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About us

SLIIT is the premier degree awarding institute approved by the University Grants Commission under the Universities Act. The institute is also a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and International Association of Universities (IAU). SLIIT offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees in Computing, Business, Engineering, Architecture and Quantity Surveying. SLIIT is also the first Sri Lankan institute to be accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK for Information Technology degrees. Our graduates are globally accepted in view of the high standards maintained. SLIIT has created a learning and research environment with optimum resources for students while encouraging students to be innovative and committed towards excellence. SLIIT aims at producing graduates with strong analytical, problem solving and communication skills.


To advance knowledge, foster and promote innovation to enrich lives and broaden horizons.


To create a learning and research environment for our students and staff to be innovative and dedicated to excellence.

To produce graduates with strong analytical, problem solving and communication skills to serve our nation and beyond.

Introduction to Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research

Whether you are looking to expand your horizons and enhance your skills or simply extend your qualifications, postgraduate degrees are an excellent addition to your career. Postgraduate study which is typically undertaken after a bachelors degree, involves in-depth and specialized education in your chosen area of interest. It includes hands-on work, expansive research and liaising with industry professionals one-on-one to delve into the known and discover the unknown.

Our postgraduate degrees have been instigated to encourage outstanding research and higher studies amongst both the faculty and the students. Aside from commercializing research and startups, collaboration with the relevant industries in order to conduct industry-focused research is also possible. We make it a priority to maintain a consistently stimulating environment to foster a positive atmosphere for all.

SLIIT has curated a wide range of postgraduate degree options that are designed to mold independent, analytical and critical individuals, who will, in turn, become leaders in their respective fields. We focus on an academic approach throughout, with a healthy dose of practical exposure for a wholesome experience. This, together with our state-of-the-art facilities allows us to offer our postgraduate students a unique learning curve that enables them to succeed in the outside world. Our goal is to help our students reach their maximum potential, by constantly challenging themselves so they learn and grow on a daily basis, long after they have graduated.

Here are the postgraduate degrees we offer:

  • - MSc in Information Technology
  • - MSc in Information Management
  • - MSc in Information Systems
  • - MSc in Information Technology Specializing in Cyber Security
  • - MSc in Information Technology Specializing in Enterprise Applications Development
  • - MPhil Programmes
  • - PhD Programmes
  • - Master of Business Administration 

Objectives of the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research (FGSR)

To encourage faculty and students to engage in outstanding research and higher studies.

To mentor learners in the fields of computing, business and engineering to thrive intellectually and professionally and to achieve success in their life.

To create an environment with best possible resources that enrich teaching, learning and research experience of faculty and students.

To collaborate with the industry to carry out industry focused research.

To disseminate knowledge through conferences, seminars, workshops, technical forums and through printed material.

To recognize creativity, innovation and academic excellence of faculty and students.

To commercialize research outcomes ready to start-up ventures.

To nurture a culture which values academic integrity, honesty, pluralism and ethical behavior of faculty and students.

Research & Development

SLIIT Research Facilities

As a leading tertiary educational institute in Sri Lanka, SLIIT plays an integral part in research. SLIIT strives for a vibrant research culture and numerous initiatives have been taken to promote research among the academic and student communities. SLIIT Research Grant Scheme, SLIIT conferences and symposia, industry/university research collaborations, Honorary professors Network, establishing a research center to carry out research work, Integrating research methodology to undergraduate and postgraduate curricula are all meant to promote research.

Research programmes at SLIIT have gained popularity with the introduction of the research grant scheme. All academics are clustered into research groups and each group is headed by a senior academic.The senior academics as the principal investigators are eligible for the SLIIT annual research grants.

As a part of its vision and evolution, SLIIT aspires to become a research intensive university with most productive international engagements. The SLIIT Honorary Professors Network programme was launched aiming this. SLIIT researchers are offered research grants every year. These grants can be freely utilized for research including traveling, registration etc; related purposes such as accessing useful research resources (e.g. online journals) and participation in conferences. SLIIT research seminar sessions provide all academics a platform to present their research work.

Sri Lanka Technology Incubator - Start-up Facilities

The Sri Lanka Technology Incubator (SLTI) also known as Conceptnursery is located at SLIIT Malabe Campus to establish, assist and promote innovators and start-up companies by providing access to business and technical expertise, financial resources, international industry contacts, communication facilities, business advice and business plan development, and marketing.

These Companies/establishments use the Institute’s State-of-the-art facilities including modern networking infrastructure and will have access to a pool of expertise and well-trained students to carry out research and development. Selected students will have the opportunity to work in this facility by engaging themselves in research and development projects undertaken by these resident companies.

The exposure will provide the students with valuable experience in a working environment.

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