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Bachelor Of Engineering (Honours) In Civil & Construction Engineering

Civil engineers design and construct bridges, roads, harbours, highways, dams, irrigation and water supplies, hydro-electric projects, high-rise buildings and other prominent structures. As our built environment becomes increasingly complicated, ambitious construction projects can only be completed by teams of people with different skills, working together.

The civil engineer  is important in this process. You will learn to apply your basic engineering knowledge for structural analysis and design, materials, geotechnical engineering, construction engineering, hydraulics and professional practice.

Recognized by the University Grants Commission under the Universities Act

Member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities

Member International Association of Universities (IAU)

Accredited by Engineers Australia (EA)

Study method


Study mode



October 2018


4 years

In your final year, you will consolidate these engineering skills to the level of an engineering graduate. Speciality options include the environment, transport, public health or advanced structural design.

Entry Criteria

GCE Advanced Level (local):
Minimum of 2 “C” passes and 1 “S” pass in the Physical Science Stream (Combined Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) in one and the same sitting, with a "C" pass for Mathematics OR Physics).


GCE Advanced Level (Cambridge or Edexcel):
Minimum of 2 “C” passes and 1 “D” pass in one and the same sitting, covering Mathematics and Physics, with a "C" pass in Mathematics OR Physics.

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation you may find employment with consulting engineers, large contractors, specialist subcontractors and government authorities who are working to meet the challenges of creating and maintaining our infrastructure. Later in your career, you may choose to establish your own consultancy as an expert in your field. Civil and construction engineers have skills that are readily transferable between employers and they often find work internationally.

Internship Opportunities

6 months of industrial training is facilitated by us, as well as professionally-recognised first-aid training prior graduation.

Code Module Credit
Semester 1
CE1011 Engineering Mechanics 04
ME1010 Engineering Design and Processes 04
EC1020 Electrical Systems 03
MA1302 Engineering Mathematics I 03
EL1200 English Language Skills I 02
One Elective Module of the following
ME1020 Introduction to Renewable Energy 02
CE1911 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering 02
Semester 2
ME1030 Engineering Skills Development 03
ME1040 Engineering Principles and Communication 04
MT1010 Engineering Materials 04
MA1312 Engineering Mathematics II 03
EC1440 Engineering Programming 03
EL1210 English Language Skills II 02
Code Module Credit
Semester 1
CE2011 Structural Analysis I 04
CE2711 Fluid Mechanics 04
CE2021 Properties and Mechanics of Materials 03
CE2211 Civil Engineering Methods 03
MA2302 Engineering Mathematics III 03
Semester 2
CE2811 Geotechnical Engineering I 03
CE2032 Structural Design I 04
CE2042 Structural Analysis II 04
CE2051 Advanced Mechanics of Materials 03
ME2720 Introduction to Thermal Processes 02
CE2940 Civil Engineering Surveying Camp
Humanities I
Industrial Training Part 1
CE2911 Industrial Training I
Code Module
Semester 1
STEN3003 Advanced Structural Analysis
TREN3001 Transportation Engineering and Earthworks
GEOT3002 Geotechnical Engineering Analysis
STEN3004 Structural Actions and Steel Design
Semester 2
GEOT3003 Geotechnical Engineering for Foundations
CSEN3000 Civil Engineering Project and Cost Management
CVEN3002 Hydraulics and Hydrology
STEN3005 Reinforced Concrete Design
Code Module
Semester 1
CVEN4003 Civil Engineering Research Project 1
CSEN4003 Civil Engineering Practices, Quality and Legislation
STEN4003 Integrated Structural Design
GEOT4002 Geotechnical Design and Modelling
STEN4004 Advanced Structural Modelling
CVEN4005 Advanced Hydraulics and Hydrology
STEN4005 Advanced Concrete Design and Construction
Semester 2
CVEN4004 Civil Engineering Research Project 2
CSEN4002 Integrated Design and Construction 2
(note: From 2019, this unit will be called “CSEN4002 Integrated Design and Construction”)
ENEN4005 Water and Environmental Engineering
TREN4002 Traffic and Road Pavement Engineering
CSEN4005 Precast Concrete Design and Construction
STEN4006 Structural Dynamics
STEN4007 Sustainability and Durability of Concrete Structures

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