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Message from the Dean

We extend a warm welcome to SLIIT, a beacon of innovative education in today's dynamic academic landscape.

The evolution of pedagogical methods, including online platforms and blended learning, has propelled higher education to unprecedented heights. As universities strive for excellence in this competitive era, the global dimension of education becomes paramount.

At SLIIT, we stand strong in our position within the local education sector, with a resolute goal to ascend as the premier university in Sri Lanka. Yet, our aspirations extend beyond national borders. We envision ourselves as a regional leader, setting the benchmark for educational prowess.

Critical to our vision is internationalization, a yardstick against which we measure ourselves against global peers. The path to a higher international ranking is paved with strategic initiatives led by the International Division of the Pro Vice-Chancellor's office, specifically focusing on three pillars:

International Student Recruitment: We aim to enrich our campus by welcoming 10% of SLIIT's student population from around the world. The partnerships we foster with international universities are pivotal in achieving this goal. Pathway programs and transfer options stand as key avenues for students to pursue degrees from esteemed foreign institutions, either at SLIIT or abroad.

International University Partnerships: Collaboration is at the core of our strategy. By establishing robust partnerships with global universities, we offer students unique opportunities for higher studies as integral facets of their undergraduate journey. Research collaboration with foreign scholars further enhances our academic ecosystem.

Global Student Transfer: Our commitment to offering seamless transfer mechanisms reflects our dedication to facilitating academic mobility. Students are empowered to explore new horizons, whether by completing their degrees at SLIIT or transferring abroad after a period of enriching study here.

We recognize that international students contribute immeasurably to the cosmopolitan tapestry of our classrooms. Their experience may be challenging, yet profoundly rewarding. Here at SLIIT, we provide an environment where international students thrive, immersed in a vibrant cross-cultural milieu.

Our mission is clear: we nurture exceptional individuals poised to lead in the global economy. Our curriculum, faculty, and student body are meticulously curated to foster a panoramic worldview.

Our overarching objectives are to solidify SLIIT's standing on the global education stage, presenting diverse education pathways, and infusing our community with multicultural vibrancy. I invite you all to explore the possibilities on our website, where you'll find a wealth of opportunities awaiting you. To students worldwide, I extend a heartfelt invitation to embrace the educational adventure that SLIIT offers and savor the rich student life in Sri Lanka.

Welcome to SLIIT, where excellence knows no bounds.

Prof. Pradeep Abeygunawardhana
Dean International

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