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About Us

Welcome to the Faculty of Computing, a multi-disciplinary powerhouse consisting of seven major areas of education: Information Technology, Computer Systems Network Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Data Science and Interactive Media. We are a strong faculty with proven strength in developing graduates with the ability to transcend technical complexities faced by IT industry in the new millennium. The Faculty of Computing nurtures students and professionals with varied walks of life through its approach to education, encouragement to challenge conventional wisdom and think independently.

Our graduates have an array of job opportunities in the modern IT industry. At the Faculty of Computing, faculty members passionately share the view that academic theories have to be applicable to real-world situations in order to be relevant and useful. Therefore, the faculty maintains a very close relationship with globally renowned overseas universities and industry partners to stay up-to-date.

What We Value……

Diversity, learning and enrichment

We are open to and respectful of diverse views; We learn through the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Independence as a principle

We believe in intellectual freedom; We nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in our academic planning and decision-making process.

Embracing communities

We partner with international academic communities to explore and disseminate knowledge; We believe in the role of technology and business as a force to build and improve communities.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We are unafraid to experiment and innovate; We are ready to take calculated risks and responsibly manage the results of our actions.

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