/O
  • Building Database Applications with JDBC
  • Threads
  • Concurrency
  • Localization

Address: No: 24, 5th Floor, E.H. Cooray Tower, Anagarika Dharmapala Mw, Matara

The ideal candidate who would earn this certification typically has a technical background and wants to improve their programming skills, or may be new to object-oriented programming and Java. (After O/L students, After A/L students, Undergraduate Students, Developers).

Commencement Date: - 11th March 2023

Duration : 64 Hours , Saturday 9am to 1pm

Per Participant Fee: Rs. 30,750/- (Rs. 15,875/- * 2 Installments)

Program fee can be paid to/transferred to Bank of Ceylon in favor of the SLIIT current A/C 0072821605 and the receipt should be emailed to before the commencement of the Program.

Following are the required Payment Details:

  • Name of the Bank – Bank of Ceylon
  • Name of the Account – Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
  • Account Number - 0072821605
  • Branch – Kollupitiya
  • Branch Code - 034

Please include your Full Name, Home Address, NIC Number, Mobile Number, Email Address and Minimum Qualification when emailing the payment receipt.

For Further Details, Please Contact

Contact Number :  041 754 4501 / 0777 414647


To confirm your seat please hand over your bank slip before the class commencement to avoid any disappointments.

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