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Welcome to Transfer Options at SLIIT!

SLIIT provides opportunities to the students to study overseas, with several options depending on your individual preferences. Opportunities are available through Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America New Zealand.


Yes. You would be provided with options to suit your budget and lifestyle. You have the option of making the final selection. Also, you are free to find your personal accommodation.

Yes. You would be picked up at the Airport by a SLIIT official. Therefore, you are requested to keep us informed of your travel arrangements well in advance.

You should arrive in Sri Lanka two weeks prior to commencement of the Orientation Program.

Semester payment should be paid in full either before your arrival or one week after your arrival in Sri Lanka.

Initially you would enter Sri Lanka on an entry visa. A period of thirty days from the date of arrival to Sri Lanka will be endorsed on your passport by the officials of the Sri Lanka Department of Immigration and Emigration. Within this period your entry visa will be converted to Resident Visa in order for you to continue your studies at SLIIT.

You will be facilitated in the process of applying for Resident Visa. This procedure will be handled by SLIIT officials in the International Office

A Resident visa is usually applied for a period of one year.

Yes. All students are required to pay a sum of Sri Lankan Rupees 20,000/= to Department of Immigration and Emigration in Sri Lanka. This rate is subject to change. Therefore, it is suggested that you refer to the Department of Immigration and Emigration Sri Lanka Visa Fees for further details.

Yes. It will be renewed every year subject to your academic performance at SLIIT

Yes. The amount is the same as the first time application fee.

  • Duly completed form given by Ministry of Higher Education in Sri Lanka,
  • Duly completed form given by the Department of Immigration and Emigration
  • Two Passport size photographs
  • Copy of Entry Visa page
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of Birth Certificate

No. You will only be exempted from paying your course fee. The remainder of the expenses will have to be borne by you.

No. As per the regulations by the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Sri Lanka.

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