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Message from the Dean

The Faculty of Computing is a vibrant community of undergraduate & postgraduate students, academics and researchers who represent a wide range of specializations. We are the oldest and largest faculty of computing in Sri Lanka, which has gain a wide recognition locally as well-as internationally over a period of 18 years.

We are engaged in research in exciting cutting-edge research areas such as robotics & intelligent systems, artificial intelligence, cyber security, computer vision and image processing, data communication, high-performance computing, and software engineering.

Faculty of Computing offers BSc(Hons), MSc, MPhil, and PhD programmes covering a range of specializations; Information Technology (IT), Software Engineering (SE), Data Science (DS), Information Systems Engineering (ISE), Computer Systems & Network Engineering (CSNE), Cyber Security (CS), and Interactive Media (IM). Our program portfolio is updated regularly capturing the dynamics of the industry.

Our degree programmes have been designed with consultation with the industry and relevant professional bodies. Our students have access to internationally recognized experts and we work with a range of partners in government, industry, local & foreign universities, and professional bodies such as IET, IEEE, and BCS. Our BSc(Hons) programmes in IT, SE, ISE, and CSNE have been accredited by the IET, UK showing the international recognition of our programmes.

Our aim is to produce computing professionals of the future who will be life-long learners equipped with strong analytical, problem solving, and communication skills. Therefore, we endeavour to inculcate soft skills and learnability in our graduates by complementing classroom learning with a range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Faculty of Computing of SLIIT provide you a conducive environment where you can explore new things and interact with a vibrant community of wonderful people. You will be able to discover your potential & own capabilities, and realize your aspirations.

Professor Chandimal Jayawardena

Dean – Faculty of Computing

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