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Name: Deshal Hemachandra
Home country: Sri Lanka
UQ Program: Bachelor of Economics

UQ is a world class university and is ranked within the top 50 universities in the world. So graduating from such a university means you get a lot of recognition and reputation and it also means you benefit from higher graduate employability.

UQ has a wide range of courses to select from and this suited me well as I was able to select the course I wanted.

In addition, UQ has an excellent reputation for good teaching which greatly benefits its students.

Studying for Bachelor of Economics is very interesting as well as challenging. The subjects are well structured and we don't have any difficulty in following them. I always feel I have learnt something new after each semester I complete.

Staff at UQ are very friendly and approachable. We could consult them regarding anything concerning the courses or administrative matters. This makes it a lot easier for students, especially for newcomers.

The scheduling of classes for subjects at UQ is flexible and we have the freedom to make our own timetable that is convenient to us.

The first thing that strikes you when you come to Brisbane is how well organized and orderly the city is. People here are very friendly and they strictly abide by the law and I feel it's a wonderful place to stay. I found it to be an ideal environment for a relaxing evening walk.

I am a member of the UQ Sri Lanka (UQSL) association which represents the Sri Lankan students at UQ. It organizes various events such as get-togethers and picnics.

To be a globally marketable economist you should obtain a degree from an internationally recognised university. UQ would be the ideal place as it is highly ranked internationally. Students can choose from a variety of BEcon majors such as public policy, quantitative methods, natural resources and environment etc, for specialisation.

Make the maximum use of the excellent facilities available at UQ and join the various clubs and societies that operate there as that would undoubtedly help you to settle in, develop skills and make new friends.

Finally, I would advise them to study well and be consistent throughout the study program.

Name: Ramith Samayamanthree
Home country: Sri Lanka
UQ Program: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) & Bachelor of Economics

I was strongly drawn towards the laid-back lifestyle in Australia and the vast opportunities available to international students.

Having lived in Brisbane for 2 years already and having travelled to around 16 countries, I have come to notice that "Brisbanites" are some of the friendliest people I have met and I feel welcomed here as if it’s my home away from home. I have already made some amazing friends and love the city life.

My life at UQ has definitely helped me build some amazing friends and valuable networks which will help me in the future. UQs macro-focused academic curriculum has broadened my horizon and the way I look at the world.

UQ is one of the best universities in the world & you should definitely consider UQ as a destination to pursue your further studies.

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