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BSc (Hons) Nursing (International)

The art of nursing is the practical knowledge which tells how to work to produce certain results; the other meaning is to develop the hands-on skills of nurses. The science of nursing is the body of knowledge based on many laws and principles of biological and physical nature as well as social and behavioral sciences.

Nursing as a service requires a broad education. Professional nursing is a service devoted to the promotion of human social welfare. Nursing helps to attain this objective by giving care to the sick and injured, promoting and restoring health and preventing disease.

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Member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities

Member International Association of Universities (IAU)

As part of the professionally-accredited BSc (Hons) Nursing awarded by Liverpool John Moores University UK, students will complete supervised clinical practice within hospital settings as well as outside hospital environments.

During your clinical placements you will work alongside experienced nurses and be supervised by practice mentors, as well as having the support of clinical liaison lecturers and academic link staff.

Students can experience excellent educational and professional training facilities that simulate a real work environment.

Study method


Study mode



February / September


4 years

Entry Criteria

Eligibility for the programm are as follows:

  • GCE Advance Level (Local) – 3 passes in the Biological Science Stream
  • GCE Advance Level (Cambridge/London) – 3 D passes in the Biological Science Stream
  • Compulsory “C” passes in English, Mathematics and Science at the GCE Ordinary Level (Local/London)
  • Successful candidates will be selected through an aptitude test followed by an interview conducted by the School of Nursing at the SLIIT Malabe Campus.

*Note: For any other qualification, please contact us:

Code Module Credit
Semester 1
EN1073 Communication Skills 03
NS1012 Human Anatomy 02
NS1022 Human Physiology 02
NS1032 Biochemistry 02
NS1042 Microbiology & Parasitology 02
NS1052 History, Ethics & Professionalism in Nursing 02
NS1062 Introduction to Study Skills 02
NS1073 Fundamentals of Nursing 1 03
Semester 2
EN1083 English for Academic Purposes 03
NS1082 Pharmacology 1 02
NS1092 Nutrition & Dietetics 1 02
NS1102 Psycho Social Aspect in Nursing 02
NS1114 Fundamentals of Nursing 2 04
NS1123 Fundamentals of Nursing Practice 1 03
Code Module Credit
Semester 1
EN1092 Advanced English Skills 02
NS2012 Pathology 02
NS2021 Nursing Research 1 01
NS2032 Pharmacology 2 02
NS2042 Adult Nursing 1 02
NS2052 Women’s Health Nursing 1 02
NS2062 Community Health Nursing 1 02
NS2072 Fundamentals of Nursing Practice 2 02
Semester 2
NS2082 Nursing Research 2 02
NS2092 Biostatistics 02
NS2101 Management & Leadership in Nursing 1 01
NS2112 Adult Nursing 2 02
NS2122 Women’s Health Nursing 02
NS2131 PediatricPediatric Nursing 1 01
NS2143 Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing 03
Code Module Credit
Semester 1
NS3012 Mini Research 02
NS3022 Nutrition & Dietetics 2 02
NS3032 Pediatric Nursing 2 02
NS3044 Community Health Nursing 2 04
NS3053 Adult Nursing Practice 1 03
NS3062 Pediatric Nursing Practice 02
Semester 2
NS3072 Trends, Issues & Professional Development in Nursing 02
NS3082 Teaching and Learning 02
NS3092 Emergency and Disaster Nursing 02
NS3102 Adult Nursing 3 (Specialty areas) 02
NS3113 Adult Nursing Practice 2 03
Code Module Credit
Semester 1
NS4014 Final Project 1 04
NS4023 Geriatric Nursing 03
NS4034 Adult Nursing Practice 3 04
NS4045 Midwifery (Elective) 1 05
NS4055 Community Health Nursing (elective) 1 05
Semester 2
NS4064 Final Project 2 04
NS4074 Management & Leadership in Nursing 2 04
NS4083 Palliative Care Nursing 03
NS4095 Midwifery (Elective) 2 05
NS4105 Community Health Nursing (Elective) 2 05

* Electives to be chosen with the prior approval of the Academic Department

After the 20th-century nursing has undergone tremendous changes and developments. A broader and more varied field of work has been opened for nurses recently with greater opportunities for higher studies. Moreover, current nursing professionals are exposed to national and international professional contacts which lead to experience that are applicable worldwide. Specialty areas such as critical care, operating theater, emergency, urology, and paediatric advanced training are included in the profession. Furthermore, novel intellectual practices including but not limited to nursing research, evidence based nursing, nursing process, nursing audit, and quality nursing are also experienced.

BSc (Hons) Nursing - Top Up

1 Year Top-Up (Final Year Entry) - Entry Requirement

Eligibility for the programm are as follows:

  • Registered Nurse of SLNC/ SLMC
  • Completed three year Diploma in Nursing - Ministry of Health
  • Awaiting for SLNC registration
  • Working nurses with at least one year working experience in the government health sector and having competency in English Language

Study method

Part Time (Weekends Only)

Study mode



October 2018


1 years - 4 months

Code Module Credit Core/ Non core
5001SLT Developing academic study skills 40 Core
5002SLT Professional development for practice 40 Core
Code Module Credit Core/ Non core
Semester 1
6501HEAL Nursing within a global context 20 Core
6503HEAL Research in nursing 20 Core
6500HEAL Dissertation 30 Core
Semester 2
6502HEAL Leadership development through action learning 10 Core
6500HEAL Dissertation - Core
6504HEAL Systematic health assessment 20 Option
6506HEAL Ethical & legal issues in nursing 20 Option

* Dissertation will be continued in both 1st and 2nd semesters
*Lecturers for next level 5 programme will be decided later

LJMU Programs Hotline: 011 754 4801

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