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Research Publication List

2022-07-08 A Review on Evapotranspiration Estimation in Agricultural Water Management: Past, Present, and Future Wanniarachchi, SSarukkalige, R
2022-07 Explainable Machine Learning (XML) to predict external wind pressure of a low-rise building in urban-like settings Meddage, D. P. PEkanayake, IWeerasuriya, ALewangamage, C. SRamanayaka, C. D. EMiyanawala, T
2022-06-28 ‘Leave or remain’: intentions of Gen X and Y employees Weerarathna, RWalpola, M. D. C. PPiyasiri, A. D. W. DJayamal, I. A. U. MWijenayaka, T. H. P. CPathirana, G. Y
2022-06-27 “ServPort”: Process Reengineering in Optimization of The Process in Vehicle Service Station Withana, R. D. KFernando, W. S. C. SNethsara, V. RJayasinghe, N. B. A. C.TLokuliyana, S. LKuruppu, T. A
2022-06-21 ANDTi Virtual Assistant Fathima Nihla, M.I.Wicrama Arachchi, W. A. D. ADilini Subhani, K. GDissanayaka, D. M. I. KSanduni, W. TRankothge, W. HWariyapperuma, P. NKehelella, P. H
2022-06-16 Diagnosing autism in low‐income countries: Clinical record‐based analysis in Sri Lanka Samarasinghe, PWickramarachchi, CPeiris, HVance, PDahanayake, D. M. A.Kulasekara, VNadeeshani, M
2022-06 ‘Fall to Rise’ : A Quest to Revive Performance of Sri Lanka’s Boutique Hotels in Post-Easter Attack Weerarathna, R. SJayasinghe, NEllepola, TBalasuriya, NUddeepa, EKanumale, U
2022-05-29 Interpretation of Machine-Learning-Based (Black-box) Wind Pressure Predictions for Low-Rise Gable-Roofed Buildings Using Shapley Additive Explanations (SHAP) Meddage, PEkanayake, IPerera, U. SAzamathulla, HMd Said, M. ARathnayake, U
2022-05-16 Multidecadal Land Use Patterns and Land Surface Temperature Variation in Sri Lanka Samarasinghe, TRathnayake, UMakumbura, R. K
2022-05 Single-step mixotrophic algal wastewater treatment: Microbial assessment of effluent Preethika, SCheng, XKhandan, N. NDelanka Pedige, H. M. KZhang, Y
2022-05 Forecasting Electricity Power Generation of Pawan Danavi Wind Farm, Sri Lanka, Using Gene Expression Programming Herath, DJayasinghe, J.M.J.WRathnayake, U
2022-04-23 A Simplified Mathematical Formulation for Water Quality Index (WQI): A Case Study in the Kelani River Basin, Sri Lanka Meddage, D. P. PAzamathulla, HPandey, MRathnayake, UMakumbura, R. K
2022-04-19 How Do Different Types of University Academics Perceive Work from Home Amidst COVID-19 and Beyond? Rathnayake, NKumarasinghe, PKumara, A. S
2022-04-19 Investigating applicability of sawdust and retro-reflective materials as external wall insulation under tropical climatic conditions Dharmasena, PMeddage, D. P. PMendis, S
2022-04-14 Development of Agent-Based Centralized Tool For Analyzing and Managing Security-Enhanced Linux Policies using WebSocket Protocol Kularatna, I. MRajapaksha, S
2022-04-14 Voice-based Online Examination System for Visually Impaired Students Jayakody, J. A. D. C. ADharmasena, I. H. H. N
2022-04-10 Cascaded Adaptive Network-Based Fuzzy Inference System for Hydropower Forecasting Rathnayake, NRathnayake, UDang, T. LHoshino, Y
2022-04-04 Estimation of Potential Evapotranspiration across Sri Lanka Using a Distributed Dual-Source Evapotranspiration Model under Data Scarcity Senatilleke, UAbeysiriwardana, H. DMakumbura, R. KFaisal Anwar, A. H. MRathnayake, U
2022-04 A novel approach to explain the black-box nature of machine learning in compressive strength predictions of concrete using Shapley additive explanations (SHAP) Ekanayake, I.UMeddage, D. P. PRathnayake, U
2022-04 Evaluation of Satellite Rainfall Products over the Mahaweli River Basin in Sri Lanka Perera, HFernando, SGunathilake, M. BSirisena, JRathnayake, U
2022-03-24 Impact of Climate Change and Variability on Spatiotemporal Variation of Forest Cover; World Heritage Sinharaja Rainforest, Sri Lanka Samarasinghe, TGunathilake, M. BMakumbura, R. KArachchi, SRathnayake, U
2022-03-22 Column Study for Adsorption of Copper and Cadmium Using Activated Carbon Derived from Sewage Sludge Al-mahbashi, NKutty, S. R. MJagaba, A. HAl-Nini, AAli, MSaeed, A. A. HGhaleb, A. A. SRathnayake, U
2022-03-16 Evaluation of Future Streamflow in the Upper Part of the Nilwala River Basin (Sri Lanka) under Climate Change Chathuranika, I. MGunathilake, M. BAzamathulla, H. MRathnayake, U
2022-03-15 A review of comprehensiveness, user-friendliness, and contribution for sustainable design of whole building environmental life cycle assessment software tools Karunaratne, SDharmarathna, D
2022-03 Do sediments of ephemeral and perennial streams show different impacts on water quality when subjected to the same drying conditions? Ayantha Gomes, P. IPerera, M. D. D
2022-03 Human Gait Modeling, Prediction and Classification for Level Walking Using Harmonic Models Derived from a Single Thigh-Mounted IMU Abhayasinghe, NMurray, I
2022-02-23 Applicability of smartphone-based roughness data for rural road pavement condition evaluation Sandamal, R. M. KPasindu, H. R
2022-02-23 Greywater adsorption into soil during irrigation Faisal Anwar, A. H. MRathnayake, UBowyer, W
2022-02-23 Moving a Robot In Unknown Areas Without Collision Using Robot Operating System Gayashani, K. K. PRajapaksha, SJayawardena, C
2022-02-23 Development of Agent-Based Centralized Tool For Analyzing and Managing Security-Enhanced Linux Policies using WebSocket Protocol Rajapaksha, SKularatna, I. M
2022-02-23 Deep Learning Approach for Designing and Development of Risk Level Indicator for Patients with Lung Diseases Chathurika, K. B. A. BGamage, A
2022-02-23 Moving Robots in Unknown Environments Using Potential Field Graphs Panagoda, MLokuliyanage, MSenarath, ANethmini Nisansala, N. K. V. MRajapakshe, R. W. A. D. URajapaksha, SJayawardena, C
2022-02-23 Techniques of Enhancing Synchronization Efficiency of Distributed Real Time Operating Systems Rajapaksha, SAlagalla, H
2022-02-23 ROS Supported Heterogeneous Multiple Robots Registration and Communication with User Instructions Rajapaksha, SJayawardena, SMacDonald, B. A
2022-02-23 COVID 19 Navigator Taxi Application for Urban Mobility during Pandemic Period Wickramarathne, JPerera, DKanchana, B. CPeiris, R
2022-02-23 An Improved Round Robin Algorithm for an Efficient CPU Scheduling Bandara, A. M. ORajapaksha, S
2022-02-23 Super Learner for Malicious URL Detection Hevapathige, ARathnayake, K
2022-02-23 Intelligent System to Verify the Effectiveness of Proposed Teacher Transfers Incorporating Human Factors Karunanayake, VWanniarachchi, J. CKarunanayake, pRajapaksha, S
2022-02-23 Investigating the Performance in SDN Based Data Centers Under Different Network Topologies Rankothge, WHemachandra, K. G. R. P.Jayasena, K. P. NWijesiri, M. P. M
2022-02-23 Review On Hand Gesture Recognition for Bengali Sign Language Perera, DKanchana, B. MPeiris, RMadushan, KKasthurirathna, D
2022-02-23 Contact Tracing Of Covid-19 Patients Using Tweets Perera, DBamunusinghe, J
2022-02-17 Comparing Combined 1D/2D and 2D Hydraulic Simulations Using High-Resolution Topographic Data: Examples from Sri Lanka—Lower Kelani River Basin Samarasinghe, J. TBasnayaka, VGunathilake, M. BAzamathulla, H. MRathnayake, U
2022-02-15 A System to Notify Real-Time Radio Signal Failures and Predict the Possibility of Failures - LOST TRANSMISSION Sumithraarachchi, GAhamed, RVithana, N
2022-02-07 Spatiotemporal rainfall variability and trend analysis over Mahaweli Basin, Sri Lanka Rathnayake, UPawar, U
2022-02-05 Evaluation of Generative Adversarial Network Generated Super Resolution Images for Micro Expression Recognition Sharma, PColeman, SYogarajah, PTaggart, LSamarasinghe, P
2022-02 Integrating vegetation indices and geo-environmental factors in GIS-based landslide-susceptibility mapping: using logistic regression Abeysiriwardana, H. DGomes, P. I. A
2022-02 Universal Sinhala Library: Language Specific Encryption Platform for Sinhala Language Thelijjagoda, SWebadu Wedanage, D, K, H
2022-01-21 Sell-Net: Mobile Based Solution to Strengthen the Seller-Buyer Relationship of Small-Scale Businesses in Sri Lanka Wickramarathne, NSiriwardana, UKarunarathna, AJeremiah, PThelijjagoda, SKrishara, J
2022-01-17 Driving Through a Bend: Detection of Unsafe Driving Patterns and Prevention of Heavy Good Vehicle Rollovers Siriwardana, E. M. A. KPiyawardana, V. SChandrasiri, S. SKaushalya, S. G. L. D. HSampath, K.D. Amila
2022-01-17 Digital Democracy: A Secure Platform for Voting Peiris, K.T. I. UGunathilake, G. R. TAttanayaka, J. A. E. PIlankoon, I. M. D. DChandrasiri, S. SWijendra, D. R
2022-01-14 ACADEMIC SUCCESS OF PERSONS WITH VISUAL IMPAIRMENT AND BLINDNESS IN THE TERTIARY SECTOR: EXPLANATORY MODEL Suraweera, TBandara, SWickramarachchi, CDewage, NGunawardana, TNanayakkara, NYapa, EThelijjagoda, SJayathilaka, R
2022-01-12 InCOV Chamber: Intelligent Chamber to Detect Potential COVID-19 Positive Patients Liyanarachchi, R. KPremathilaka, MSamarawickrama, HThilakasiri, NHettiarachchi, N. UWellalage, SWijekoon, J
2022-01-11 PharmaGo-An Online Pharmaceutical Ordering Platform Gamage, R. GBandara, N. SDiyamullage, D. DSenadeera, K. UAbeywardena, K. YAmarasena, N.
2022-01-11 E-patient Card: An Integrated Electronic Health Recording System for Patient Pivithuru, K. W. ASrinivasan, AWijeratnam, ANassar, IChandrasiri, S. SSuriyaa Kumari, P. K
2022-01-10 IOT-based Monitoring System for Oyster Mushroom Farms in Sri Lanka Surige, Y. DPerera, W. S. MGunarathna, P. K. MAriyarathna, K. P. WGamage, N. D. UNawinna, D. P
2022-01-10 Smart Vehicle Communication System for Collision Avoidance Ranawaka, M. NLiyanage, K. SWickramasinghe, S. PChandrasekara, L. H. P. S. DChandrasiri, S. SWeerathunga, L. I. E. P
2022-01-04 Author Correction: Aberrant chromatin landscape following loss of the H3. 3 chaperone Daxx in haematopoietic precursors leads to Pu. 1-mediated neutrophilia and inflammation Gerber, J. PRuss, JChandrasekar, VOffermann, NLee, H. MSpear, SGuzzi, NMaida, SPattabiraman, SZhang, RKayvanjoo, A. HDatta, PKasturiarachchi, J. CSposito, TIzotova, NHändler, KAdams, P. DMarafioti, TEnver, TWenzel, JBeyer, MMass, EBellodi, CSchultze, J. LCapasso, MNimmo, RSalomoni, P
2022-01-04 Analyzing relationships between rainfall and paddy harvest using artificial neural network (ANN) approach: case studies from North-western and North-central provinces, Sri Lanka Ranasinghe, TRathnayake, U. SGunawardena, GWimalasiri, E. M
2022-01-03 EEG Based Neuromarketing Recommender System for Video Commercials Bandara, S. KWijesinghe, U. CJayalath, B. PBandara, S. KHaddela, P. SWickramasinghe, L. M
2022-01-03 AI-based Behavioural Analyser for Interviews/Viva Dissanayake, D. YAmalya, VDissanayaka, RLakshan, LSamarasinghe, PNadeeshani, MSamarasinghe, P
2022-01-01 Ball milling–A green and sustainable technique for the preparation of titanium based materials from ilmenite Thambiliyagodage, C. JWijesekera, R
2022-01-01 Ligand exchange reactions and PEG stabilization of gold nanoparticles Thambiliyagodage, C. J
2022-01 The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance: A Case at ABC Manufacturing Company Kuruppu, C. LPathirana, G. YRodrigo, J. A. H. N
2022-01 Erratum to “Using social and economic factors for ranking pavement maintenance and rehabilitation projects” [Asian Transport Studies, 6 (2020) 100026] Gunathilaka, SAmarasingha, N
2022-01 An ultra-specific image dataset for automated insect identification Abeywardhana, LDangalle, CNugaliyadde, AMallawarachchi, Y
2022 Relationships between Socio-Economic and Demographic Characteristics of Persons with Visual Impairment and Blindness Wickramarachchi, CJayathilaka, RSerasinghe, WKollure, LThisarani, TSuraweera, TThelijjagoda, S
2022 Knowledge Management framework for the supervision of IT postgraduate research in Sri Lanka Fernando, W. M. J. HGamage, M. P. A. W
2022 Developing Safety Performance Functions for Urban Intersections in Sri Lanka Gunathilaka, Udaha Wadiya Ralle Sarala Lasanthi
2022 Sustainable Supply Chains of Sri Lankan Manufacturing Organizations: A Study on Operational Excellence Models During the COVID-19 Pandemic Nagendrakumar, NMalsinghe, M.T.DGunathilaka, M.H.ABandara, I.P.C.DWijerathne, A.IMadhavika, W.D.N
Issue Date Title Author(s)
2022-01-04 Author Correction: Aberrant chromatin landscape following loss of the H3. 3 chaperone Daxx in haematopoietic precursors leads to Pu. 1-mediated neutrophilia and inflammation Gerber, J. PRuss, JChandrasekar, VOffermann, NLee, H. MSpear, SGuzzi, NMaida, SPattabiraman, SZhang, RKayvanjoo, A. HDatta, PKasturiarachchi, J. CSposito, TIzotova, NHändler, KAdams, P. DMarafioti, TEnver, TWenzel, JBeyer, MMass, EBellodi, CSchultze, J. LCapasso, MNimmo, RSalomoni, P
2022-01-04 Analyzing relationships between rainfall and paddy harvest using artificial neural network (ANN) approach: case studies from North-western and North-central provinces, Sri Lanka Ranasinghe, TRathnayake, U. SGunawardena, GWimalasiri, E. M
2021-12-10 The Impact of Online Customer Reviews on Purchase Intention with Special Reference to Sri Lanka Tour Packages Fernando, W.M.R.N.Jeyaramanan, S.Kothalawala, R.U.Vithanage, G.Y.
2021-12-10 The Study on Brand Awareness & Purchase Intention of the Shampoo Market in Sri Lanka Kodippili, N.Perera, K.M.Priyadarshani, L.Wijesekera., B.D.Jayasuriya, N. A.
2021-12-10 Perception of Foreign Tourists on Dual-Pricing of Entrance Fees: Case of Sri Lankan Tourists Destinations Wijesuriya, T.Saythyapala, C.Sachintha, S.Dhanushka, R.
2021-12-09 ASD Screening for Toddlers via Physical Interpretation through Advanced AI Jayasekera, DAlwis, HDissanayaka, HMudalinayake, RPiyawardana, VPulasinghe, K
2021-12-09 Academic Depression Detection Using Behavioral Aspects for Sri Lankan University Students Gamage, M.A.Matara Arachchi, R.Naotunna, S.Rubasinghe, T.Silva, C.Siriwardana, S.
2021-12-09 A Sensitive Data Leakage Detection and Privacy Policy Analyzing Application for Android Systems (PriVot) Atapattu, H.N.Fernando, W.S.N.Somasiri, J.P.A.K.Lokuge, P.M.K.Senarathne, A. N.Tissera, M.
2021-12-09 Accommodation Finder: An Augmented Reality Based Mobile Application Integrated with Smart Contracts Parameswaran, G.Perera, M.J.F.R.Aluthgedara, C.R.B.Amanda, E.D.N.Ishara, W.G.A.Ganegoda, D.
2021-12-09 Agro-Mate: A Virtual Assister to Maximize Crop Yield in Agriculture Sector Dayalini, S.Sathana, M.Navodya, P. R. N.Weerakkodi, R.W. A. I. M. N.Jayakody, A.Gamage, N.
2021-12-09 A New Approach for Consumer Protection with Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Kariyawasam, K.S.T.U.S.Liyanaarachchi, L.A.A.S.Chathurabhani, H.M.N.N.Jayakody, A.Attanayaka, B.
2021-12-09 Air Pollution Mapping with Sensorbased Methodology Egodagama, W.G.C.N.Zahid, A.A.M.Pathirana, G.P.T.S.Dissanayaka, D.S.Chathurika, B.Supunya, R.
2021-12-09 Application of RFID and IoT technology into specimen logistic system in the healthcare sector Thwe Chit, M.MSrisiri, W.Siritantikorn, A.Kongruttanachok, N.Benjapolakul, W.
2021-12-09 APlus: An Intelligent Lecture Delivery System using Artificial Intelligence Learning Analytics Kodagoda, C.Kodagoda, V.Ekanayake, R.De Silva, N.Wijesundara, M.Atapattu, P.
2021-12-09 AI Base E-Learning Solution to Motivate and Assist Primary School Students Silva, P.H.D.D.Sudasinghe, S.A.V.D.Hansika, P.D.U.Gamage, M.P.Gamage, M.P.A.W.
2021-12-09 AI Based Monitoring System for Social Engineering Yapa, K.Udara, S.W.I.Wijayawardane, U.P.B.Kularatne, K.N.P.Navaratne, N.M.P.P.Dharmaphriya, W.G.V.U
2021-12-09 An Automated Solution For Securing Confidential Documents in a BYOD Environment Abisheka, P.A.C.Azra, M.A.F.Poobalan, A.V.Wijekoon, J.Yapa, K.Murthaja, M.
2021-12-09 Auto Training an AI for Detecting Plant Disease Using Twitter Data Annexed With a Plant Anthology Vasanthan, N.Shimran, MohamedAhkam, A.Ishak, I.Silva, C.Kuruppu, T.A.
2021-12-09 ASD Screening for Toddlers via Physical Interpretation through Advanced AI Jayasekera, D.Alwis, H.Dissanayaka, H.Mudalinayake, R.Piyawardana, V.Pulasinghe, K.
2021-12-09 Artificial Intelligence-based Business Strategy for Optimized Advertising Kannangara, L.Harsha, S.Isuru, T.Wijesiriwardhane, C.Wijendra, D.R.Kishara, J.
2021-12-09 Artificial Intelligence-based Business Strategy for Optimized Advertising Kannangara, L.Harsha, S.Isuru, T.Wijesiriwardhane, C.Wijendra, D.R.Kishara, J.
2021-12-09 Automated Crop Harvesting, Growth Monitoring and Disease Detection System for Vertical Farming Greenhouse Jayasekara, C.Banneka, S.Pasindu, G.Udawaththa, Y.Wellalage, S.Abeygunawardhane, P.K.W.
2021-12-09 Comprehensive Security Solution for an Industry 4.0 Garment Manufacturing System Kalhara, D.De Alwis, U.Jinadasa, A.Randunu, D.Nuwanthika, W.S.Abeygunawardhana, P.K.W.
2021-12-09 Automated Sinhala News Platform Based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning Malsha, N.P.G.A.Heshani, K.D.Ransara, R.K.Kumari, P.k.S.Kuruppu, T.A.
2021-12-09 Consumer and Farmer Centric Subscription Based Organic Vegetable/Fruit Delivery System Karunarathna, T.M.N.P.Kumari, M.M.A.Kulasinghe, W.D.K.A.Liyanage, T.L.P.Kodagoda, N.Suriyanwsa, K.Kumari, D.
2021-12-09 Database Scaling on Kubernetes Perera, H.C.S.De Silva, T.S.D.Wasala, W.M.D.C.Rajapakshe, R.M.P.R.L.Kodagoda, N.Samaratunge, U.S.S.Jayanandana, H.H.N.C.
2021-12-09 Cricket Shot Image Classification Using Random Forest Devanandan, M.Rasaratnam, V.Anbalagan, M.K.Asokan, N.Panchendrarajan, R.Tharmaseelan, J.
2021-12-09 Data-driven Business Intelligence Platform for Smart Retail Stores Eheliyagoda, D.R.M.R.R.D.R.S.Liyanage, T.K.G.Jayasooriya, D.C.Nilmini, D.P.Y.C.A.Nawinna, D.Attanayaka, B.
2021-12-09 Deep Transfer Learning Approach for Facial and Verbal Disease Detection Manage, D.M.Alahakoon, A.M.I.S.Weerathunga, K.Weeratunga, T.Lunugalage, D.De Silva, H.
2021-12-09 Digital Preservation and Noise Reduction using Machine Learning Aravinda, K.P.Sandeepa, K.G.H.Sedara, V. V.Chamodya, A.K.Y.L.Dharmasena, T.Abeygunawardhana, P.K.W.
2021-12-09 E-Learn Detector: Smart Behaviour Monitoring System to Analyze Student Behaviours During Online Educational Activities Bamunuge, H. K. TPerera, H. MKumarage, SSavindri, P. A. PKasthurirathna, DKugathasan, A
2021-12-09 Optimization of Microservices Security Kalubowila, D. CAthukorala, S. MTharaka, B. A. SSamarasekara, H. W. Y. RSamaratunge Arachchilage, U. S. SKasthurirathna, D
2021-12-09 Computer Vision Enabled Drowning Detection System Handalage, U.Nikapotha, N.Subasinghe, C.Prasanga, T.Thilakarthna, T.Kasthurirathna, D.
2021-12-09 Computer-Vision Enabled Waste Management System for Green Environment Hewagamage, PMihiranga, APerera, DFernando, RThilakarathna, TKasthurirathna, D
2021-12-09 Computer Vision for Autonomous Driving Kanchana, BPeiris, RPerera, DJayasinghe, DKasthurirathna, D
2021-12-09 Guided Vision: A High Efficient And Low Latent Mobile App For Visually Impaired Rizan, TSiriwardena, VRaleen, MPerera, LKasthurirathna, D
2021-12-09 Computer Vision Enabled Drowning Detection System Handalage, UNikapotha, NSubasinghe, CPrasanga, TThilakarthna, TKasthurirathna, D
2021-12-09 Computer-Vision Enabled Waste Management System for Green Environment Hewagamage, P.Mihiranga, A.Perera, D.Fernando, R.Thilakarathna, T.Kasthurirathna, D.
2021-12-09 Career Aura–Smart Resume and Employment Recommender Dissanayake, KMendis, SSubasinghe, RGeethanjana, DLunugalage, DKasthurirathna, D
2021-12-09 Computer Vision for Autonomous Driving Kanchana, B.Peiris, R.Perera, D.Jayasinghe, D.Kasthurirathna, D.
2021-12-09 Dynamic User Interface Personalization Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning Silva, K. G. G. HAbeyasekare, W. A. P. SDasanayake, D. M. H. ENandisena, T. BKasthurirathna, DKugathasan, A
2021-12-09 Career Aura – Smart Resume and Employment Recommender Dissanayake, K.Mendis, S.Subasinghe, R.Geethanjana, D.Kasthurirathna, D.
2021-12-09 Dogodo: IoT Based Mobile Application to Provide Essential Health Services to Dogs Thilakarathne, L.V.I.S.Salay, M.S.Wijethilaka, M.G.R.Fernando, T.S.C.Sriyaratna, D.Rupasinghe, S.
2021-12-09 Digital Preservation and Noise Reduction using Machine Learning Aravinda, K.P.Sandeepa, K.G.H.Sedara, V. V.Chamodya, A.K.Y.L.Dharmasena, T.Abeygunawardhana, P.K.W.
2021-12-09 Early Warning for Pre and Post Flood Risk Management by Using IoT and Machine Learning Ilukkumbure, S.P.M.K.W.Samarasiri, V.Y.Mohamed, M.F.Selvaratnam, V.Rajapaksha, U.U.S.
2021-12-09 Dynamic User Interface Personalization Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning Silva, K. G. G. H.Abeyasekare, W. A. P. S.Dasanayake, D.M. H. E.Nandisena, T. B.Kasthurirathna, D.Kugathasan, A.
2021-12-09 E-Agrigo Kartheepan, T.SirigajanK, B.Subangan, K.Mohammed Azzam, M.A.Bandara, P.Mahaadikara, M.M.D.J.T.H.
2021-12-09 E-Learn Detector: Smart Behaviour MonitoringSystem to Analyze Student Behaviours DuringOnline Educational Activities Bamunuge, H.K.T.Perera, H.M.Kumarage, S.Savindri, P.A.P.Kasthurirathna, D.Kugathasan, A.
2021-12-09 EduHelp – An Online Tutoring Application Fernandopulle, S.R.Warnasooriya, W.M.C.D.B.Jayasinghe, J.M.H.N.Theeraj, S.M.D.Samarakoon, U.Kumari, S.
2021-12-09 Effectiveness of Stock Index Forecasting using ARIMA model: Evidence from New Zealand Dassanayake, W.Ardekani, I.Gamage, N.Jayawardena, C.Sharifzadeh, H.
2021-12-09 E-Learning Platform for Hearing Impaired Students Krishnamoorthy, N.Raveendran, A.Vadiveswaran, P.Arulraj, S.R.Manathunga, K.Siriwardana, S.
2021-12-09 Enhance the Safety Measurements in Railways with the Aid of IoT and Image Processing Vedasingha, K. S.Perera, K. K. M. T.Hathurusinghe, K. I.Akalanka, H. W. I.Amarasena, N.Dissanayake, N.R.
2021-12-09 Autonomous Cyber AI for Anomaly Detection Madhuvantha, K.A.N.Hussain, M.H.De Silva, H.W.D.T.Liyanage, U.I.D.Rupasinghe, L.Liyanapathirana, C.
2021-12-09 An Image Based Approach of Energy Signal Disaggregation Using Artificial Intelligence Senarathna, MHerath, MThilakanayake, H. DLiyanage, M. HAngammana, C. J
2021-12-09 E-patient Card: An Integrated Electronic Health Recording System for Patient Pivithuru, K. W.A.
2021-12 Aberrant chromatin landscape following loss of the H3. 3 chaperone Daxx in haematopoietic precursors leads to Pu. 1-mediated neutrophilia and inflammation Gerber, J. PRuss, JChandrasekar, VOffermann, NLee, H. MSpear, SGuzzi, NMaida, SPattabiraman, SZhang, RKayvanjoo, A. HDatta, PKasturiarachchi, J. CSposito, TIzotova, NHändler, KAdams, P. TMarafioti, TEnver, TWenzel, JBeyer, MMass, EBellodi, CSchultze, J. LCapasso, MNimmo, RSalomoni, P
2021-12-01 Adapting MaryTTS for Synthesizing Sinhalese Speech to Communicate with Children Lakmal, M. A. J. AMethmini, K. A. D. GRupasinghe, D. M. H. MHettiarachchi, D. IPiyawardana, VSenarathna, MReyal, SPulasinghe, K
2021-12 Projected Moisture Index (MI) for tropical Sri Lanka Wickramarachchi, CSamarasinghe, TAlyousifi, YRathnayake, U. S
2021-12 Crime Analysis, Prediction and Simulation Platform Based on Machine Learning Herath, I.S.Dinalankara, R.Wijenayake, U.
2021-11-21 Trend analysis and change point detection of air pollution index in Malaysia Alyousifi, YIbrahim, KZin, W. Z. WRathnayake, U. S
2021-11-01 Hydrologic utility of satellite-based and gauge-based gridded precipitation products in the Huai Bang Sai watershed of Northeastern Thailand Gunathilake, MZamri, M. N. MAlagiyawanna, TSamarasinghe, JBaddewela, PBabel, MJha, MRathnayake, U. S
2021-10-28 A new hybrid fuzzy time series model with an application to predict PM10 concentration Alyousifi, YOthman, MHusin, ARathnayake, U. S
2021-09-25 Development of Ginger, Turmeric and Pomegranate Peel Extracts Incorporated Pasteurized Milk with Immune Boosting Active Compounds Jayathilake, P. A. LJayasinghe, M. AWalpita, JDilani, K.P. R. I
2021-09-25 A Health Risk Assessment of Soft Drinks According to Limits of the American Heart Association Ruhunuge, I. J. AWijeratne, A.WRuhunuge, R.D. R
2021-09-25 Evaluation of the Scenic Beauty of the Existing Landscape of Southern Expressway and Suggestions to Improve the Landscape Using GIS and Remote Sensing Marasinghe, M.D.UGunawardena, A. RSenevirathne, S. M. PDilrukshi, R. P. W. AHettiarachci, M. H. S. MDissanayaka, D. M. N. SAttanayake, UBeneragama, C. K
2021-09-25 Use of Morphological Traits to Identify Turfgrass Collections Belonging to Three Commonly Used Species in Sri Lanka Sumanarathna, R. A. P. IBalasooriya, B. M. D. LChamara, R. M. S. RKrishnarajah, SAttanayake, UBeneragama, C.K
2021-09-25 Quantifying the Leaf Variegation In Red-Pigmented Aglaonema Cultivars Using Image Color Analysis Wijethunge, P.W.C.MBeneragama, C.K
2021-09-25 Phytosociology and Mangrove Ecology in Trincomalee and Implications for Conservation Arulnayagam, APark, J
2021-09-25 Geo-graphical Distribution and Morphological Characterization of Terminalia catappa L. (Tropical Almond) in the Galle District, Sri Lanka Ketipearachchi, K.GSubasinghe, SVidanapathirana, N.PSilva, T. D
2021-09-25 Effect of consumption of commercially available vegetables and fruits with calcium rich foods Jayasundara, U.KMadubhashini, M.M.PPeiris, D.PLiyanage, J.V
2021-09-25 Exploration of Electrical and Optical Characteristics of Cuprous Oxide Synthesized Using Benedict’s Reagent Wickramasinghe, G.CPerera, V.P.SSenthilnithy, R
2021-09-25 Synthesis of Amine Functionalized Silica- Cu4O3 Adsorbent from Rice Husk for Efficient Removal of Crystal Violet from Aqueous Solution Usgodaarachchi, L.Thambiliyagodage, CAngappan, S
2021-09-25 Biotive Molecules in Canadian Gooseberry and Blackcurrant Wijekoon, CSura, S
2021-09-25 Biomonitoring of HgCl2 with Dracaena sanderiana under Two Different Irradiance Levels: Effects on the Photosynthetic Apparatus Jayasooriya, L. S. HWijethunga, W. M. U. DKumarihami, H. M. P. CAttanayake, UBeneragama, C. K
2021-09-25 Probing the Effect of Salicylic Acid on the Post-harvest Changes in Cordyline fruticosa Using OJIP Chlorophyll Fluorescence Transient Analysis Wijethunga, W. M. U. DJayasooriya, L. S. HKumarihami, H. M. P. CDissanayake, UBeneragama, C. K
2021-09-25 The effect of different ethylene concentrations on different maturity stages on the postharvest quality of Cavendish banana (Musa acuminate) cultivar, ‘Grande Naine’ Subasinghe, S. M. J. CKodithuwakkuge, V. NAttanayake, UWasala, W. M. C. BDammullage, IBeneragama, C. K
2021-09-25 Assessment of Drought Tolerance Ability of Selected Finger Millet Varieties in Sri Lanka Thakshila, G. P. G. IGimhani, D. RKoodalugodaarachchi, V
2021-09-25 A Successful Surface Sterilization Technique for in vitro Establishment of Dracaena sanderiana Sander ex Mast. Nodal Explants Seneviratne, K. LMalwattage, GWeerakkody, G. KPeiris, S. EPeiris, C. N
2021-09-25 Effect of Three Types of Biochar in Cocopeat Medium on Shoot Cutting Production of Chrysanthemum Kathriarachchi, A. SWimalasiri, E. MAmpitiyawatta, A. DKumara, G. D. KWeerasinghe, W. W. B. P. B
2021-09-25 An Efficient Root Induction Protocol for Mass Propagation of Jasminum sambac L.: (Madurai Jasmine) Sandamali, B. NKaushalya, L. M. N. MFonseka, D. L. C. K
2021-09-25 Analysing the Processing Ability of Cinnamon Stems Under Different Planting Systems Aluthgamage, H. NFonseka, D. L. C. KBenaragama, C. K
2021-09-25 Characteristics of Fibre Extracted from Leaves of Banana (Musa spp.) Cultivar Ambun Priyadarshana, R. W. I. BKaliyadasa, P. ERanawana, S. R. W. M. C. J. K
2021-09-25 Students' Involvement in Online Learning in the Context of Covid-19: A Case Study of University Undergraduates Rathnayaka, R. M. M. PHerath, H. M. I. S. K
2021-09-25 Study on the Social Factors Influencing on the Selection of A/L Stream in G.C.E A/L Examination: An exploratory study Wijesingha, A. W. K. GRanasuriya, L. H. D. L
2021-09-25 Development and Validation of a Scale: Assessing Secondary School Students’ Pro-Environmental Behviour and Attitudes Alwis, R. DePerera, CKeppetigoda, D
2021-09-25 Implementation of Collaborative Language Learning for Tertiary Level Students in the ESL Classroom in Sri Lanka. Udara, W.K.N
2021-09-25 Role of Education Administrators in Implementing 21st Century Skills at National Colleges of Education Rohan, R. M. D
2021-09-25 Contribution of Organic, Biodynamic, and Conventional Tea Farming Systems for the Clean Development Mechanism Lankika, S. P. CSangakkara, U. RMohotti, K. M
2021-09-25 Issues and Challenges faced by Students from Single-Parent Households in Their Academic Performance at Senior Secondary Level. Perera, L. I. S
2021-09-25 Prospective Teachers’ Understanding of Active Learning Mallawa, M. V. K
2021-09-25 Impact of Social Media on AL Students’ Academic Performance in International Schools Shariffdeen, F. S
2021-09-25 Defining Determinants of Anxiety Underlying Psychological Impact of Online Testing Wijerathna, S. M. CEkanayake, G. BLecamwasam, D. R
2021-09-25 Undergraduates’ Future with Virtual Learning Platform: A Legal Analysis in Sri Lanka Imalsha, A. U.Udani, H.L.I
2021-09-25 The Perceptions of University Students on Virtual Learning during Covid-19 Pandemic Samarasinghe, T. DSellahewa, W. NSamarasinghe, N. K
2021-09-25 Improving Oral Communication Skills Through Online Collaborative Activities Gurunada, G. H. D. J. P
2021-09-25 Stakeholders’ Perspective on Water Education Among School Students: A Case Study Of Srikanthan, SJeevasuthan, S
2021-09-25 Effects of Study Habits on Student’s Academic Success based on the Gender Elvitigala, S
2021-09-25 Impact of Covid-19 on Primary Education: A Study based on Primary Schools in Hatton Education Zone Niranjan, MMalini, M
2021-09-25 An Exploratory Analysis of Activities of Grade 11 English Language Textbook Jeganathan, T. BPalihakkara, HManchanayaka, M. A. S. PChamalika, H. K. LGunaratna, M. D. M. KMichael, M. A.T
2021-09-25 A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Audiobooks and E-Texts on Comprehension in SLA Wijesuriya, KRajapakse, R. W. D. N. K
2021-09-25 Key Issues and Challenges of Lesson Materials: An Analysis of the G.C.E. Ordinary Level English Textbook Amaranayake, S. L
2021-09-25 Short Films: A New Way of Teaching and Learning English as a Second Language (ESL) On Digital Platforms Jayalath, U. D.T. LJayalath, U. D. N. S
2021-09-25 Factors Affecting Academic Performance of People with Visual Disabilities in the Tertiary Sector Suraweera, TWickramarachchi, CDewage, NGunawardana, MNanayakkara, TYapa, NHandapangoda, RWickramarachchi, C
2021-09-25 Stakeholders’ Perspective on Water Education Among School Students: A Case Study Of Srikanthan, SJeevasuthan, S.
2021-09-25 Needs Analysis in English for Specific Purposes (ESP): A Case Study of Human Resources Management (HRM) Undergraduates Ijlal, I
2021-09-25 An Investigative Study on The Professional Development of Mentors in the Process of Mentoring Prospective Teachers Karunathilaka, W. L. P
2021-09-25 Understanding Reticence and Ambivalence Towards Speaking English: The ‘Problem’ of Limited Capital Yielded by English in a Sri Lankan State University Context Rathnasiri, O. H
2021-09-25 An Exploratory Study of the Variance in Learner Conviction in Learning English Between Undergraduates of the Two Faculties Jayarathna, G. A. R. CWeerakoon, H. R. D. F. G. AUdugahapattuwa, S. V. WWijayawardhana, R. M
2021-09-25 Compelling Reasons for L1 Use in ESL Classrooms; a Study of the Perspective of Teachers in Schools of Kegalle Wickramarathna, G. K. MPerera, U
2021-09-25 The Depiction of Post-Independence Sri Lankan Social Dynamics in Punyakante Wijenaike’s Giraya Alwis, O
2021-09-25 A Study on the Importance of Native Indian Presence in American Literature Jayasinghe, M. K
2021-09-25 The Role of Poetry in Bringing out Sexual Diversity and Gender Construction Indrachapa, U
2021-09-25 The Most Productive Morphological Processes in Selected Sri Lankan English Literary Texts Dilhara, SHerath, NKavindi, R
2021-09-25 Student Engagement in Online ESL Classroom: A Tale of Teachers Kalinga, J
2021-09-25 To Comment or Not to Comment: Exploring the Engagement Levels of ESL Learners in Facebook Groups Rathnasena, U
2021-09-25 Gender Differences in The Preferred Learning Styles Among STEM Undergraduates in Learning ESL Wijesuriya, KDissanayake, S
2021-09-25 Gathering Transition Perspectives: Views of Undergraduates with Low English Proficiency (LEP) in the First Year of English Medium Instruction (EMI) Hussain, Z. D
2021-09-25 A Critique on the Existing Academic View on the Prohibition of Insider Dealing in the Sri Lankan Finance Law Regime: A Comparative Analysis Rosairo, H. G. SJayaweera, H. D
2021-09-25 A Trend Towards "Due Diligence Law": Curbing the Corporate Impunity Dawood, S
2021-09-25 Compulsory Licence a Myth or Reality; Analysis through Experiences of India and Sri Lanka during the COVID-19 Pandemic Adikari, C
2021-09-25 The Doctrine of Confidential Information and Privacy in United Kingdom and Sri Lanka Mahindagoda, C.B
2021-09-25 Striking a Balance: Conscientious Objection and Reproductive Health Care from the Sri Lankan perspective Perera, M. G. H
2021-09-25 Demanding higher standards for animal welfare legislation into exiting law in Sri Lanka: with special reference to Domestic Animals in Sri Lanka Thilakarathne, W. G.T. Y
2021-09-25 The Scope of the Data Protection Regime in Sri Lanka; The Way Forward Widanapathirana, S. H
2021-09-25 Pro-Choice v. Pro-Life: A Perennial Conundrum- An Alternative Discourse for Abortion in Sri Lanka Antony, S
2021-09-25 Fighting New Demons with Older Weapons: Countering Online Harassment with Actio Injuriarum under the Law of Delict Jayamaha, SHarasgama, KRathnayaka, H
2021-09-25 Revitalizing ‘Digital Democracy’: Regulating Social Media Discourses in Sri Lanka Soorya, B
2021-09-25 War Theories Depending on International Humanitarian Law: Study Based on Just War Theory Premarathna, P. K. B. I
2021-09-25 Vaccination Policies: A Contemporary Threat to Human Rights? Witharana, S. Y
2021-09-25 The Desirability and Feasibility of Adopting the CISG: Analysis of the UK and Sri Lanka Hewage, T
2021-09-25 Translation and Adaptation of a Dysarthria Assessment Tool to Be Used in the Sri Lankan Clinical Context Perera, MRathnayaka, S
2021-09-25 Development and Validation of a Record Sheet for the Fibreoptic Endoscopic Evaluation 0f Swallowing Amunugama, E. M .D. W. H. LDe Silva, M. D. K
2021-09-25 The Relationship between Unexplained Infertility and Sedentary Lifestyle among Women in the Urban City of Colombo: Infertile Females Vs. Fertile Females Manike, M. M. V. KDarshika, PKarunarathne, H. P. P. MPriyadarshanie, M. NFernandopulle, R. C
2021-09-25 Obstacles and Challenges for People with Visual Impairment and Blindness in Seeking Financial Services from the Banking Sector Suraweera, TWickramarachchi, CRanasinghe, R. A. B. NJayarathna, I. G. N. HDe Silva, W. P. PLokeshwara, A. A
2021-09-25 A Systematic Review on the Effect of Music Therapy on Post-Operative Pain in Adult Patients Gangabadaarachchi, D. MWijedasa, P. H. S
2021-09-25 Reasons for Cessation of Exclusive Breastfeeding in the Asian Countries: A Systematic Review Pathirana, R. P. N. DDe Silva, B. S. S
2021-09-25 Prevalence of Computer Vision Syndrome among the Academic Staff of SLIIT, Malabe Campus amidst COVID-19 Pandemic Jayakody, L. WBandara, P.CLiyanage, KWijekoon, W. M. P. D. SAnthony, D. K.
2021-09-25 Perceived Self-medication Practices and Associated Factors among Undergraduates of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences (FHS), SLIIT. Alahendra, A. M. A. A. UPerera, O. T. SGuruge, M. LAnthony, D. KDasanayaka, CWijekoon, W. M. P. D. S
2021-09-25 An Empirical Study on the Factors Affecting Entrepreneurial Intention of Management and Arts Undergraduates: with Reference to USJ Silva, H. P. T. NGeorge, H. I. CMadhuwanthi, S.H.D
2021-09-25 The Impact of Environmental Risk Factors on Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) in Sri Lanka Kodithuwakku, D.SPeiris, T.S.G
2021-09-25 Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Adults’ Recollections of Others’ Reactions to Their Early Gender Non-conformity Munasinghe, KMarecek, J
2021-09-25 Offline Signature Verification Using a Statistical Approach Dias, D.P.N.PSucharitharathna, K.P.G.C
2021-09-25 Heuristic Approach to Solve Interval Transportation Problem Gunarathne, H.A.D.RJuman, Z.A.M.S
2021-09-25 Relationship between Refractive Index and Compositions of Building Windows Non Float Processed Glasses Guruge, M. LEdirisinghe, P. M
2021-09-25 Comparing Trends in Data (with Applications to COVID and Image Data) Amaratunga, DCabrera, J
2021-09-25 Review on Maximum Degree Diameter Bounded Subgraph Problem Wijerathne, H. M. CLanel, G. H. JPerera, K. K. K. R
2021-09-25 The Ideological Basis for Linking Social and Emotional Learning with Sri Lankan University Education during the Corona Epidemic Basnayake, B.M.R.H.K
2021-09-25 Vulnerability Factors and Pathways to Sex Work: An Exploratory Study of Childhood Experiences of Abuse among Female Sex Workers in Sri Lanka Perera, P. Y. O
2021-09-25 The Life-Experiences of Three Homosexual Men with Conversion or Reparative Therapy: An Exploratory Study from the Western Province, Sri Lanka Jayamanna, T. D. P
2021-09-25 Differences in Counselling practices between Male and Female Practitioners Ranga, MMananpreet, A
2021-09-25 What Does Your Physical Activity Level Say About the Flexibility of Your Body? Rikas, A. M. MAjmala, HHana, M. H. FHerath, H. M. G. SKarunaratne, N. G .Y. WSenarath, M. K. I. DBanneheka, B. M. H. S. K
2021-09-25 Preventing violence against women during COVID-19: A qualitative study done in Sri Lanka Wijesena, VDe Zoysa, PIqbal, IRandombage, YGunasekara, M
2021-09-07 Computer Vision Based Privacy Protected Fall Detection and Behavior Monitoring System for the Care of the Elderly Fernando, Y. P. NGunasekara, K. D. BSirikumara, K. PGalappaththi, U. EThilakarathna, TKasthurirathna, D
2021-09 Artificial Neural Network based PERSIANN data sets in evaluation of hydrologic utility of precipitation estimations in a tropical watershed of Sri Lanka Gunathilake, MSenarath, TRathnayake, U. S
2021-08-11 ROS Based Multiple Service Robots Control and Communication with High Level User Instruction with Ontology Rajapaksha, U. U. SJayawardena, CMacDonald, B. A
2021-08-11 Automated Sinhala Speech Emotions Analysis Tool for Autism Children Welarathna, K. TKulasekara, VPulasinghe, KPiyawardana, V
2021-07-31 Regression-Based Prediction of Power Generation at Samanalawewa Hydropower Plant in Sri Lanka Using Machine Learning Ekanayake, PWickramasinghe, LJayasinghe, J. MRathnayake, U. S
2021-06-29 Technology Assessment of Herbal Products Industry in Sri Lanka Silva, NPerera, H. S. CPerera, L. C. D.T
2021-06-24 Cherish your children: socio-economic and demographic characteristics associated with child mortality Jayathilaka, RAdikari, HLiyanage, RUdalagama, RWanigarathna, N
2021-06 The Impact of Occupational Stress on OperationalLevel Employees’ Work-Life Balance in ABC Apparel Company, Sri Lanka Wellangiriya, D.G.Abeysekera, N.
2021-06 Financial Statements Effects of Adopting IFRS: Evidence from Listed Manufacturing Firms in Sri Lanka Muthunayake, H.Kawshalya, P.
2021-06 Impact of Employer Branding on Employee Retention: A Case of Multinational Corporation that Operates in Sri Lanka Udayangal, D.A.S.Jayarathna, P.M.K.N.Silva, K.S.C.Rashaad, M.Z.A.Dissanayake, L. D. A. D.
2021-06 The Impact of Electronic Word of Mouth on Brand Image and Purchase Intention – A Study on Hospitality Industry in Sri Lanka Rathnaya, Y.Jayasuriya, N.A.
2021-06 Shlomo A. Deshen, Blind People: The Private and Public Life of Sightless Israelis Suraweera, T.
2021-06-01 MicroRNA-142 critically regulates group 2 innate lymphoid cell homeostasis and function Kasturiarachchi, J. CRoberts, L. BJowett, G. MRead, EZabinski, TBerkachy, RSelkirk, M. EJackson, INiazi, UAnandagoda, NAraki, MAraki, KJames, CEnver, TNimmo, RReis, RHoward, J. KNeves, J. FLord, G. M
2021-05-28 A nightmare in a ‘darker’ world: persons with blindness under the Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 shutdown Suraweera, TJayathilaka, RThelijjagoda, S
2021-05 Biomedical Waste Sorting & Classification Using Deep Learning Ahmed Akmal, M. A
2021-05 Hydrological models and Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) to simulate streamflow in a tropical catchment of Sri Lanka Gunathilake, M. BKarunanayake, CGunathilake, A. SSamarasinghe, TBandara, I. MRathnayake, U. S
2021-05 Development of wind power prediction models for Pawan Danavi wind farm in Sri Lanka Peiris, A. TJayasinghe, J. M. J. W.Rathnayake, U. S
2021-04-21 Computer Vision and NLP based Multimodal Ensemble Attentiveness Detection API for E-Learning Wijeratne, M. DLakmal, R. H. G. AGeethadhari, W. K. SAthalage, M. AGamage, AKasthurirathna, D
2021-04-15 Cognitive Rehabilitation based Personalized Solution for Dementia Patients using Reinforcement Learning Rathnayaka, M. H. K. RWatawala, W. K. C. RManamendra, M. GSilva, S. R. R. MKasthurirathna, DJayalath, T
2021-04-02 Vehicle Insurance Policy Document Summarizer, AI Insurance Agent and On-The-Spot Claimer Samarasinghe, H. T. DHerath, N. A. D. MDabare, H. S. SGamaarachchi, Y. RPulasinghe, KYapa, P
2021-04-02 Predicting Diabetes Mellitus Using Machine Learning and Optical Character Recognition Silva, W. A. J. RShirantha, H. M. KBalalla, L. J. M. V. NRanasinghe, R. A. D. V. KKuruwitaarachchi, NKasthurirathna, D
2021-04 Ontology Based Semantic File Search Assistant Jayasekara, J H P C D
2021-03-26 Impact of Spacing and Type of Planting Material on Dry Matter Percentage in Cinnamon Bark: At the Stage of First Harvest Aluthgamege, H.N.Fonseka, D.L.C.K.Benaragama, C.K.Kumarasinghe, H.K.M.S.
2021-03-26 Phenotypic Plasticity Index as a Tool to Assess the Suitability of Three Coleus (Plectranthusscutellarioides (L.) R.Br.) Varieties in Low- Maintenance Landscaping Kodithuwakkuge, V. N.Padmaperuma, O. A. D.Gunathilake, G. K. D. C. S.
2021-03-26 Effect of 1-Methylcyclopropene and Wrapping Material on Shelf-Life and Postharvest Qualities of Spine Gourd (Momordica dioica) Wijesinghe, G.P.MKumara, G.D.KKumara, J.B.D.A.P
2021-03-26 Newly Introduced Creeper Legume Vigna marina as a Solution for Protection of Road Cuts in Sri Lanka De Silva, M.H.S.C.Yapa, P.I.Mahatantile, W.D.K
2021-03-26 Effects of Silver Nitrate in In Vitro Establishment of Cordyline fruticosa (L.) cv ‘Purple Compacta Tri Colour’ with CSUP Media Sterilization Peiris, S.E.Hemathilaka, H.Peiris, C.N.Wijerathna, A.W.
2021-03-26 Identification of SNP-Allelic Polymorphism Based Changes in Two Salt Responsive Proteins, Na+ H+ ANTIPORTER 4 and GLUTAREDOXIN 24 Between Two Rice Varieties Abhayawickrama, B.P.Hanchapola, C.R.Kottearachchi, N.S.Gimhani, D.R.
2021-03-26 ZnO Nanoparticles Deposited on Gamboge (Garcinia gummi-gutta L.) Based Activated Carbon for Removal of Phenol from Synthetic Wastewater Nadeeshani, M.LN.Edussuriya, , M.
2021-03-26 Case Study on Safety Culture in Chemical Laboratories in Western Province, Sri Lanka Samaranayake, A.D.A.I.Nishadya, S.M.S.Jayasundara, U.K.
2021-03-26 Molecular Phylogeny of Rasboroides (Family Cyprinidae): An Endemic Freshwater Fish Species in Sri Lanka Lankika, S.P.C.Herath, V.
2021-03-26 Growth Parameters and Grain Yield of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) as Affected by Biofilm Biofertilizer Application Ketipearachchi, K.G.Seneviratne, G.Fonseka, D.L.C.K.
2021-03-26 Electrochemical Evaluation of Delayed Release Behaviour of Diclofenac Sodium Tablets Sewwandi, A.A.M.Soysa, H.Sasimali, M.
2021-03-26 Review on Methods of Explant Surface Sterilization for Efficient Micropropagation Hemathilake, H.M.Peiris, S.E.
2021-03-26 The Use of Colour Shade Material in Black Pepper (Piper nigrum L) Propagation Jayasinghe, J.A.T.U.Wickramanayake, D.S.D.D.S.Kirthisinghe, J.P.
2021-03-26 An Efficient Plant Regeneration Using Leaf Explant for Osbeckia octandra (L.) DC; A Valuable Medicinal and Ornamental Plant Dilrukshi, S. K.Nagahatenna, D.S.K.Peiris, Sriyani E.
2021-03-26 Property, Sustainability and Well-Being: The Perspectives of the American Colonizers and the Natives in William Faulkner’s Go Down, Moses Jayasinghe, M.K.
2021-03-26 In Vitro Root Induction and Acclimatization of Cissampelos pareira: An Important Medicinal Plant De Silva, D.C.MFonseka, D.L.C.K.
2021-03-26 Callus Induction Protocol for Aegle marmelos (L.) Corr. (Beli) through Seeds Explants HansaniFonseka, S.A.N.P.Kumari, D.L.C.
2021-03-26 A Study on the Impact of Online Monolingual and Bilingual Dictionary Use on ESL Learners’ Vocabulary Acquisition and Retention Wijesuriya, K.Dissanayake, D.M.M.S.
2021-03-26 Production of Disease Free Rumohra adiantiformis (Leatherleaf Fern) Using In Vitro Propagation Perera, D.Peiris, S.E.
2021-03-26 Improvement of the Survival Rate of In Vitro Propagated Dendrobium intermediate CV ‘White’ during Acclimatization Isaac, P.N.Peiris, S.E.
2021-03-26 Incorporating a Task-Based Approach to Motivate Speaking in the General English Classroom Rathnasena, U.
2021-03-26 Effectiveness of L2 Grammar Videos: A Dialogue between Teachers and Learners Kalinga, J.
2021-03-26 The Public Primary School Teachers’ Perception of Integrating Information and Communication Technology for Teaching & Learning in the Zonal Education of Colombo, Sri Lanka Bukhari, S.K.Peiris, C.N.Thelijjagoda, S.Nawinna, D. P.Wijekoon, W.M.J.L.
2021-03-26 Perception of Postgraduate Students on Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) During the COVID-19 Lock-Down: A Cohort Study in a Public University in Sri Lanka Beneragama, C.K.Pieris, B.C.N.Pieris, S.E.
2021-03-26 Examining the Mode of Teaching English as a Second Language in Gampaha District Non-Urban Government Schools of Sri Lanka Rajapakse, R.W.D.N.K.
2021-03-26 Academic Research and Technology Transfer from University to Industry: Prospects, Challenges and the Way Forward for Sri Lanka Punchihewa, N. S.
2021-03-26 Design of a Framework for Professional Development Programs for Teachers in the Use of Interactive Touch Screen Perera, K.G.S.K.Wijesundera, M.Siriwardhena, I.
2021-03-26 Attitude of the Students Towards the Usage of Group Activities as a Remedy for Speaking Anxiety Peiris, A.E.
2021-03-26 Sustainability in the Face of Adversity – In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter Jayasinghe, M.K.
2021-03-26 Lessons Learnt: A Study of Student Feedback Regarding Online Proficiency Assessment Rathnasena, U.Kalinga, J.
2021-03-26 Protecting Human Rights in Pandemic Situations: An Analysis of International Legal Responses in the Context of ‘Covid 19’ Outbreak Seneviratne, S.S.M.W.
2021-03-26 Specific Offence of Cyber-Sextortion for Sri Lanka Harasgama, K. S.Munasinghe, M.A.P.M.
2021-03-26 Regulating Responsible Business Practices for Human-Centered SDS: an Analysis of Recent Developments in International Investment Legal Framework of Developing Countries Dawood, S.
2021-03-26 Victim-Friendliness of the Personal Injury Law in Sri Lanka: A Critical Analysis Liyanage, D.S.E.U.S.
2021-03-26 Online Dispute Resolution (ODR): As an Instrumental Approach for the Settlement of E-Commerce Disputes in Sri Lanka Soorya, B.
2021-03-26 Denial of Justice Claims under the Fair and Equitable Standard: Scope and Limitations Kumarasoorier, T.
2021-03-26 The Covid-19 and Public Law of Sri Lanka Selvakkumaran, N.
2021-03-26 Expectations and Satisfaction of Employees with Visual Impairment and Blindness: Evidence from Sri Lanka Employees with Visual Impairment and Blindness, Employee Expectations, Job Satisfaction
2021-03-26 The Relationship between Individuals’ Social Networks and Satisfaction with Life: The Mediating Role of Loneliness Perera, P.L.Perera, H.K.
2021-03-26 Depressive Symptoms, Social Anxiety and Aggression as Predictors of Cyber bullying Perpetration in Adulthood Gunathillake, N.A.Perera, H.K
2021-03-26 Compromising Health to Gain Wealth: A Legal Response to Adverse Health Effects of Night Work Puwanitha, S.
2021-03-26 An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis on Factors Affecting Organizational Commitment by HR Managers of Private Sector Service Industries Chamindi, D. I.
2021-03-26 Exploring Parents' and Teachers' Attitudes and Expectations Regarding Inclusive Education in Colombo Peiris, A.N.Pandithakoralage, S.C.
2021-03-26 Contractarian Approach in Protecting Trade Secrets in An Employment Context Sumanadasa, D.
2021-03-26 Factors Influencing Use of Traditional Family Planning by Women in Sri Lanka Peiris, T.S.G.Karunarathne, H.V.V.M.P.
2021-03-26 Production of Cassava Starch Composite as a Sustainable Alternative for Plastics Kodithuwakku, P. K.Sirimuthu, N. M. S.Yatawara, C.Senarath-Yapa, M.D.
2021-03-26 Attitudes and Practices of Nurses’ Regarding the First 24 Hours Post- operative Pain Management in Teaching Hospital, Rathnapura Amarasinghe, D.I.I.Meegoda, M.K.D.L.
2021-03-26 Factors influence in adapting of bottled water consumption in selected urban, semi urban and rural areas of Matara DS division Anuruddi, H.I.G.K.Fernando, K.M.C.
2021-03-26 Biotechnology - The Panacea When Everything Else Fails Fernando, K.S.P.Gamage, J.H.
2021-03-26 A Comparative Study between Tissue Biopsy and Liquid Biopsy in the Diagnosis of Cancer Balaakshayan, B.Sathsarani, A. M. A.Kumarasinghe, N. M.Rathnayake, R. M.Perera, M. R. N.Annan, N.J.
2021-03-26 Level of knowledge, Practice and Attitudes of Taking Anthropometric Measurements for Nutritional Assessments among Nurses Working in Dr. Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital, Malabe Wijedasa, P.H.S.
2021-03-26 Common Complications Related to Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation (PIVC) Dasanayake, D.M.C.D.K.
2021-03-26 Applications, Benefits and Drawbacks of Bioprinting – A Review Hewagama, H.Chamathka, H.Nilaweera, G.
2021-03-26 Metal Recovery from Printed Circuit Boards through Biotechnology Alwis, M.A.M.A.Nishshanka, N.A.K.Y.A.Mirissage, M.S.A.S.N.Fernando, W.R.S.Perera, D.S.M.Fernando, W.P.E.M.
2021-03-26 Off the Wall: A Literary Analysis on 'The Fly' Hafsa, U.Kamaali, U.Siriwardena, P.Weerasinghe, S.Kaushani, Y.
2021-03-26 The Social Vision Reflected Through the Poetry of William Blake Abeywickrama, D.D.
2021-03-26 A comparison study of removing Rhodamine B from waste water by functionalized natural and synthetic porous carbon. Ranchagoda, R.A.S.S.Jayaruk, T.C.
2021-03-26 Molecular Approach to the Covid 19 VIRUS Duleela, S.Dulara, S.Silva, S.Inuli, U.Shivani, T.
2021-03-26 Multilocational Evaluation of Growth and Antioxidant Content of Curly Kale (Brassica oleracea L. var acephala) and Chinese Kale (Brassica oleracea var. alboglabra) in Sri Lanka Jayasooriya, R. Y.Chamara, R.M.S.RGunathilake, G.K.D.C.S.Liyanage, L.P.H.Beneragama, C.K.
2021-03 Forecasting Wind Power Generation using Artificial Neural Network: “Pawan Danawi” - A Case Study from Sri Lanka Pereis, A. TJayasinghe, J. M. J. WRathnayake, U. S
2021-03 Impact of increased instream heterogeneity by deflectors on the removal of hydrogen sulfide of regulated urban waterways—A laboratory study Gomes, P. I. ASamararatne, S.Wai, O. W. HPerera, M. D. D
2021-02-26 Manufacturer v. Consumer: A Critical Analysis of Sri Lankan Product Liability Law in Respect of Electronic and Electrical Products Segarajasingham, S.
2021-02-25 Ecosystem-Based Adaptation for the Impact of Climate Change and Variation in the Water Management Sector of Sri Lanka Khaniya, BGunathilake, M. BRathnayake, U. S
2021 Optimal control of combined sewer overflows Rathnayake, U. S
2021 Do sediments of ephemeral and perennial streams show different impacts on water quality when subjected to the same drying conditions? Gomes, P. I. APerera, M. D. D
2021-01 Quantifying the Robustness of Complex Networks with Heterogeneous Nodes Ratnayake, PWeragoda, SWansapura, JKasthurirathna, DPiraveenan, M
2020-12-10 Ontology based Optimized Algorithms to Communicate with a Service Robot using a User Command with Unknown Terms Rajapaksha, U. U. SJayawardena, C
2020-12-10 Secured, Intelligent Blood and Organ Donation Management System-“LifeShare” Wijayathilaka, P. LGamage, P. H. PDe Silva, K. H. BAthukorala, A. P. P. SKahandawaarachchi, K. A. D. C. PPulasinghe, K
2020-12-10 Sinhala Conversational Interface for Appointment Management and Medical Advice Rajapakshe, D. D. SKudawithana, K. N. BUswatte, U. L. N. PNishshanka, N. A. B. DPiyawardana, A. V. SPulasinghe, K
2020-12-10 Real-time decision optimization platform for airline operations Weerasinghe, P. S. RRanasinghe, R. A. M. D. KMahanthe, M. M. V. R. BSamarakoon, P. G. C. BRankothge, W. HKasthurirathna, D
2020-12-10 VirtualPT: Virtual Reality based Home Care Physiotherapy Rehabilitation for Elderly Heiyanthuduwa, T. AAmarapala, K. W. N. UGunathilaka, K. D. V. BRavindu, K. SWickramarathne, JKasthurirathna, D
2020-12-10 AI-Driven Smart Bin for Waste Management Abeygunawardhana, A. G. D. TShalinda, R. M. M. MBandara, W. H. M. DAnesta, W. D. SKasthurirathna, DAbeysiri, L
2020-12-10 A Network Science-Based Approach for an Optimal Microservice Governance Siriwardhana, G. SDe Silva, NJayasinghe, L. SVithanage, LKasthurirathna, D
2020-12-10 Predictive Analytics Platform for Airline Industry Tissera, P. H. KWaduge, K. TPerera, M. A. lNawinna, D. PKasthurirathna, D
2020-12-10 Domain Specific Conversational Intelligence: Voice Based E-Channeling System Weerathunga, W. A. HLokugamage, G. NHariharan, HYahampath, A. D. N. HKasthurirathna, D
2020-12-10 Intelligent disease detection system for greenhouse with a robotic monitoring system Fernando, SNethmi, RSilva, APerera, ADe Silva, RAbeygunawardhana, P. K. W
2020-12-09 Computer vision based indoor navigation for shopping complexes Perera, G. S. TMadhubhashini, K. W. RLunugalage, DPiyathilaka, D. V. SLakshani, W. H. UKasthurirathna, D
2020-11-10 Mir142 loss unlocks IDH2 R140-dependent leukemogenesis through antagonistic regulation of HOX genes Marshall, AKasturiarachchi, J. CDatta, PGuo, YDeltcheva, EJames, CBrown, JMay, GAnandagoda, NJackson, IHoward, J. KGhazaly, EBrooks, SKhwaja, AAraki, MAraki, KLinch, DLord, G. MEnver, TNimmo, R
2020-11-04 Smart Plant Disorder Identification using Computer Vision Technology Manoharan, SSariffodeen, BRamasinghe, K. TRajaratne, L. HKasthurirathna, DWijekoon, J. L
2020-11 Inflow forecast of Iranamadu reservoir, Sri Lanka under projected climate scenarios using artificial neural networks Karunanayake, CGunathilake, M. BRathnayake, U. S
2020-10-28 Chronic diseases: An added burden to income and expenses of chronically-ill people in Sri Lanka Jayathilaka, RJoachim, SMallikarachchi, VPerera, NRanawaka, D
2020-10-23 Do chronic illnesses and poverty go hand in hand? Jayathilaka, RJoachim, SMallikarachchi, VPerera, NRanawaka, D
2020-10-20 Comprehensive Analysis of Convolutional Neural Network Models for Non-Instructive Load Monitoring Herath, G. MThilakanayake, T. DLiyanage, M. HAngammana, C. J
2020-10-20 Economic Viability of Solar PV for Domestic Applications in a Middle-Income Country: A case Study of Sri Lanka Wijesinghe, J. KNajim, M. Y. MFernando, G. LLiyanage, M. H
2020-10-20 The Potential Role of Carbon Tax in Achieving the Paris Agreement Targets for a Developing Country: A Case Study of Sri Lanka Fernando, G. LLiyanage, M. H
2020-10 Projection of future hydropower generation in Samanalawewa power plant, Sri Lanka Khaniya, BKarunanayake, CGunathilake, M. B
2020-10 Statistical evaluation and hydrologic simulation capacity of different satellite-based precipitation products (SbPPs) in the Upper Nan River Basin, Northern Thailand Gunathilake, M. BAmaratunga, VPerera, AKarunanayake, CGunathilake, A. SRathnayake, U. S
2020-10 Evaluation of future climate and potential impact on streamflow in the Upper Nan River basin of Northern Thailand Rathnayake, U. SGunathilake, M. BAmaratunga, VPerera, A
2020-09-23 Relationships between climatic factors to the paddy yeild: A case study from North-Western province of Sri Lanka Wickramasinghe, LJayasinghe, J. M. J. WRathnayake, U. S
2020-09-08 An investigation of the usage of capital budgeting techniques by small and medium enterprises Alles, LJayathilaka, RKumari, NMalalathunga, TObeyesekera, HSharmila, S
2020-09 Comparison of statistical, graphical and wavelet transform analyses for rainfall trends and patterns in Badulu Oya catchment Sri Lanka Ruwangika, A. MPerera, ARathnayake, U. S
2020-08 Comparison of different analyzing techniques in identifying rainfall trends for Colombo, Sri Lanka Perera, ARanasinghe, TGunathilake, M. BRathnayake, U. S
2020-07-19 Incorporating strategy adoption into genetic algorithm enabled multi-agent systems Madushani, YKasthurirathna, D
2020-07 Climate Variation and Hydropower Generation in Samanalawewa Hydropower Scheme, Sri Lanka Laksiri, KRathnayake, U. SDabare, GGunathilake, M. BMiguntanna, N
2020-07 Artificial neural network to estimate the paddy yield prediction using climatic data Amaratunga, VWickramasinghe, LPerera, AJayasinghe, JRathnayake, U. S
2020-07 Relationships between hydropower generation to rainfall – gauged and un-gauged catchments from Sri Lanka Rathnayake, U. SPerera, A
2020-07 Investigation of Long-Term River Water Quality Trends in Hong Kong to Identify Role of Urbanization, Seasons and Pollution Sources Gomes, P. I. AWai, O. W. H
2020-07 Vegetation dynamics of ephemeral and perennial streams in mountainous headwater catchments Gomes, P. I. AWai, O. W. HDehini, G. K
2020-06-15 Ecological fragmentation two years after a major landslide: Correlations between vegetation indices and geo-environmental factors Gomes, P. I. AAththanayake, UDeng, WLi, AZhao, WJayathilaka, T
2020-06-09 Invasive Plant Detection and Management Platform Kasthurirathna, DLokuge, KMendis, RGalagedara, LVijekumar, K
2020-06 Driving Towards A ‘Low Carbon’ Economy Through Green Intrepreneurship In The Corporate Sector Of Sri Lanka Dharmasena, TJayathilaka, RPremerathna, H
2020-05-18 Topological rationality of supply chain networks Kasthurirathna, DPerera, SBell, M
2020-05-03 Condominium price dynamics in Sri Lanka: correlation with inflation and periods of concern Gomes, P. I. AYathushan, V
2020-03-31 The nexus between information and consumer confusion: Information provider vs information recipient Dharmasena, TJayathilaka, R
2020-03-20 Development of an artificial neural network model to simulate the growth of microalga Chlorella vulgaris incorporating the effect of micronutrients Liyanaarachchi, V. CNishshanka, G. K. S. HNimarshana, P. H.VAriyadasa, T. UAttalage, R. A
2020-02 Recent Climatic Trends In Trinidad And Tobago, West Indies Perera, AMudannyake, SAzamathulla, HRathnayake, U. S
2020-02 Concrete lined urban streams and macroinvertebrates: a Hong Kong case study Gomes, P. I. AWai, O. W. H
2020-01-29 The impact of online reviews on inbound travellers’ decision making Jayathilaka, RDharmasena, TRezahi, NHaththotuwegama, S
2020 Rising on a Reverse Route’ – Can Reverse Logistics Influence Perceived Customer Value in Sri Lanka’s Mobile Phone Industry Jayathilaka, RPemerathna, A.H.S
2020 Socio-economic factors Influence on farmers’ resilience in Mahaweli System B in Sri Lanka Jayasinghe, M.G.M.G.C.
2020 Occupational stress and its impact on employee health and organization: with reference to hotels based in central province Sri Lanka DASSANAYAKE, T.D.M.P.B.
2020 The adoption of the Sri Lankan corporate sector towards digital banking during the COVID - 19 period Deshappriya, S.K.
2020-01 To explore how the covid-19 pandemic situation effects on school students’ education of rural areas in North Central Province Sri Lanka Kularathne, T.U.
2020-01 Management Information System (MIS) based decision making and the impact on the overall performance of the Financial Institutions of Sri Lanka Jayasuriya, Y. C.
2020-01 Impact on Work Life Balance on Employee Performance During the COVID 19 Outbreak: A Case of IT Sector, Sri Lanka. Paranagama, G.S.
2020-01 The Impact of Existing Microfinance Practices to the Development of Entrepreneurship in University Students in Sri Lanka RUPASINGHE, R.M.S.P
2020-01 THE STUDY OF THE IMPACT BETWEEN EMPLOYER BRANDING AND EMPLOYEE RETENTION: Evidence from the private education sector. Jagoda, H.J.B.U
2020 Determinants of Exchange Rate: Evidence from Sri Lanka Presant, .T
2020 Scientific Investigation of Ancient Sri Lankan Private Labor Room (Thimbiri Geya) Rathnayake, U. SSuratissa, D. MHashan, TSiriwardena, K. N. TUdugama, D. C
2020-01-01 Influence of Supply Chain Network Topology on the Evolution of Firm Strategies Perera, SKasthurirathna, DBell, M
2019-12-12 A User-oriented Ensemble Method for Multi-Modal Emotion Recognition Iddamalgoda, NThrimavithana, PFernando, HRatnayake, TPriyadarshana, Y. H. P. PAththidiye, RKasthurirathna, D
2019-12-10 e Behavioral Advertising Avoidance in Online Retailing ri Lanka: Through the Mediating Role of Ad Skepticism niya, U.P.R.P.Yalegama, M.M.H.H.Mannapperuma, M.Y.S.S.Wickramasinghe, A.K.K.D.Jayasuriya, K.K.N.A.
2019-12-10 Measuring the RQ Between Celebrity Endorsement and Young Femalé’s Purchase Intention (Study of Fairness Cream Industry) Bandaranayake, R. S.Kulacathe, P. S. C.Pathirage, H. C.Perera, D. P. S H.Bernard, D.T.K.
2019-12-06 Information Theoretic Approach for Modeling Bounded Rationality in Networked Games Gunawardana, LRatnayake, pPiraveenan, MKasthurirathna, D
2019-12-06 Ontological Approach for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Silva, A. R. SRathnayaka, R. R. M. U. AWijeratne, P. M. A. KDeshani, M. T. NPriyadarshana, Y. H. P. PKasthurirathna, D
2019-12-05 Stock Market Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques Sirimevan, NMamalgaha, I. G. U. HJayasekara, CMayuran, Y. SJayawardena, C
2019-12-05 Smart Mirror with Virtual Twin Abeydeera, S. SBandaranayake, MKarunarathna, H. UPallewatta, SDharmasiri, PGunathilake, BSaparamadu, SSenanayake, BJayawardena, C
2019-12-05 iPillow: Sleep Quality Improvement System Amarasena, JIndimagedara, NWanigasuriya, SBandare, BPulasinghe, KTharmaseelan, J
2019-12-05 Predictive Analytics Platform for Organic Cultivation Management Rathnayake, R. M. S. MEkanayake, E. W. L. M. BKahandawala, K. A. I. Pde Silva, W. G. S. CNawinna, D. PKasthurirathna, D
2019-12-05 Comparative analysis of the application of Deep Learning techniques for Forex Rate prediction Aryal, SNadarajah, DKasthurirathna, DRupasinghe, LJayawardena, C
2019-12-05 Crowd-sourced Approach to Generate Real-time Passenger Train Time Table Weerathunga, D. C. BJayawickckrama, M. M. MJayasekara, UKasthurirathna, DWijetunga, P. S
2019-12-05 Comparative analysis of the application of Deep Learning techniques for Forex Rate prediction Nadarajah, DAryal, SKasthurirathna, DRupasinghe, LJayawardena, C
2019-12-05 Mobile-based Malware Detection and Classification using Ensemble Artificial Intelligence Somasundaram, SKasthurirathna, DRupasinghe, L
2019-12-05 On the effectiveness of using machine learning and Gaussian plume model for plant disease dispersion prediction and simulation Miriyagalla, RSamarawickrama, YRathnaweera, DLiyanage, LKasthurirathna, DNawinna, DWijekoon, J. L
2019-12-05 Design and implementation of an autonomous indoor surveillance robot based on raspberry pi Dharmasena, TAbeygunawardhana, P. K. W
2019-12 Rainfall and atmospheric temperature against the other climatic factors – Case study from Colombo, Sri Lanka Perera, ARathnayake, U. S
2019-11-22 Deep learning based apparel product development system Kularatne, S. D. M. WNelligahawatta, A. N. IKasthurirathna, DWickramage, S. A
2019-11 FTA Negotiations in Asia-Pacific Region: An Empirical Study on the Determinants FTA among the Bilateral Trading Partners Jayathilaka, RKeembiyahetti, N
2019-11 Assessment of pollution sources, fate of pollutants, and potential instream interventions to mitigate pollution of earthen canals of urban to rural-urban fringe Gomes, P. I. AFernando, B. A. V. WDehini, G. K
2019-10-24 Machine Learning Based Automated Speech Dialog Analysis Of Autistic Children Wijesinghe, ASamarasinghe, PSeneviratne, SYogarajah, PPulasinghe, K
2019-10-22 Performance measurement system for a lean manufacturing setting Perera, SPerera, H. S. C
2019-10-18 Reliability and Cybersecurity Improvement Strategies in Wireless Sensor Networks for IoT-enabled Smart Infrastructures Sen, SJayawardena, C
2019-10-17 Modeling Vision Utility for Side-by-Side Navigation of Robot-Human Pairs Jayawardena, CKehelella, PDe Silva, R
2019-10-17 Intelligent platform for visually impaired children for learning indoor and outdoor objects Jayawardena, CBalasuriya, B. KLokuhettiarachchi, N. PRanasinghe, A. R. M. D. N
2019-10 Web Based Voice Controlled Advanced PACS to Diagnose Lungs Cancer and Related Anomalies Ratnasingam, TSayanthan, AVelummylum, E. SArchchana, KPulasinghe, K
2019-10 Agro-Genius: Crop Prediction Using Machine Learning Gamage, AKasthurirathna, D
2019-09-15 Dynamic control of urban sewer systems to reduce combined sewer overflows and their adverse impacts Rathnayake, UAnwar, A. H. M. F
2019-09-02 Comparison of statistical methods to graphical methods in rainfall trend analysis – case studies from tropical catchments Rathnayake, U. S
2019-08-27 Placement matters in making good decisions sooner: the influence of topology in reaching public utility thresholds Kasthurirathna, DPiraveenan, MLaw, S. Y
2019-08 Absorbing Markov Chain Approach to Modelling Disruptions in Supply Chain Networks Perera, SBell, MKurauchi, FKasthurirathna, D
2019-07-26 Cybersecurity and Network Performance Modeling in Cyber-Physical Communication for BigData and Industrial IoT Technologies Sen, SJayawardena, C
2019-07-03 Autonomous cloud robotic system for smart agriculture Dharmasena, TDe Silva, RAbhayasingha, NAbeygunawardhana, P. W. K
2019-06-27 Investigating the strategies for supply chain agility and competitiveness Perera, SSoosay, CSandhu, S
2019-06 Impact on Microeconomic Variables on Colombo Stock Exchange: The Sri Lankan Experience Jayathilaka, RTharanga, KSamarakoon, N
2019-06 Ecohydrologic structure and function of stream networks with earthen upstream and concrete-lined downstream Gomes, P. I. AWai, O. W. H
2019-05-09 Operational Performance and Security Improvement Approach for Integrated BigData and Industrial IoT in Cyber-Physical Communication Systems Jayawardena, CSen, S
2019-04 Rainfall trend analysis in Uma Oya basin, Sri Lanka and future water scarcity problems in perspective of climate variability Khaniya, BJayanayaka, IJayasanka, PRathnayake, P
2019-04 Impact of climate variability on hydropower generation in an un-gauged catchment: Erathna run-of-the-river hydropower plant, Sri Lanka Perera, ARathnayaka, U. S
2019-03-30 Comparative assessment on the extraction of carotenoids from microalgal sources: Astaxanthin from H. pluvialis and β-carotene from D. salina Rammuni, M NAriyadasa, Thilini UNimarshana, P H VAttalage, R.A
2019-03-29 Analysis of Cyber-Attack in Big Data IoT and Cyber-Physical Systems-A Technical Approach to Cybersecurity Modeling Sen, SJayawardena, C
2019-03-20 Comparative assessment on the extraction of carotenoids from microalgal sources: Astaxanthin from H. pluvialis and β-carotene from D. salina Rammuni, M NAriyadasa, Thilini UNimarshana, P. H. VAttalage, R. A
2019-02-13 Analysis of network techniques and cybersecurity for improving performance of big data IoT and cyber-physical communication internetwork Sen, SJayawardena, C
2019 Impact of urbanization on earth resources in suburbs of Colombo, Sri Lanka Rathnayake, U. S
2019 Sustainable Energy Options for Sri Lankan Transport sector Fernando, G. LRuzaik, M. ALiyanage, M. H
2018-12-21 Automated Exam Paper Marking System for Structured Questions and Block Diagrams Jayawardena, R. R. A. M. PThiwanthi, G. A. DSuriyaarachchi, P. SWithana, K. IJayawardena, C
2018-12-21 An ontology-based approach to automate the software development process Athiththan, KRovinsan, SSathveegan, SGunasekaran, NGunawardena, K. S. A. WKasthurirathna, D
2018-12-21 Augmented Reality Based Smart Supermarket System with Indoor Navigation using Beacon Technology (Easy Shopping Android Mobile App) Jayananda, P. V. KSeneviratne, D. H. DAbeygunawardhana, P. K. WDodampege, L. NLakshani, A. M. B
2018-12 Application of Parzen Window estimation for incipient fault diagnosis in power transformers Islam, M. D. MHettiwatte, S. NLee, G
2018-11-30 Readiness for" Social Learning Management System"(Social LMS) in Sri Lankan Universities: A case study research based on the students' perspectives. Gunawardhana, D. N. TPerera, H. S. C
2018-11-18 Overlay community detection using community networks Bandara, MWeragoda, SPiraveenan, MKasthurirthna, D
2018-11-08 Static optimal control of combined sewer networks under enhanced cost functions to minimize the adverse environmental effects Rathnayake, U. S
2018-10-24 Energy and Environmental Implications of Green House Gas Mitigation Policies in the Transport Sector of Sri Lanka Fernando, G. LLiyanage, M. HSamarasekara, G. N
2018-10-03 Topological structure of manufacturing industry supply chain networks Perera, S. SBell, M. G. HPiraveenan, MKasthurirathna, DParhi, M
2018-10 Blended induction program for electronic engineering freshmen Dayawansa, IWijenayake, CEdussooriya, CSamarasekara, TKarunasekara, CDias, DSamarasinghe, KKulasekere, E. CRodrigo, RDayananda, N
2018-09-19 Gene expression programming and artificial neural network to estimate atmospheric temperature in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia Azamathulla, H. MRathnayake, U. SShatnawi, A
2018-08-25 CityTour Bus Locator and Bus Booking Mobile Application Chandrasiri, SPitipana, HHettiwatte, S. N
2018-07-03 A geo-spatial database about the eco-environment and its key issues in South Asia Li, ADeng, WZhao, WLiu, BZhang, JKong, BNan, XBian, JKoirala, H. LGilani, HSati, V. PGomes, P. I. AKhanal, N. R
2018-07-01 A new approach to voltage management in unbalanced low voltage networks using demand response and OLTC considering consumer preference Hettiwatte, SRahman, M. D.MArefi, AShafiullah, G. M
2018-06-18 Impact of climate variability on hydropower generation: A case study from Sri Lanka Khaniya, B.Priyantha, H. GBaduge, NAzamathulla, H. MRathnayake, U. S
2018-06 Willingness to pay for wetland conservation in Sri Lanka:A Contingent valuation Study Jayathilaka, RSerasinghe, P
2018-06 A review of condition monitoring techniques and diagnostic tests for lifetime estimation of power transformers Islam, M. D. MLee, GHettiwatte, S
2018-06 Urbanization and initial groundwater quality investigation in Malabe, Sri Lanka Rajapakshe, ARathnayake, U. S
2018-06-01 Consumer Surplus based Method for Quantifying and Improving the Material Flow Supply Chain Network Robustness Perera, SBell, M. G. HKurauchi, FBliemer, M. C. JKasthurirathna, D
2018-03-15 Environmental and Social Impacts of Mini-hydropower Plants—A Case Study from Sri Lanka Senarath, P.Khaniya, BBaduge, NAzamathulla, H. MRathnayake, U. S
2018-02-28 Stormwater runoff quality in Malabe, Sri Lanka Rathnayake, U. SFernando, A.
2018-02-01 A navigation model for side-by-side robotic wheelchairs for optimizing social comfort in crossing situations Nguyen, V. TArdekani, IJayawardena, C
2017-12-01 An analysis of the time of use electricity price in the residential sector of Bangladesh -
2017-12-01 Application of a general regression neural network for health index calculation of power transformers Islam, M. D. MLee, GHettiwatte, S. N
2017-12 Quality management and supply chain management practices towards operational performance: A study of the rubber manufacturing industry of Sri Lanka Jayalath, USamarasinghe, G. DKuruppua, G. NPrasanna, RPerera, H. S. C
2017-11-29 Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS)–what it is and where do we stand today? Rathnayke, U. SSrishantha, u
2017-11-19 Missing measurement estimation of power transformers using a GRNN Islam, M. D. MHettiwatte, S. NLee, G
2017-11-16 Importance of Hydrologic Simulation for Lids and BMPs Design Using HEC-HMS: A Case Demonstration Khaniya, BWanniarachchi, SRathnayake, U. S
2017-11-07 Calculating a health index for power transformers using a subsystem-based GRNN approach Islam, MLee, GHettiwatte, S. NWilliams, K
2017-09-14 Asset pricing and downside risk in the Australian share market Alles, L. AMurray, L
2017-09 A nearest neighbour clustering approach for incipient fault diagnosis of power transformers Islam, M. D. MHettiwatte, S. NLee, G
2017-07-16 Improvement of voltage magnitude and unbalance in LV network by implementing residential demand response Rahman, M. D. MHettiwatte, S. NShafiullah, G. MArefi, APezeshki, H
2017-07-01 An Embedded System for a High-Speed Manipulator With Single Time Scale Visual Servoing Liyanage, M. HKrouglicof, N
2017-06 Changing Patterns of Alcohol Use and Poverty Jayathilaka, R
2017-06-01 Spatial analysis of the environmental conflict between state, society and industry at the Map Ta Phut-Rayong conurbation in Thailand Soytong, PPerera, R
2017-06-01 Effect of pollution on diversity of marine gastropods and its role in trophic structure at Nasese Shore, Suva, Fiji Islands Suratissa, D. MRathnayaka, U. S
2017-05-29 Value chain approach for modelling resilience of tiered supply chain networks Perera, SPerera, H. NKasthurirathna, D
2017-05-29 Structural characteristics of complex supply chain networks Perera, SPerera, H. NKasthurirathna, D
2017-03-22 Development Plan as a Tool to Improve the Disaster Resilience of Urban Areas Perera, RKhaimi, DKhailani, B
2017-03-01 Two consecutive storms and optimal control of urban sewer networks to minimize the pollution load of combined sewer systems Rathnayake, U. SAzamathulla, H. M
2017-02 Remote Doctor: Tele Medicine Unit Lakshani, D. G. KDe Silva, W. K. SBandara, U. R. R. I. SSamarasinghe, R. W. H. VKahandawaarachchi, K. A. D. C. PPulasinghe, K
2017-01-27 Determinants of stock market index movements: Evidence from New Zealand stock market Dassanayake, WJayawardena, C
2017-01-27 Determinants of stock market index movements: Evidence from New Zealand stock market Dassanayake, W.Jayawardena, C.
2017-01-27 A parallel version of the in-close algorithm Pulasinghe, KKodagoda, NAndrews, S
2017-01-27 Deflectors to introduce heterogeneity to canals Randima, W. A. HWijethilaka, M. A. D. KKumara, G. H. V. SGomes, P. I. A
2017-01-27 A trilateral influence model for online shopping Samaraweera, S. A. K. GGamage, N. G. H. PGallage, I. GGunathilaka, D. D. T. MFernando, NKasthurirathna, D
2017-01-27 Peer-to-peer distributed computing framework Dharmapala, PKoneshvaran, LSivasooriyathevan, DIsmail, IKasthurirathna, D
2017-01-26 A Multi-modal Approach for Enhancing Object Placement Arjuna, P.H.D.Srimal, S.Buddhika, A.G.Jayasekara, P.
2017-01-26 The effect of roadside elements on drivers' speed selection and lateral position on road Lankathilake, T.N.Amarasingha, N.
2017-01-26 A wireless continuous patient monitoring system for dengue; Wi-Mon Nubenthan, S.Kanagasabapathy, R.
2017-01-26 Matlab based automated surface defect detection system for ceremic tiles using image processing Samarawickrama, Y.C.Wickramasinghe, C.D.
2017-01-26 Teacher attitude and ICT integration in the class room: Case of sri lankan schools Suraweera, T.Wickramasena, A.Jayalath, T.Ariyadasa, S.
2017-01-26 Estimation of vehicle kilometers travelled in southern province, sri lanka Weerasekera, T.D.Amarasingha, N.
2017-01-26 Estimation of rheological properties of self-compacting concrete using slump and slump flow tests Attanayaka, D.P.Herath, K.
2017-01-26 A study on pedestrian crossings in colombo suburbs Amarasingha, N.Mallawaarachchi, C.E.
2017-01-26 Linguistic Features Based Personality Recognition Using Social Media Data Rajapaksha, D.S.
2017-01-26 A trilateral influence model for online shopping Samaraweera, S. A. K. G.Gamage, N. G. H. P.Gallage, I.Gunathilaka, D. D. T. M.
2017-01-26 A study of factors affecting the exports of the garment industry in sri lanka Abeynanda, H.K.
2017-01-26 Usability and user experience towards an experience economy Weerawarna, N.T.Abeysiri, L.
2017-01-26 An add-on module to ECU for extending the functionalities of EFI tune-up process: An electronic device which extends the lifetime of fuel injectors Pathirana, S.Gajanayake, C.Vithanage, C.W.
2017-01-26 Workload management to optimize productivity in tertiary and quaternary education Abeysiri, L.Weerawarna, N.T.Abeygunawardhana, P.K.W.
2017-01-26 User-friendly interface for GPGPU programming Gamaarachchi, H.Fawsan, M.Fasna, F.Elkaduwe, D.
2017-01-26 ‘GAIMS’ — Gamified aid information management system to connect donor and requester Weerawarna, N.T.Abeysiri, L.Madhushan, A.
2017-01-26 An economic evaluation of malabe intersection due to vehicle and pedestrian interruption Attanayaka, D. P.Konara, K.M.T.N.
2017-01-26 Deflectors to introduce heterogeneity to canals Gomes, P.I.A.Kumara, G. H. V. S.Wijethilaka, M. A. D. K.Randima, W. A. H.
2017-01-26 Securing corporate data in mobile devices in a COPE environment Rathnasekara, C.Athukorala, T.Dikwellage, L.Wickramasuriya, U.Senarathne, A.Elvitigala, S.
2017-01-26 Estimating the fuel loss during idling of vehicles at signalized intersections in colombo Amarasingha, N.Alwis, L.N.V.
2017-01-26 Location based fingerprinting techniques for indoor positioning Gettapola, K.I.Ranaweera, R. R. W. M. H. D.Godaliyadda, G. M. R. I.Imara, M. N. F.
2017-01-26 E-GEO: Geography based E-learning system for sri lanka Rajapaksha, P. H. A. S.Wijenayake, G. K. S. V.Diroshan, R.Eranga Harshani, M. W.Mallawaarachchi, Y.Ishara, W. G. A.
2017-01-26 A new elliptic curve cryptographic system over the finite fields Murray, I.Rupasinghe, P.L.Priyatharsan, U.
2017-01-26 Modified expanding ring search in common node scenario for AODV Jawadul, A. S.Jayakody, A.
2017-01-26 Dynamic 3D model construction using architectural house plans Ruwanthika, R. G. N.Amarasekera, P. A. D. B. M.Chandrasiri, R. U. I. B.Rangana, D. M. A. I.Nugaliyadde, A.Mallawarachchi, Y.
2017-01-26 Dynamic characteristics of tall buildings Dissanyake, N.L.Weragala, S.D.Herath, K.R.B.
2017-01-26 An analysis of signalized intersections: Case of traffic light failure Mohamed Mafas, A.M.Amarasingha, N.
2017-01-26 Hardware implementation of essential pre-processing & Morphological Operations in Image Processing Perera, R.Premasiri, S.
2017-01-26 Effective use of network device state information for network path selection Abeygunawardhana, P.K.W.
2017-01-26 Compromising AODV for better performance Jayakody, A.Paranavithana, P.
2017-01-17 A Parallel Version of the In-Close Algorithm Kodagoda, N.Andrews, S.Pulasinghe, K.
2017-01 Factors influencing employee motivation in tile manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka Jayasuriya, NKumarasinghe, W. HPerera, H. S. C
2017-01 Eco‐hydraulic evaluation of herbaceous ecosystems below headwater dams without a base flow: Observing below dam reaches as new stream sources Gomes, P. I. AWai, O. W. HYan, X. F
2016-12-16 EyeVista: An assistive wearable device for visually impaired sprint athletes Peiris, HKulasekara, CWijesinghe, HKothalawala, BWalgampaya, NKasthurirathna, D
2016-12 Optimising influence in social networks using bounded rationality models Kasthurirathna, DHarre, MPiraveenan, M
2016-11 Modeling networked systems using the topologically distributed bounded rationality framework Kasthurirathna, DPiraveenan, MUddin, S
2016-10-06 Penetration maximisation of residential rooftop photovoltaic using demand response Rahman, M. D. MArefi, AShafiullah, G. MHettiwatte, S. N
2016-09-25 Incipient fault diagnosis in power transformers by clustering and adapted KNN Islam, M. D. MLee, GHettiwatte, S. N
2016-09-01 Socially Assistive Robot HealthBot: Design, Implementation, and Field Trials Jayawardena, CKuo, I. HBroadbent, EMacDonald, B. A
2016-07-01 Aging society in Bangkok and the factors affecting mobility of elderly in urban public spaces and transportation facilities Srichuae, SNitivattananon, VPerera, R
2016-06-26 A decision making model for optimizing social relationship for side-by-side robotic wheelchairs in active mode Nguyen, VJayawardena, C
2016-06-01 An improved approach to line balancing for garment manufacturing Wickramasekara, A. NPerera, H. S. C
2016-05-01 Modelling the coefficient of thermal expansion in Ni-based superalloys and bond coatings Karunaratne, M. S. AKyaw, SiJones, ArthurMorrell, RogerThomson, Rachel C
2016-04 Socio-Economic And Demographic Characteristics Of Poor Alcohol Consumers In Sri Lanka Jayathilaka, R
2016-03-30 Diversity and distribution of fauna of the Nasese Shore, Suva, Fiji Islands with reference to existing threats to the biota Suratissa, D. MRathnayake, U. S
2016-01-23 A Kalman filter based occlusion handler for lengthy occlusions Gnanasekera, MKulasekere, E. C
2016 The effects of land use change and climate change on water resources in the eastern region of Thailand Soytong, p.Perera, RJanchidfa, KPhengphit, NChayhard, S
2016-01-01 Comparision Between Features of CbO based Algorithms for Generating Formal Concepts Kodagoda, NPulasinghe, K
2016-01 Review of binary tournament constraint handling technique in NSGA II for optimal control of combined sewer systems Rathnayake, U. S
2016 Sustainable stormwater management system: a conceptual design model for SLIIT, malabe campus, Sri Lanka Khaniya, BWanniarachchi, S. SRathnayake, U. S
2016 Rainfall analysis in Uma Oya basin, Sri Lanka Senadeera, DWanniarachchi, SRathnayake, U. S
2015-12-22 Supramolecular structure in the membrane of Staphylococcus aureus García-Lara, G. LWeihs, FMa, XWalker, LChaudhuri, R. RKasturiarachchi, J. CCrossley, HGolestanian, RFoster, S. J
2015-12-02 Lounging with robots–social spaces of residents in care: a comparison trial Peri, KKerse, NBroadbent, EJayawardena, CKuo, TDatta, CStafford, RMacDonald, B
2015-12 Migrating storms and optimal control of urban sewer networks Rathnayake, U. S
2015-11-24 Is there a link between alcohol consumption and the level of poverty? Jayathilaka, RSelvanathan, SJayatilleke, S. B
2015-10-25 Multi-objective optimization of combined sewer systems using SWMM 5.0 Rathnayake, U. S
2015-10-01 City development fund: A financial mechanism to support housing and livelihood needs of Thailand's urban poor Sripanich, BNitivattananon, VPerera, R
2015-10-01 Framework to identify the affecting factors of electronic service quality of Information Systems of a university: A CONCEPTUAL MODEL Gunawardhana, D. N. TPerera, H. S. C
2015-10 Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) for Government Hospitals in Sri Lanka Amarathunga, S. D. DJayasundara, P. P. A. SSomaweera, E. G. P. PWeerasena, P. D. CPulasinghe, KSamarathunga, S. A. U. S
2015-09-13 Benefits and problems of health-care robots in aged care settings: A comparison trial Broadbent, EKerse, NPeri, KRobinson, HJayawardena, CKuo, TDatta, CStafford, RButler, HMacDonald, B. ARobins, B
2015-08-31 The influence of topology and information diffusion on networked game dynamics Kasthurirathna, D
2015-08-25 Influence modelling using bounded rationality in social networks Kasthurirathna, DHarre, MPiraveenan, M
2015-08-01 Artificial intelligence based smart building automation controller for energy efficiency improvements in existing buildings Basnayake, B. A. D.J.C.KAmarasinghe, Y.W.RAttalage, R. AUdayanga, T.D.IJayasekara, A.G.B.P
2015-08 In‐stream physical heterogeneity, rainfall aided flushing, and discharge on stream water quality Gomes, P. I. AWai, O. W. H
2015-07-18 A multi criterion analysis for renewable energy integration process of a standalone hybrid energy system with internal combustion generator Perera, A. T. DAttalage, R. APerera, K.K.C.KMadusanka, A. N
2015-06-11 Emergence of scale-free characteristics in socio-ecological systems with bounded rationality Kasthurirathna, DPiraveenan, M
2015-06-04 Dempster–Shafer information filtering framework: Temporal and spatio-temporal evidence filtering Weeraddana, D. MKulasekere, E. CWalgama, K. S
2015-06-04 Dempster–Shafer information filtering framework: Temporal and spatio-temporal evidence filtering Weeraddana, D. MKulasekere, E. CWalgama, K. S
2015-05-05 Corroborating the land use change as primary determinant of air quality degradation in a concentric city Perera, RPermana, A. SAziz, N. AHo, C. S
2015-05-03 Optimization of controller gains for FPGA-based multivariable motion controller using response surface methodology Sekaran, H. PLiyanage, M. HKrouglicof, N
2015-04-01 A study of the usage of information systems in higher education: An exploratory review Gunawardhana, D. N. TPerera, H. S. C
2015-04-01 Evolutionary stable strategies in networked games: the influence of topology Kasthurirathna, DPiraveenan, MUddin, S
2015-03-18 Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimal Control of Combined Sewer Overflows Rathnayake, U.STanyimboh, T. T
2015-03-12 Proposal of AAA-battery-size one-shot ATR Fourier spectroscopic imager for on-site analysis: Simultaneous measurement of multi-components with high accuracy Hosono, SQi, WSato, SSuzuki, YFujiwara, MHiramatsu, HSuzuki, SAbeygunawardhana, P. K. WWada, KNishiyama, AIshimaru, I
2015-01-29 Hydrological assessment of flow in Uma Oya, Sri Lanka Rathnayake, U. S
2015-01-15 Creating the synergy of land use, transport, energy and environment elements towards climate change co-benefits Permana, A. SPerera, RAziz, N. AHo, C. S
2015-01-08 Performance test of IEEE 802.11 ac wireless devices Narayan, SJayawardena, CWang, JMa, WGeetu, G
2015-01-01 Mechanical degradation of fuel cell membranes under fatigue fracture tests Khorasany, Ramin M.HAlavijeh, A. SKjeang, E.Wang, G.G.Rajapakse, R. K. N. D
2015-01-01 Success factors for agile software development â [euro]" A Case Study from Sri Lanka Vithana, V. NFernando, S. G.SKapurubandara, M
2015 A Case Study of Technology Transfer Process in a Government Research Organization in Sri Lanka Perera, H. S. CDarshana, MLiyanage, C
2015 Classification of failure factors in information systems Perera, H. S. CGunawardhana, D. N. T
2015-01-01 Enhanced water quality modelling for optimal control of drainage systems under SWMM constraint handling approach Rathnayake, U. S
2015 Flood Modelling in Waidina Tributary, Fiji Islands Rathnayake, U. SArachchi, S. M. A
2014-12-15 Modeling and forecasting mortality in Sri Lanka Aberathna, WAlles, L. AWickremasinghe, W. NHewapathirana, I
2014-12-09 Topological stability of evolutionarily unstable strategies Kasthurirathna, DPiraveenan, M
2014-12-09 The performance of page rank algorithm under degree preserving perturbations Senanayake, USzot, PPiraveenan, MKasthurirathna, D
2014-11-28 Bio-oligomers as antibacterial agents and strategies for bacterial detection Kasturiarachchi, J. C
2014-11-27 Sampling at mesoscale physical habitats to explain headwater stream water quality variations: Its comparison to equal-spaced sampling under seasonal and rainfall aided flushing … Gomes, P. I. AWai, O. W. H
2014-11-20 Measurement of the mid-infrared Fourier spectroscopic imaging of whole human face by portable apparatus (size: 50* 50 mm, weight: 200 g) Qi, WSuzuki, YFujiwara, MSaito, TSuzuki, SAbeygunawardhana, P. K. WWada, KNishiyama, AIshimaru, I
2014-11 A Risk Management Framework for Clouds Using Big Data and Security Informatics usingAttack Trees and Hidden Markov Model in Analysis and Prediction of Risks in Social Media … Subasinghe, K. D. B. HKodituwakku, S. RPerera, H. S. C
2014-10-27 Robots in older people’s homes to improve medication adherence and quality of life: a randomised cross-over trial Broadbent, EPeri, KKerse, NJayawardena, CKuo, IDatta, CMacDonald, B
2014-09-28 An intelligent approach of achieving demand response by fuzzy logic based domestic load management Rahman, M. D. MHettiwatte, S. NGyamfi, S
2014-09-28 Corrosion detection in steel reinforced aluminium conductor cables Jaffrey, N. AHettiwatte, S. N
2014-09 Relationships among anthropogenic disturbances representative riparian and non-riparian herbaceous indicators (biomass and diversity), land use, and lotic water quality … Gomes, P. I. AWai, O. W. HKularatne, R. K. APriyankara, T. D. PAnojika, K. G. M. SKumari, G. M. N. R
2014-08-12 An alternative approach for developing socially assistive robots Sarrafzadeh, AJayawardena, C
2014-08-04 Optimisation of strategy placements for public good in complex networks Kasthurirathna, DNguyen, HPiraveenan, MUddin, SSenanayake, U
2014-06-01 Atomistic and continuum modelling of temperature-dependent fracture of graphene Dewapriya, M. A. NRajapakse, R. K. N. DPhani, A.S
2014-05-31 A single time scale visual servoing system for a high speed SCARA type robotic arm Liyanage, M. HKrouglicof, N
2014-05 Use of GIS tools for environmental conflict resolution at Map Ta Phut Industrial Zone in Thailand Soytong, PPerera, R
2014-05 Switched intelligent grid networking systems Thorogood, AHettiwatte, S. N
2014-04-01 Optimum sizing and tracking of combined cooling heating and power systems for bulk energy consumers Jayasekara, SHalgamuge, Saman KAttalage, R. ARajarathne, R
2014-04-01 Assessment of shop house enterprises in the Bangkok metropolitan area in view of environmental and health aspects Potipituk, CPerera, R
2014-02-28 Quantitative measurement of biological substances in daily-life environment with the little-finger-size one-shot spectroscopic tomography Ishida, ASato, SNakada, SSuzuki, SAbeygunawardhana, P. K. WWada, KNishiyama, AIshimaru, I
2014-02-28 Wide-field spectroscopic imaging of biological-substance distributions on entire faces by measuring middle infrared lights emitted from human bodies itself Suzuki, YQi, WFujiwara, MHiramatsu, HSuzuki, SAbeygunawardhana, P. K. WWada, KNishiyama, AIshimaru, I
2014-01-07 Influence of topology in the evolution of coordination in complex networks under information diffusion constraints Kasthurirathna, DPiraveenan, MHarré, M
2014-01-01 Does the Robot Have a Mind? Mind Perception and Attitudes Towards Robots Predict Use of an Eldercare Robot Stafford, R. QMacDonald, B. AJayawardena, CWegner, D.MBroadbent, E
2014 Estimating transformer parameters for partial discharge location Hettiwatte, S. NWang, Z. DCrossley, P. A
2014 Does agility foster sustainability: development of a framework from a supply chain perspective Perera, H. S. CSoosay, CSandhu, s
2014 Optimal control of urban sewer systems under enhanced water quality modeling Rathnayake, U. S
2014-01-01 Node assortativity in complex networks: An alternative approach Thedchanamoorthy, GPiraveenan, MKasthuriratna, DSenanayake, U
2014 Development and testing of a high speed hydraulic manipulator with single time scale visual servoing Liyanage, M. H
2013-12 Developing a performance measurement system for apparel sector lean manufacturing organizations in Sri Lanka Perera, P. S. TPerera, H. S. C
2013-11-12 Designing a socially assistive companion robotic wheel chair: RoboChair Jayawardena, CBaghaei, NGaneshan, KSarrafzadeh, A
2013-11-12 An efficient programming framework for socially assistive robots based on separation of robot behavior description from execution Kuo, I. HJayawardena, CMacDonald, B. A
2013-11-01 Political Violence and Volatility in International Tourist Arrivals: The Case of Sri Lanka Fernando, SJayathilaka, S.BLiyanaarachch, SJayathilaka, RSmith, C
2013-10-01 Converting existing Internal Combustion Generator (ICG) systems into HESs in standalone applications Perera, A.T. DAttalage, R. APerera, K.K.C.KDassanayake, V. P. C
2013-08-25 Evolution of coordination in scale-free and small world networks under information diffusion constraints Kasthurirathna, DPiraveenan, MHarre, M
2013-08-25 Standard deviations of degree differences as indicators of mixing patterns in complex networks Thedchanamoorthy, GPiraveenan, MKasthurirathna, D
2013-08-12 Influence of temperature and free edges on the mechanical properties of graphene Dewapriya, M. A. NPhani, A SrikanthaRajapakse, R. K. N. D
2013-08-04 The failure tolerance of mechatronic software systems to random and targeted attacks Kasthurirathna, DDong, APiraveenan, MTumer, I. Y
2013-08-01 Phytoremediation of heavy metals by calcifying macro-algae (Nitella pseudoflabellata): implications of redox insensitive end products Gomes, P. I. AAsaeda, T
2013-07-27 Dempster-Shafer Information Filtering in Multi-Modality Wireless Sensor Networks Weeraddana, D. MWalgama, K. SKulasekere, E. C
2013-07-01 A hybrid tool to combine multi-objective optimization and multi-criterion decision making in designing standalone hybrid energy systems Amarasinghage, TPerera, DAttalage, R. APerera, K. K. C. KDassanayake, V. P. C
2013-07-01 A hybrid tool to combine multi-objective optimization and multi-criterion decision making in designing standalone hybrid energy systems Amarasinghage, TPerera, DAttalage, R. APerera, K. K. C. KDassanayake, Vishwanath P C
2013-07-01 Rewards for downside risk in Asian markets Alles, L. AMurray, L
2013-06-09 Distributed precoding for MISO interference channels with channel mean feedback: Algorithms and analysis Ding, MTirkkonen, OBerry, R. AUlukus, S
2013-06-01 Designing standalone hybrid energy systems minimizing initial investment, life cycle cost and pollutant emission Perera, A. T. DAttalage, R. APerera, K. K. C. KDassanayake, V. P. C
2013-06-01 Designing standalone hybrid energy systems minimizing initial investment, life cycle cost and pollutant emission Perera, A. T. DAttalage, R. APerera, K. K. C. KDassanayake, V. P. C
2013-05-21 Adoption of the low carbon society policy in locally-governed urban areas: experience from Thai municipalities Chomaitong, SPerera, R
2013-05-02 Knowledge Management for Effective Clinical Diagnosis in Developing Countries Amararachchi, J. LPulasinghe, KPerera, H. S. C
2013-04-16 Network robustness and topological characteristics in scale-free networks Kasthurirathna, DPiraveenan, MThedchanamoorthy, G
2013-04-16 Quantifying encircling behaviour in complex networks Piraveenan, MUddin, SChung, K. S. KKasthurirathna, D
2013-03 Environmental performance evaluation in supply chain Perera, P. S. TPerera, H. S. CWijesinghe, T. M
2013-02-25 Novel algorithm for background correction of the quantitative spectroscopic tomography of the biogenic-substances Abeygunawardhana, P. K. WQi, WKojima, DSuzuki, SNishiyama, AIshimaru, I
2013-01-20 Knowledge management framework for achieving quality of healthcare in the developing countries Amararachchi, J. LPerera, H. S. CPulasinghe, K
2013-01-20 Knowledge management framework for achieving quality of healthcare in the developing countries Amararachchi, J. LPerera, H. S. CPulasinghe, K
2013 Optimization Methodologies for Building Performance Modelling and Optimization Bandara, R. M. P. SAttalage, R. A
2013-01-01 Mainstreaming disaster resilience attributes in local development plans for the adaptation to climate change induced flooding: A study based on the local plan of Shah Alam City … Khailani, D. KPerera, R
2013 A novel visualisation technique for dissolved gas analysis datasets–A case study Fonseka, H. AHettiwatte, S. NLee, G
2013 Optimal management and operational control of urban sewer systems Rathnayake, U. S
2013-01-01 Centrality and composition of four-node motifs in metabolic networks Piraveenan, MWimalawarne, KKasthurirathn, D
2013 On the influence of topological characteristics on robustness of complex networks Kasthurirathna, DPiraveenan, MThedchanamoorthy, G
2013-01-01 Cyclic preferential attachment in complex networks Kasthurirathna, DPiraveenan, M
2012-12-12 A translator from sinhala to english and english to sinhala (sees) Wijerathna, L.Pulasinghe, KSomaweera, W. L. S. LKaduruwana, S. LWijesinghe, Y. UDe Silva, D. IThellijjagoda, S
2012-12-12 Developing online tutors and mentors in Sri Lanka through a community building model: Predictors of satisfaction Gunawardena, C. NJayatilleke, B. GFernando, SKulasekere, E. CLamontagne, M. DEkanayake, M. BThaiyamuthu, T
2012-11-21 Quantitative spectroscopic tomography for the non-invasive measurement of the biogenic-substances Qi, WKojima, DSato, SSuzuki, SAbeygunawardhana, P. K. WNishiyama, AIshimaru, I
2012-11-17 Comparison of Cell-In-Series and Meso-Scale Physical Habitat Sampling for the Interpretation of Spatiotemporal Variation of Stream Water Quality Gomes, P. I. AWAI, O. W. H
2012-11 Possibilities for the Use of Mobile Phones and More-than-voice Services to Improve the Economic Status of Female-headed Households at the BOP de Silva, HPulasinghe, KPanditha, L
2012-10-07 RoboStudio: A visual programming environment for rapid authoring and customization of complex services on a personal service robot Datta, CJayawardena, CKuo, I. HMacDonald, B. A
2012-10-07 RoboStudio: A visual programming environment for rapid authoring and customization of complex services on a personal service robot Datta, CJayawardena, CKuo, I. HMacDonald, B. A
2012-09-23 Analysis and interpretation of dissolved gases in transformer oil: A case study Hettiwatte, S. NFonseka, H. A
2012-07 Multi-objective optimization of urban wastewater systems Rathnayake, U. STanyimboh, T. I. K. U .T
2012-06-24 Design, implementation and field tests of a socially assistive robot for the elderly: Healthbot version 2 Jayawardena, CKuo, IDatta, CStafford, R.QBroadbent, EMacDonald, B. A
2012-04 Optimal control of combined sewer systems using SWMM 5.0 Rathnayake, U. STanyimboh, T. T
2012-03-05 Stochastic precoding for MISO interference channels with channel mean feedback Ding, MZhang, Q. T
2012-03-01 Sensitivity of internal combustion generator capacity in standalone hybrid energy systems Perera, A. T. DWickremasinghe, D. M. I.JAttalage, R. AMahindarathna, D. V. S
2012-02-28 Interference statistics and performance analysis of MIMO ad hoc networks in binomial fields Chen, JZhang, Q. TDing, M
2012-02-01 Modeling of microstructural evolution in an MCrAlY overlay coating on different superalloy substrates Karunaratne, M. S. AMartino, Irene DiOgden, Sarah LOates, David LThomson, R C
2012-01-27 Experimental investigation into the propagation of partial discharge pulses in transformers Hettiwatte, S. NWang, Z. DCrossley, P. ADarwin, AEdwards, G
2012-01-11 The Determinants of Target Cash Holdings and Adjustment Speeds: An Empirical Analysis of Chinese Firms Alles, L. ALian, Y.Xu, C. Y
2012-01-05 Transmit precoding in a noncoherent relay channel with channel mean feedback Ding, MZhang, Q. T
2012 Can Sri Lanka adapt work-based learning? Insights from UK work-based learning cases Liyanage, L.Strachan, RPenlington, RCasselden, BKapurubandara, M
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2011-06-05 Source optimization in MISO Relaying with channel mean feedback: A stochastic ordering approach Ding, MZhang, Q. T
2011-06-01 Quality of life and compact development policies in Bandung, Indonesia Arifwidodo, S. DPerera, R
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2011-01-01 Consequences of the two-price system for land in the land and housing market in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Thu, T. TPerera, R
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2010-09-13 Improved robot attitudes and emotions at a retirement home after meeting a robot Stafford, R. QBroadbent, EJayawardena, CUnger, UKuo, I. HIgic, AWong, RKerse, NWatson, CMacDonald, B. A
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2010-08-01 Impact of TQM and technology management on operations performance Kuruppuarachchi, DPerera, H. S. C
2010-07-26 SMEs in developed and developing countries treading similar paths towards eTransformation Kapurubandara, MHol, AGinige, A
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2009-12 Investment performance and holding periods: An investigation of the major UK asset classes Alles, L. AMurray, L
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2009-06 Effectiveness of Foreign Aid: A Critical Assessment Jayathilaka, RBandara, R
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2009 E-Commerce Adoption and Appropriation by SMEs in Sri Lanka Kapurubandara, MLawson, R
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2009 Theoretical analysis for the interaction between the river flow and the seepage flow Rathnayake, U. SIzumi, N
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2009 Spatial and temporal heterogeneity of Eragrostis curvula in the downstream flood meadow of a regulated river Gomes, P. I. AAsaeda, T
2008-12-12 Carrier frequency offset estimation for OFDM system using extended kalman filter Senevirathna, S. BJayawardena, CPerera, S. SPerera, C. LRanasignhe, DWijerathna, S. RBandara, T. N
2008-12-12 A model to eTransform SMEs in Developing Countries Kapurubandara, M
2008-12-12 Role of the Context in Intuitive Combination of Evidence Senaratne, DKulasekere, E. C
2008-11-01 Understanding energy consumption pattern of households in different urban development forms: A comparative study in Bandung City, Indonesia Permana, A. SPerera, RKumar, S
2008-10-31 MIMO minimum total MSE transceiver design with imperfect CSI at both ends Ding, MBlostein, S. D
2008-10-24 Availability of e-commerce support for SMEs in developing countries Kapurubandara, MLawson, R
2008-10 Analytic hierarchy process for selection of ERP software for manufacturing companies Perera, H. S. CCosta, W. K. R
2008-09 Construction waste management from a gender perspective Manowong, EPerera, R
2008-07 Multiple-input multiple-output wireless system designs with imperfect channel knowledge Ding, M
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2008-04-06 Enhancing flexibility of belief representations Senaratne, DKulasekere, E. C
2008-03-31 Relation between joint optimizations for multiuser MIMO uplink and downlink with imperfect CSI Ding, MBlostein, S. D
2008-03-26 Environmental interaction of two wheeled mobile manipulator by using reaction torque observer Abeygunawardhana, P. K. WToshiyuki, M
2008 Strengthening University-Industry Linkage in Developing Countries through International Cooperation: Case of Sri Lanka through Cooperation of Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan Homma, HAttalage, R. AIkeda, N
2008 Risk factors in the Sri Lankan capital market Alles, L. AMurray, L
2008-01-01 Effects of carbon tax on greenhouse gas mitigation in Thailand Shrestha, R. MPradhan, SLiyanage, M. H
2007-12-01 Elastic field of an isotropic matrix with a nanoscale elliptical inhomogeneity Rajapakse, R. K. N. DTian, Lian
2007-11-30 Entrance zone effect on the sediment trapping efficiency in desilting tanks of run-of-river type mini-hydropower plants Rathnayake, U. SHarishchandra, M. R. T. SWeerakoon, S. B
2007-11-26 Uplink-downlink duality in normalized MSE or SINR under imperfect channel knowledge Ding, MBlostein, S. D
2007-11-05 An adaptive based approach to improve the stability of two wheel mobile manipulator Abeygunawardhana, P. K. WToshiyuki, M
2007-10-22 Effect of the entrance zone on the trapping efficiency of desilting tanks in run-of-river hydropower plants Weerakoon, S. BRathnayake, U. S
2007-08-09 A cluster based energy balancing strategy to improve Wireless Sensor Networks lifetime Gamwarige, SKulasekere, E. C
2007-08-09 Stability improvement of two wheel mobile manipulator by real time gain control technique Abeygunawardhana, P. K. W
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2007-07-02 Optimization of cluster head rotation in energy constrained wireless sensor networks Gamwarige, SKulasekere, E. C
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2007-07-01 Modeling and identification of tool holder–spindle interface dynamics Namazi, MehdiAltintas, YusufAbe, TaroRajapakse, R. K. N. D
2007-06-24 MIMO LMMSE transceiver design with imperfect CSI at both ends Blostein, S. DDing, M
2007-06 Alcohol and Poverty: Are they Related? Empirical Study from Sri Lanka Jayathilaka, R
2007-06-01 Scenario-based analyses of energy system development and its environmental implications in Thailand Shrestha, R. MMalla, SLiyanage, M. H
2007-05-01 Analytical solution for size-dependent elastic field of a nanoscale circular inhomogeneity Rajapakse, R. K. N. DTian, Lian
2007-02-21 SMEs in developing countries face challenges in adopting e-commerce technologies Kapurubandara, MLawson, R
2007-01-01 Posture control of robot manipulators with fuzzy voice commands using a fuzzy coach–player system Jayawardena, CWatanabe, KIzumi, K
2007 Economic Demographic Characteristics of Poor Female Headed Households in Sri Lanka Jayathilaka, R
2007-01-01 SMEs in developing countries need support to address the challenges of adopting e-commerce technologies Kapurubandara, MLawson, R
2007 Comparison of SPAMM, HARP and DENSE in a Deformable Phantom Kirton, R. SHettiwatte, S. NKuijer, J. P. AEpstein, F. HCowan, B. RYoung, A. A
2007-01-01 Removal of aluminium by constructed wetlands with water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms) grown under different nutritional conditions Jayaweera, M. WKasturiarachchi, J. CKularatne, R. K. AWijeyekoon, S. L. J
2007 Flood modeling in the Mahaweli River reach from Kothmale to Polgolla Rathnayake, U. SWeerakoon, S. BNandalal, K. D. WRathnayake, U
2007 Iron and manganese removal from textile effluents in anaerobic attached-growth bioreactor filled with coirfibres Jayaweera, M. WGomes, P. I. AWijeyekoon, S. L
2006-12-15 Distributed Wireless CSMA/CA based Unified Navigation Solution Samarakoon, S. M. D. DSilva, A. P. MSamaraweera, S. M. D. WFernando, T. G. AKulasekere, E. C
2006-12-09 Barriers to Adopting ICT and e-commerce with SMEs in developing countries: an Exploratory study in Sri Lanka Kapurubandara, MLawson, R
2006-11-22 Impact of urbanization on the water resources and public health in Pathumthani Province, Thailand Perera, RPradhan, P
2006-11-06 Approximate decision making by natural language commands for robots Watanabe, KJayawardena, CIzumi, K
2006-10-22 Intelligent interface using natural voice and vision for supporting the acquisition of robot behaviors Watanabe, KJayawardena, CIzumi, K
2006-10-18 Application of the edcr algorithm in a cluster based multi-hop wireless sensor network Gamwarige, SKulasekere, E. C
2006-08-17 Diffusion and activation of dopants in silicon and advanced silicon-based materials Pichler, PeterOrtiz, Christophe JColombeau, BenjaminCowern, Nicholas E BLampin, EvelyneUppal, SureshKarunaratne, M. S. A
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2006-06 The Effect of Investment Horizons on Risk, Return and End‐of‐Period Wealth for Major Asset Classes in Canada Alles, L. AAthanassakos, G
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2006-04-01 Industry return predictability, timing and profitability Yao, JAlles, L. A
2006-03-01 Slum relocation projects in Bangkok: what has contributed to their success or failure? Viratkapan, VPerera, R
2006-01-31 Asset Securitization and Structured Financing Future Prospects and Challenges for Emerging Market Countries Alles, L. A
2006 An exploratory study of SME barriers for adoption of ICT and e-commerce in the Developing Countries -An empirical pilot study of Sri Lanka Kapurubandara, M
2006 Promoting travel demand reduction in transport sector in cities of Asian developing countries: Case of Bangkok Perera, R
2005-12-15 An algorithm for energy driven cluster head rotation in a distributed wireless sensor network Gamwarige, SKulasekere, E. C
2005-12-11 Free route air traffic flow manager Abeysooriya, MKulasekere, E. C
2005-12-05 A particle-swarm-optimized fuzzy-neural network for voice-controlled robot systems Chatterjee, APulasinghe, KWatanabe, KIzumi, K
2005-11-07 Teaching a tele-robot using natural language commands Jayawardena, CWatanabe, KIzumi, K
2005-09-01 Housing speculation in Bangkok: lessons for emerging economies Pornchokchai, SPerera, R
2005-06-20 A measurements-based discharge location algorithm for plain disc winding power transformers Wang, Z. DHettiwatte, S. NCrossley, P. A
2005-06-01 Effect of point defect injection on diffusion of boron in silicon and silicon–germanium in the presence of carbon Karunaratne, M. S. AWilloughby, A F WBonar, J MZhang, JAshburn, P
2005-06-01 Socio-economic impact of solar home systems in rural Sri Lanka: a case-study Attalage, R. AWijayatunga, Priyantha DC
2005-06 Low-feedback adaptive-rate mimo spatial multiplexing with zero forcing detection Ding, MBlostein, S. D
2005-03-30 Syntactic Approach to Predict Membrane Spanning Regions of Transmembrane Proteins Pulasinghe, KRajapakse, J. C
2005-03-21 Effect of fluorine implantation dose on boron transient enhanced diffusion and boron thermal diffusion in Si/sub 1-x/Ge/sub x Mubarek, HAW ElBonar, J MDilliway, G DWang, YHemment, Peter L FWilloughby, A FAshburn, PeterKarunaratne, M. S. A
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2005-02 Fracture analysis of magnetoelectroelastic solids by using path independent integrals Tian, W. YRajapakse, R. K. N. D
2005 Interdiffusion of niobium and molybdenum in nickel between 900-1300 C Karunaratne, M. S. AReed, R. C
2005-01-01 Investigation of propagation of partial discharges in power transformers and techniques for locating the discharge Hettiwatte, S. NWang, Z. DCrossley, P. A
2004-10-15 Effect of fluorine implantation dose on boron thermal diffusion in silicon Mubarek, H A. W ElBonar, J.MDilliway, G.DKarunaratne, M. S. AWilloughby, A. FWang, Y
2004-10 Age-specific seasonal storage dynamics of Phragmites australis rhizomes: a preliminary study Karunaratne, SAsaeda, TYutani, K
2004-10 Colour-based estimation of rhizome age in Phragmites australis Karunaratne, SAsaeda, TToyooka, S
2004-09 Removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from industrial wastewaters by phytoremediation using water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms) Jayaweera, M.WKasturiarachchi, J. C
2004-08-01 Factors contributing to the development performance of slum relocation projects in Bangkok, Thailand. Viratkapan, VPerera, RWatanabe, S
2004-04-01 Shoot regrowth and age-specific rhizome storage dynamics of Phragmites australis subjected to summer harvesting Karunaratne, SAsaeda, TYutani, K
2004-04-01 Conditioning and updating evidence Kulasekere, E. CPremaratne, KDewasurendra, D. AShyu, M. LBauer, P. H
2004-03-30 Evaluation of the recovering process of Phragmites australis after cutting by the dynamic regrowth model and the validation by the observation YUTANI, KASAEDA, TTANAKA, NKARUNARATNE, S
2004-03-28 Application of e-business strategies for SMEs in developing countries Kapurubandara, MArunatileka, SGnige, A
2004-01-30 Modular fuzzy-neuro controller driven by spoken language commands Pulasinghe, KWatanabe, KIzumi, KKiguchi, K
2004-01-23 Incorporating business requirements and constraints in database conceptual models Khan, K. MChadha, UKapurubandara, M
2004-01-01 Time-varying skewness in stock returns: an information-based explanation Alles, L. A
2003-10-23 Training of Fuzzy-Neural Network for Voice-Controlled Robot Systems by a Particle Swarm Optimization Watanabe, KChatterjee, APulasinghe, KJin, S. OIzumi, KKiguchi, K
2003-09-25 A Fuzzy-Neural Network Based Human-Machine Interface for Voice Controlled Robots Trained by a Particle Swarm Optimization Watanabe, KChatterjee, APulasinghe, KIzumi, KKiguchi, K
2003-08-04 Control of redundant manipulators by fuzzy linguistic commands Pulasinghe, KWatanabe, KIzumi, KKiguchi, K
2003-08-01 Growth performance of Phragmites australis in Japan: influence of geographic gradient Karunaratne, SAsaeda, TYutani, K
2003-07-27 Problems and prospects of utilizing canal banks to enhance the built-environment in Colombo Perera, R
2003-06-11 Interdiffusion of the platinum-group metals in nickel at elevated temperatures Reed, R. CKarunaratne, M. S. A
2003-06-01 An electrical PD location method applied to a continuous disc type transformer winding Hettiwatte, S. NWang, Z. DCrossley, P. AJarman, PEdwards, GDarwin, A
2003-05-01 Joint slip in steel electric transmission towers Ungkurapinan, NRajapakse, R. K. N. DChandrakeerthy, SR De SYue, S.B
2003-05-01 Analysis of rural household energy supplies in Sri Lanka: energy efficiency, fuel switching and barriers to expansion Attalage, R. AWijayatunga, Priyantha DC
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2003-03 Voice-controlled modular fuzzy neural controller with enhanced user autonomy Pulasinghe, KWatanabe, KKiguchi, KIzumi, K
2003 An Approach to eTransform Enterprises in Developing Countries Kapurubandara, MArunatileka, SGinige, A
2002-11-01 Analysis of household cooking energy demand and its environmental impact in Sri Lanka Attalage, R. AWijayatunga, Priyantha DC
2002-09-01 CAPM and Risk in the Australian Regulatory Context Alles, L. AJohnson, N. WKenyon, P
2002-07-01 Seasonal fluctuations in live and dead biomass of Phragmites australis as described by a growth and decomposition model: implications of duration of aerobic conditions for … Asaeda, THietz, PTanaka, NKarunaratne, S
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2002-02-14 Resource allocation and congestion control in task-oriented distributed sensor networks Zhang, JKulasekere, E. CPremaratne, KBauer, P. H
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2002 Voice Communication in Performing a Cooperative Task with a Robot Pulasinghe, KWatanabe, KKiguchi, KIzumi, K
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2001-10 On the microstructural instability of an experimental nickel-based single-crystal superalloy Karunaratne, M. S. ARae, C. M.FReed, R.C
2001-09-01 Asset Securitization and Structured Financing: Future Prospects and Challenges for Countries in Emerging Markets Alles, L. A
2001-09-01 Asset Securitization and Structured Financing Future Prospects and Challenges for Countries in Emerging Markets Alles, L. A
2001-07-27 A novel modular neuro-fuzzy controller driven by natural language commands Watanabe, KPulasinghe, KKiguchi, KIzumi, K
2001-07 Futures and forward price differential and the effect of marking-to-market: Australian evidence Alles, L. APeace, P. P. K
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2001-04-01 An examination of return and volatility patterns on the Irish equity market Alles, L. AMurray, L
2001-03-14 On the diffusion of aluminium and titanium in the Ni-rich Ni–Al–Ti system between 900 and 1200°C Karunaratne, M. S. ACarter, PReed, R. C
2001 Transformer modelling for studying the propagation of partial discharge pulses Hettiwatte, S. NWang, Z. DCrossley, P. A
2001 Representation of evidence from bodies with access to partial knowledge Kulasekere, E. C
2000-12 Verification of a mathematical growth model of Phragmites australis using field data from two Scottish lochs Karunaratne, SAsaeda, T
2000-12 Optimal placement of actuators and sensors for floor vibration control Hanagan, L. MKulasekere, E. CWalgama, K. SPremaratne, K
2000-08-01 Dynamic modeling of the growth of Phragmites australis: model description Asaeda, TKarunaratne, S
2000-06-28 MIMO floor vibration controller design Kulasekere, E. CHanagan, L. MWalgama, K. SPremaratne, K
2000-04-15 Interdiffusion in the face-centred cubic phase of the Ni–Re, Ni–Ta and Ni–W systems between 900 and 1300 C Karunaratne, M. S. ACarter, PReed, R. C
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2000 Topologically close packed phases in an experimental rhenium-containing single crystal superalloy Rae, C. M. FKarunaratne, M. S. ASmall, C. JBroomfield, R. WJones, C. NReed, R. C
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2000 The Sensitivity of Australian Industry Betas to Macroeconomic Factors Shan, W. CAlles, L. A
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1999-07-01 Potential of biomass fuel conservation in selected Asian countries Bhattacharya, S. CAttalage, R. ALeon, M AugustusAmur, G. QSalam, P AbdulThanawat, C
1999-07-01 Potential of biomass fuel conservation in selected Asian countries Bhattacharya, S. CAttalage, R. ALeon, M AugustusAmur, G. QSalam, P AbdulThanawat, C
1999-04-20 Component part standardization: A way to reduce the life-cycle costs of products Perera, H. S. CNagarur, NTabucanon, M. T
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1999 Comfort conditions for built environments in Sri Lanka Jayasinghe, M.T.R
1999 Passive techniques for residential buildings in low altitudes of Sri Lanka Jayasinghe, M.T.RAttalage, R. A
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1995-05 Dynamic response of a multi‐layered poroelastic medium Rajapakse, R. K. N. DSenjuntichai, T
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1987-01-01 On the longitudinal harmonic motion of an elastic bar embedded in an elastic half-space Shah, A.HRajapakse, R. K. N. D
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