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BSc Engineering (Hons)

in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

With a strong focus on building theoretical and practical based study, the BSc Engineering (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering provides appropriate technical knowledge in Electrical & Electronic Engineering including hands on experience in practical scenarios. The course is structured also to gain interdisciplinary problem solving skills, social awareness and confidence required to build outstanding high caliber engineers.

  • Electronic Engineering (En)
  • Communications Engineering (Ce)
  • Electrical Engineering (Ee)
  • Computer Systems Engineering (Cs)
  • Network Engineering (Ne)

Approved by the University Grants Commission under the Universities Act

Member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities

Member International Association of Universities (IAU)

Career Opportunities

  • Electronic
  • Telecommunication
  • Electrical Power
  • Data Communication
  • Networking
  • Duration : 4 Years
  • Entry : February / September
  • Location : Malabe
  • Offshore : Weekdays
  • Examinations : Weekdays

Entry requirements

Minimum of two “C” passes and one “S” pass in GCE Advanced Level (Local) in the Physical Science Stream (Combined Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) in one and the same sitting and a pass at the Aptitude test conducted by SLIIT OR Minimum of two “B” passes and one “C” pass in GCE Advanced Level (Cambridge or Edexcel) covering Combined Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in one and the same sitting and a pass at the Aptitude test conducted by SLIIT

Code Module Credit
Semester 1
CE1011 Engineering Mechanics 04
ME1010 Engineering Design & Processes 04
EC1021 Electrical Systems 03
MA1302 Engineering Mathematics I 03
EL1202 English Language Skills l 03
CE1912 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering 02
Semester 2
ME1030 Engineering Skills Development 03
ME1040 Engineering Principles & Communication 04
MT1010 Engineering Materials 04
MA1312 Engineering Mathematics ll 03
EC1441 Engineering Programming 03
EL1212 English Language Skills ll 02
Code Module Credit
Semester 1
CE2721 Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics 04
EC2092 Foundation of Digital Design 03
EC2202 Electrical Circuits 03
EC2492 Object Oriented Programming 03
EC2131 Microcomputers 03
MA 2302 Engineering Mathematics lll 03
Semester 2
EC2122 Electronic Fundamentals 03
EC2112 Signals and Systems 03
EC2212 Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Energy Conversion 03
EC2730 Data Structures and Algorithms 03
EC2482 Introduction to Controls and Robotics 03
EC2402 Computer Networks 03
Humanities l
Industrial Training Part 1
EC2921 Industrial Training l
Code Module Credit
Semester 1
EC3612 Communication Engineering l 03
EC3502 Control Systems 03
EC3061 Design Project I 03
3 Elective Modules from the following *
EC3012 Electronic Design 03
EC3212 Power Systems Analysis 03
EC3202 Engineering Electromagnetic 03
EC3462 Embedded Systems Engineering l 03
EC3472 Digital Multimedia Content 03
EC3482 Foundations in Computer Engineering 03
EC3232 Electrical Installations 03
EC3702 Real Time Operating System 03
EC3042 Physical and Optoelectronics 03
Semester 2
EC3071 Design Project II 03
ME3081 Engineering Management 03
EC3522 Data Communication and Networking 03
3 Elective Modules from the following *
EC3102 Advanced Digital Design 03
EC3022 Radio Frequency and Microwave Electronics 03
EC3032 Power Electronics 03
EC3242 Power Systems Protection 03
EC3192 Electrical Machines and Stability 03
EC3532 Advanced Control Systems 03
EC3622 Communication Engineering II 03
EC3641 Digital Access Systems 03
EC3712 Embedded Software Engineering 03
EC3722 Information Security 03
EC3540 Computing for Engineers 03
Humanities II
Industrial Training Part 2
EC3901 Industrial Training II
Code Module Credit
Semester 1
EC4040 Electronic Engineering Project 04
EC4901 Legal Framework and Sustainability in Electrical Engineering 02
3 Elective Modules from the following *
EC4012 Power Electronics & Drives 03
EC4202 Electrical Utility Engineering 03
EC4421 Network Design and Performance Evaluation 03
EC4432 Embedded Systems Engineering II 03
EC4441 Advanced Computer Architecture 03
EC4632 Communication Signal Processing 03
EC4642 Optical Communications 03
EC4651 Next Generation Networks 03
EC4661 Radio Frequency and Microwave Systems 03
EC4702 Models of Computations 03
ME4111 Industrial Management and Marketing 03
Semester 2
EC4040 Electronic Engineering Project 04
4 Elective Modules from the following *
EC4462 Computer Structures 03
EC4031 Medical Electronics 03
EC4212 Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution 03
EC4231 Electromagnetic Propagation 03
EC4552 Digital Signal Processing 03
EC4241 Introduction to Smart Grid Control 03
EC4471 Information Theory and Error Control Coding 03
EC4482 Computer Vision and Image Processing 03
EC4492 Neural and Fuzzy Systems 03
EC4502 Instrumentation and Control 03
EC4511 Industrial Automation and Process Control 03
EC4522 Network Management and Security 03
EC4531 Internet Technologies 03
EC4541 Distributed Computing 03
EC4672 Wireless Communications 03
EC4252 Renewable Energy Systems 03
* Electives to be chosen with the prior approval of the Academic Department

* Electives to be chosen with the prior approval of the Acadamic Department


A semester fee of Rs. 330,000 will have to be paid to SLIIT for a period of 4 years. (Please Note that an year comprises of 2 Semesters)

Account No 1630552

of the Bank of Ceylon

Account No 00 399 0000033

of the Sampath Bank

Account No 100380005000

of the Nation Trust Bank

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