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Mobile Application and Development for Apple IOS Program

SLIIT has developed a comprehensive training program with Practicals to teach students the  architecture, API and techniques to create high performance and appealing applications for the Apple IOS devices.

This program is good for those who want to start their own Application developments in Apple IOS, Programmers who want to shift to Mobile Applications  Development or any Professional who want to enhance their existing Application development skills.

01 – Introduction to Objective-C and Foundation Framework
           -  Header Files
           -  Classes, Objects, Properties and Methods
           -  Source Files
           -  Method Definition Walk through
           -  Delegation
           -  Properties
           -  Protocols
           -  Exercise
02 – View Based Applications
           -   View Hierarchy
           -   Alerting users: UIAlertView, UIActionSheet ,etc
           -   Controls: UIControl,UILabel, UIButton ,etc
           -   Text Controls: UITextView, UITextField,etc
           -   Tables
           -   Exercise
      03 – Interacting with the user’s data
           -   Files and Media
           -   Data storages
           -   SQLite, Arrays
           -   Working with data storages
           -   Gesture Recognizers
           -   Blocks and Multithreading
           -   Exercise
      04 – Working with Applications
           -   Window based Applications
           -   Utility Applications
           -   Tab Bar Applications
           -   Navigation based Applications
           -   Networking
      05 – Integrate with Core Services
           -   Media
           -   Drawing Animation
           -   Core Motion
           -   Core Location
           -   Map Kit
       06 – Performance Enhancement and Debugging
           -  Introduction to Shark and Instrument Tools
           -  OCUnit
           -  SenTestCase
           -  Case Studies
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40 Hours
Program Fee
Program fee can be paid at any branch of Bank of Ceylon in favor of SLIIT current A/C 0072821605 at Kollupitiya Branch of Bank of Ceylon and receipt should be handed over to SLIIT before commencement of the Program.
[Program Fee can also be paid by a Credit Cards/Debit card VISA/MASTER at the SLIIT Metro Campus] The payment deposit slip should be handed over to SLIIT Metro Campus, Before the class commencing date to avoid any  disappointments.
Level 16,BOC Merchant Tower, 28,St Michael’s Road,Colombo 03.
Hotline :- 0773300066 , General- +94 0117544802 +94 11 7543184, +94 11 7543173



To confirm your seat please hand over your bank slip before the class commencement to avoid any disappointments.

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