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Message from the Dean

Globalization has led to a number of challenges with business leaders facing numerous competitive threats and ever increasing uncertainty, as competitive challenges become more seismic and frequent. The ability to build responsive, adaptable, and flexible organizations will be crucial, as the economies of the world get increasingly integrated with technological advancements. It is widely accepted that the easing of trade barriers across nations, industries and even within businesses will ultimately create wealth and result in improved standards of living and improved quality of life of the people.

To compete and thrive in this dynamic environment, SLIIT Business School recognizes that the leaders of the future should not only be equipped with the required knowledge and competencies to solve business problems, but also need complementary professional skills which will enable them to lead such organizations in the future, in the local and global spheres. The SLIIT Business School in a relatively short period of time, has developed a wide portfolio of programmes, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, linked up with international accredited universities and importantly created an environment for fostering theoretical research and also applied research, where the benefits permeate to the inner fabric of society.

The SLIIT Business School comprises outstanding qualified faculty, committed, passionate and driven to create and push the boundaries of knowledge. They are at the forefront to drive change which would lead to a major societal impact for the betterment of our students and the business community across the globe. Our students are challenged to learn, innovate and develop a thirst for knowledge which will sustain them long after they leave the confines of the programme.

The collaboration with international universities and academics around the world, partnership with some of the leading corporates and professional institutes, world class academic infrastructure and a vibrant and innovative teaching and learning environment has ensured our graduates are current, relevant, and globally oriented.

At SLIIT Business School, the students will be immersed in a culture that promotes and celebrates diversity and inclusion and provides an exciting setting for students to build their business acumen and contribute to creating value for stakeholders in the local and international spheres.

SLIIT Business School is excited to be part of your transformative journey

Professor Suren Peter

Dean - SLIIT Business School

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