Psychometric Tests

What are psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests assess personality and cognitive profiles through standardized psychological measurements of knowledge, abilities, attitudes or personality traits.

These tests are generally categorized into,


  • Cognitive ability/aptitude tests.
  • Personality questionnaires.


Such test are conducted by organizations because they enable fair comparison between potential candidates regardless of their educational backgrounds and their suitability for the specific organizational environment.


Personality questionnaires



Personality questionnaires do not have ‘right or wrong’ answers, and you should always answer truthfully.

They are used by organizations to gain an insight into your personality profile (i.e.: personal preferences, working style and likely behavior within specific roles) and for them to see if you will be a good fit for their organization. Your results might be compared to the profiles of existing employees doing similar jobs ‘competently and satisfactorily’.

Such tests highlight areas for them to or discuss with you at interview such as your ability to adapt to their current organization environment.


Ability tests

Ability tests, most commonly verbal, numerical or logical thinking, require you to reach a certain level or score in order to ‘pass’.

The results are then considered alongside feedback from interviews and other activities you might be asked to undertake during your assessment during the selection process.These tests can be conducted online or as a physical test with time constraints, as part of the overall selection process.

Aptitude tests determine your potential to think and make deductions as required by the job you have applied for. Example: If you applied for a job in IT you may be asked to complete a programming aptitude test (this could take the form of a diagrammatic, abstract reasoning or inductive reasoning test).

Although doing practice questions may not necessarily improve your scores it will help you become familiar with the types of test and enable you to identify areas for further improvement. Buying a GCSE math guide can be a useful way of brushing up on basic percentages and ratios.










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