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Department of Materials Engineering

Materials play a key role in almost every engineering discipline. From the advanced electronic components in your smartphone to the plastic toys, everything we manufacture relies on materials. Materials engineers are the vanguard of discovering the best material solutions for products. From designing the perfect combination of components for an aeroplane wing to developing materials for medical implants they build the foundations for new technology and ground breaking progress.

The BSc Engineering Honours degree programme provides students with the opportunity to learn how the entire materials cycle operates - from mining and refining of raw materials to production and utilization of finished materials and finally to disposal and recycling. The first two years of the programme is designed to develop a foundation in mathematics, basic engineering and sciences. The final two years deliver a more focussed materials related and other advanced topics. Students undergo a compulsory six month industrial training programme split between the end of second and third year of study. The programme develops graduates for careers in the industry, research, academia and management.

Academic Staff

Dr. Mudith Karunaratne

Head | Department of Materials Engineering
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Mr. Malith Medaela

Assistant Lecturer
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Ms. Shashika Dhananjaya

Assistant Lecturer
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Administration Staff

Name Position Telephone E-mail
Mr. Anthony Martin Training Engineer +94 11 754 4308
Mr. Kamal Amaraweera Training Engineer -
Ms. Mayanthi Sandanayake Manager-Administration +94 11 754 4330
Ms. Sachini Hapangama Management Associate - Grade I +94 11 754 4302
Ms. Hiruni Hansika Weerakkody Junior Executive  - Grade I -
Ms. Yasara Lasandi Junior Executive (Grade II) -
Ms. Lakmi Ranasinghe Management Associate - Grade I -
Mr. Pathum Udawaththa Facility Management Executive - Grade II +94 11 754 4315
Mr. Ananda Mahaarachchi Senior Executive /Laboratory Service - ME +94 11 754 4334
Mr. Ariyasena Vindanepathirana Lab Technician - ME -

Courses Offered by Department Of Materials Engineering

SLIIT Engineering

Materials Engineering

Materials Engineering

Materials Engineers are the vanguard of discovering the best material solutions for products. From designing the perfect combination of components for an aeroplane wing to developing materials for medical implants, they build the foundations of new technology and groundbreaking progress. The final two years deliverr subjects for specializations such as Metallic Material, Polymeric Materials, Ceramic Materials, and Nano-materials

Why Materials?

Materials are at the heart of every engineering discipline and most engineering challenges are Materials related. It is a truly multidisciplinary and exciting area of study and work. Materials Engineers are highly sought after in many sectors of industry and research.

What is Offered?

  • The programme can be selected at the end of Year 1. Building on the engineering foundations of Year 1, Years 2-4 offer a more Materials oriented programme.
  • In Year 4 there is a selection of specialized Materials subjects to choose from and an opportunity to do an exciting Project.
  • In Years 2 & 3, two 12 week training opportunities are provided in a Materials related industry.

Unique Programme

The UGC approved programme aims to provide the best Materials Engineering degree in Sri Lanka. The modules offered combine core materials subjects with modern subjects such as Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials and will be delivered by a group of highly qualified academic staff to give students the best possible opportunities in employment and higher studies.


The well designed programme prepares graduates to work in a large cross section of the industry which includes traditional sectors such as steel, ceramics and plastics as well as construction, manufacturing and materials research. The modern curriculum would provide foreign employment opportunities in both industry, research and higher education.

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