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The SLIIT Career Guidance Unit is geared to provide SLIIT undergraduates with an enhanced understanding of career options and industry-required technical and non-technical skills, as well as available employment opportunities. We seek to empower our students with the knowledge and know-how needed to balance their academic and extracurricular activities, achieve their career aspirations, through a range of course-specific events, workshops and services.

Our General Services

CV writing & review

Career Guidance Workshops

Career Day / Job fair

Industrial Placements

Job opportunities

Job opportunities

SLIIT Alumni relations

SLIIT BootStrap program

General information on Industrial Training / Internship and Graduation

Faculty Internship semester/ year Internship (Calendar month) Expected Graduation for outgoing batches
Business* 3rd year 1st semester onwards Jan–June and June-Dec Feb/March - Main


Aug/Sept - mini

Computing* 3rd year 2nd semester onwards July – Dec (6 months)
Engineering 2nd semester 2nd Semester Nov – Jan  (3 months)
3rd year 2nd semester Nov – Jan  (3 months)

* Both faculties support 2 batches per academic year and also provide the option of transferring into the weekend study program to facilitate longer internship periods

Our Industry network

In-house internships

SLIT recognises that establishing early contact with working environments is a key component of the students' education and professional development. The Industrial Training Unit was launched with the goal of industry training (internships). SLIT maintains strong connections with government authorities and private sector organisations (e.g. Pearson, Virtusa, and WSO2) and takes advantage of these relationships to set up different industrial training and placement opportunities for students.

Aside from providing students with professional prospects and hands-on experience in their relevant fields, companies, in turn, are able to approach a large number of students in-house for their employment needs. Additionally, they can also harness and cultivate novel ideas for their own projects as a result.

The following companies have in-house industry training facilities at SUIT:

A non-GPA module named 'Industrial Training' has been introduced for the BSc Honours Degree in rr to stress the importance of industry experience.

The assigned 8 - course credits are met by undergoing a recommended period of 6 months training in the industry. While this module has been made mandatory for the Software Engineering specialisation, it is also recommended for other specialisations.

Allows students to develop soft skills together with technical exposure.

Special programs by the industry

Career Guidance Workshops

Career Day / Job fair

Industrial Placements

Industry partners and collaborators

SLIIT’s study program and their curriculum are developed together with SLIITs Industry partners and collaborators and therefore, industries engage with SLIIT student activities by contributing their knowledge and resources in many ways.

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